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 Maikeru's equipment

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Kiri Jonin

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PostSubject: Maikeru's equipment    Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:53 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: Utility belt
Owner:Maikeru Jr.
Location: Waist
Rank: C

Description/Abilities:Maikeru's all black utility belt has six medium sized pouches that hold most if not all of his equipment, there's also two miniature black gourds connected to the back of the belt as well that are filled with his clan's combat spiders. It's strap is made up of kevlar with it's buckle being composed of steel. On the sides of the strap are two leather holsters that are made to hold his two shivs, they stop just before the middle of his thigh.

History:Maikeru got the idea for this belt after an incident that happened on one of his missions, said incident caused the eventual failure of the mission. What was this 'incident'? Well all that is given from Maikeru when asked about it is the simple words "Ran out of stuff." Which is usually said with disdain and anger. Feeling as though this was a personal matter/project he separately bought the needed essentials and put everything together himself. It only took him a few hours to get the belt to his liking and standards, though his longtime pet and best friend Konomaru continuously makes fun of him for wearing it saying he looks like a fake ninja superhero. Recently however Maikeru has been thinking about adding in another gourd full of water due to it being convenient for him to use in combat, instead of him having to make water all of the time.

Name of Weapon or Item: Shiv
Owner:Maikeru Jr.
Location: Maikeru's utility belt
Rank: D

Description/Abilities: Shivs are pure blade oriented knives with cord or cloth wrapped ends that double as handles, the knives usually end up being about 8 inches in length. Maikeru's shivs however are slightly different than regular ones, these shivs blades curve around Maikeru's fists. Not only that but Maikeru's two shivs are made from a special blend of steel and titanium alloys, thus making his shivs just as durable as the average kunai or katana.

History: After becoming a chuunin and also mastering his clan's taijutsu style hatsukataiken Maikeru was instructed by the clan's elders that butterfly knives worked well with the style and made close range combat with a hatsukataiken user even more dangerous. Immediately after being told this Maikeru went straight to the blacksmith fully intending to have him make some kind of intricate dagger set. But when he arrived before he could even speak his eyes fell upon the two shivs on that hang on the wall and immediately he knew exactly what he wanted. It was like love at first sight, and within five minutes Maikeru walked out of the store with two bought and paid for black shivs. Ever since buying these two weapons Maikeru makes sure to use them every opportunity he gets, recording most of his kills on assassination missions with these two blades


Name of Weapon or Item:Suiken (Water blade)
Owner:Maikeru Jr.
Location: Maikeru's back inside of its sheath
Rank: B

Description/Abilities: Suiken has only one special attribute,\which is having the ability to be able to be embedded with the elemental chakra that is Suiton, much like Sasuke's kusanagi sword once Maikeru's chakra is indeed pushed into the sword a small layer of water will be formed out of the suiton chakra and envelop the blade of Suiken, this highly pressurized water can cut and act as a solid if need be. Maikeru makes great use of this ability being able to lengthen the blade immensely or simply change the water into different shapes such as a hammer, or an axe though the more this form of nature manipulation is used the chakra it takes up. The sword itself is 53 inches while the actual blade is only 40 inches, this chokuto looks much like Sasuke's kusanagi except for the sheath and handle coloring being that of all black without the Uchiha crest.

History: This blade really doesn't have that much history other than the fact that Maikeru received this as a present from his clan on his 17th birthday the day of his parents death. When they put in the order for this sword they made it specific to the blacksmith that the ability of the sword had to deal with water. Ironically, that night he sat outside in the pouring rain with it at his side as he mourned his parents death. Ever since then it seems as if he's formed a special bond with the weapon and instead of calling it by its original name he chooses to refer to it as 'Mother and Father.' In essence this is one of Maikeru's most prized possessions next to his clan's treasured geta, and his two shivs. There were two separate occasions where this blade saved his life, the first time happened during one of his C ranked missions, a simple escort mission from Konoha to Amegakure that went awry and in the end 'Mother and Father's' handle ended up blocking an arrow that was aimed for Maikeru's head. The second time was during his sleep, he was of course in his own bed that night not some female's, but anyway as he slept he failed to hear the creeping rouge ninja that crept into the Tadajin compound. Without a doubt Maikeru was a dead man as the man silently opened his door and crept towards him with his kunai ready for a swift strike, however with the intruder so set on his goal he didn't take in the stray chokuto that lay on the ground in front of him...and so he tripped and with that...stabbed himself in the throat. Ever since these two incidents Maikeru solemnly believes that both his mother and father's spirits inhabit this blade, whether this is actually true no one knows.


Name of Weapon or Item: Flak Jacket and nin boots
Owner:Maikeru Jr.
Location: Torso and feet
Rank: C

Description/Abilities: As for his flak jacket, overall on the outside looking in Maikeru wears the normal flak jacket that all Konoha chuunin and jounin wear. It has 12 nin pockets six on each pec which can hold small manageable equipment like shuriken, and kunai or in Maikeru's case 12 kunai with explosive notes already wrapped around the handle. To add extra padding and protection for himself from bladed weapons his flak jack instead of being constructed from simple fabric,it is constructed from Kevlar thread and carbon nanotube fibers. Stitched in between the fabrics of the back of the jacket are four hidden explosive notes set and ready to blow if ever the jacket itself became Maikeru's only weapon. Maikeru's nin boots albeit black are still the standard issued tactical nin boots that every shinobi has, granted that are modified to house hidden blade between the soles, that shoots out whenever chakra is applied to said boot.

History: Maikeru picked up these three items of clothing right after his first mission as a jounin, why you may ask. Simple, that mission he ran into a ninja known to the world as simply “Bane”, this ninja was said to be so strong, that he could tear a man in two. Needless to say Maikeru Jr. barely made it out of that battle alive and as he limped his way back to the village he made a silent vow to himself.. to “Get better clothes...”. The local tailor was take aback when he took the order from the bloodied shirtless, bootless teenaged boy, who promptly fainted after making said order.


Name of Weapon or Item:weights, and bandages
Owner:Maikeru Jr.
Location: Shins, and forearms
Rank: C

Description/Abilities: Maikeru's weights are simple but stylish, both of them separately each weigh only 193 pounds, but as whole weigh 386. On the insides of them are a very soft gel adhesive like substance which fastens the weights in place making sure they don't slide down during extreme movement or live combat. To remove them Maikeru Jr. only has to push a small D ranked amount of chakra through them, which makes them expand and fall off of Maikeru's shins entirely. He wears regular black medical bandage tape around both forearms, starting from his wrist and ending at his elbow.

History: These weights were given to him at a young age by his father the previous 'prodigy' of the clan, though his father was fast, he was no where near the speedster his son was at his age and so decided that his old weight set would be best suited for his son. Maikeru Jr. has since only taken these off during battle, he eats, sleeps, and trains wearing these things. He wears them our in the open instead of covering them, because of the color matching his outfits overall color scheme.


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PostSubject: Re: Maikeru's equipment    Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:19 pm

Approved unless said otherwise.
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Shiro Hazuki

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PostSubject: Re: Maikeru's equipment    Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:45 pm

Move what you approve dude.
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PostSubject: Re: Maikeru's equipment    

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Maikeru's equipment

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