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 A deal made with the blood of brothers and sisters...

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PostSubject: A deal made with the blood of brothers and sisters...   Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:26 pm

Theme of the Raikage:

The black and grey mesh of clouds finally opened up their gifts from the gods of nature, allowing a chorus of epic harmony to follow the clash of thunder that first breathed life into the storm. Katsumi had made sure to bring a simple straw hat with him just in case; the atmosphere had changed dramatically on his trip to the Village Hidden in the Clouds, annoucing his presence as if he was a god himself.
Katsumi knew better than to believe that...

He had walked the entire distance, measuring the weight of the decision he was about to make. It had come to his attention that things had begin to shift in Konoha, and much to his dismay his ally, the one man he had pledged to fight with, had drifted into the shadows leaving Katsumi to make a choice. Stay and fight with another Hokage, or find his own path to stand against injustice.

He knew instantly which choice he would make. He had walked away from the village leaving behind the headband he was given on the day of his triumphant arrival. 3 deaths, 1 rendered useless, and one barely escaping with her life... It seemed as if Katsumi was purely interested in the art of combat, but all that ambition to fight and fight alone was drifting out of him with time. After gaining the title of Sannin, Katsumi had trained himself in the arts of the village and with that his reputation across the ninja world had grown tremendously. He wasn't much older, but he already realized that fighting didn't change anything. Hatred harbors only more hatred. No emotional satisfaction will ever come from fighting another with out just cause.

Nevertheless, Katsumi knew that he had to prepare for the countless battles to come, which brought him to his journey in the first place. He had heard of the Village Hidden in the Clouds, and from the information he had gathered he had already come to the conclusion that it would become his new home. Now, more than ever, they needed someone to lead them into the world of the shinobi with a pure mind, pure soul, and most importantly pure heart with the intent to only fight when they needed to. That did not mean they couldn't prepare for the fight to come, quite the opposite. He would make it his sole duty to prepare everyone in his village to make sure that innocent people never had to endure the hardships that the darker side of the world would bring.

The rain started to pour even harder as he continued to swim in his own thoughts, pinging off of his swords, ringing out into the distance bits of his history. His memories faded in and out of the night his parents had been sacraficed in the fires of war, a war the world did not even know about or care for. Present times didn't allow for such chaos to reign, but rather the cold harsh wars fought behind the curtain of the world. The wars that left children to fend for themselves, to fight for every breath, and to hope that the next day would be easier than the last.

He was a child of the war behind the curtain, and it had made him into a man of considerable ability. His hopes were that he could reveal his scars to keep from the same mistakes being made. Even he doubted it was possible, but the victory means nothing, the fight is everything.

The sky ripped apart once more, screaming plasma in a brilliant flash which revealed Katsumi's face for a breif moment before driting back into the world of the unknown. He looked up to the sky and took in a deep breath. He had arrived at the gates, and soon he would fall under questioning...

Much to his suprise he didn't see a patrol unit sweeping the area, nor did he see anyone of the sort at the gates. He looked around for several moments in disbelief. He sighed, the water running from the top his rupper lip shooting out from underneath his hat as he did.

He looked out into the distance and saw a small assortment of lighting in the few shops that looked open. He didn't bother entering any of them, knowing that what he was looking for wasn't there. As he continued to look, the village was being surrounded by the dark mesh of clouds and rain, engulfing the area in one of the most intense storms Katsumi had ever seen. He looked around for a moment, hoping that some unit was trailing him, but much to his to dismay he didn't see anyone. He sighed once again, the frustration of the situation was finally bleeding through the calm that he had built up on the trip to the village.

He quickly took to the roof tops, balancing himself in an open wide stance, his head raised to the clouds. He slowly lowered his head, and in one of the greatest displays of talent and speed, Katsumi raced across the roof tops of the people of the Cloud. His feet rested for mere moments of a second before picking themselves back up and in the purest display of the art of movement repeated the action time and time again. It felt as if the world disappeared, and only Katsumi and storm existed. The drums of thunder, and flash of lightining did more to illuminate Katsumi's frame as he began to reach his goal.

He reached the tower which was strategically placed away from the buildings, and in one of the most amazing feats that village had seen, Katsumi bridged the jump with one long lunge and jump. The moments in the air felt like an enterinity to him, but as he reached the top of the tower time began to flow back at its normal speed. Katsumi landed in a full squat, his hands at the ready for the unit of ninja that would never come.

This village wasn't weak as it was tired. It was as if the village needed something more than a leader, it needed the hope of a better future. Katsumi didn't know if he would be able to bring it, but he knew talking to the 'Raikage' would allow him to jump-start this dream of his.

He quickly breached a side-window to the tower, and entered what seemed to be a debreifing room. The room was circular, and held a chair at each cardinal direction. At the center of the room was a chair that seemed to be taller than all the other chairs. In the seat was a hat that was a colored in a golden/white mesh. It looked to be the Raikage's hat...

Katsumi slowly took off his own straw hat, rubbing his face off from the down pour outside. He looked around in the room for signs of a trap, but again nothing appeared out of the oridinary. He shook his head, and slowly approached the chair. He slowly picked up the hat, and fit himself with it. His hair pushed it to the side for a moment, but he quickly depressed that side and evened it out. He brushed off the chair and sat down, looking at the room as the last Raikage did.

He smiled, and took of the hat. He looked at the room as he slowly backed away.

He spoke slowly, knowing that someone was close, "To whomever it concerns, I've noticed that you village is in a slumber, and that you've taken the responsibility as one of the few to protect her in her sleep. I assure you I don't mean to bring any trouble, rather I wish to bring hope to the hopeless, so that once more we as brothers and sisters of the same cause can rise as a world power. I've come from the Village Hidden in the Leafs, training myself in the talents of their generations so that I can soon teach others to protect themselves from the evils of this world. I hope one day to become your Raikage, but until then I will prepare to bring you the hope you need so desperately...I will come back when the rain stops...Until then you're going to have to protect your people..."

He never saw who had managed to reach the floor of the tower, but he knew someone was listening. It didn't matter who or why, but what did matter was that they were there just as Katsumi touched what was dear to them most.

Katsumi quickly left the tower, and drifted on the edge of the roof tops until he met the edge of the city walls. He looked out into the distance; the storm's size seemed never ending giving him the time he needed to dawn his new technique to the world. He would come back one day to hold that title, and no one was going to stop him.
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A deal made with the blood of brothers and sisters...

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