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 A new age

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PostSubject: A new age   Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:58 pm

Katsumi didn't recognize the number of people that had gathered at the base of the complex, but once he took notice he realized what exactly was beginning...

The end of an era. True combat, fighting face to face, bleeding along with one's opponent to test the wil of another had passed. Now was the age of the cowards, the tyrants that willed no other voice to be heard. Katsumi knew that in Kumogakure things would not change. He would ensure that no coward could manipulate his actions, and he dared any of those cowards with his open action against them.

He knew they wouldn't attack him directly, but socially. They would try to slander against his name, hiding in the shadows. The shinobi world had now become politics where power is simply given and not earned.

As the people looked to him, he slowly spoke in a low tone, trying to mesh his voice with the storm's,

"What has the world become? What has our world fallen to? We now find ourselves fighting in political arenas, fighting over who's say is better outside of combat ensuring on the weak and ignorant remain in power to speak! Where does that lead us? In the end, where will we go? I remember as a young warrior, the purity of combat, but now it's nothing as it was. My people of Kumogakure, we live in the age of the cowards, the age of whores who are willing to bleed you dry to appease those who are less than you! They wish to make this generation worst than the last. When I kill them all they will not learn. They will come back lesser than they were, but they will never learn. We are in the age were no work is done but power is made, where the stupid find power through merely asking for it. I am sorry, but when I am done slaughtering these fools I will have to leave you for I will not bow down to the weak willed, and I will never ask you to do the same. You strive on to fight through this tyranny, and you will win. The day of the old warrior is gone, but the fool's age will not live to see the dawn!"

He lowered his head and looked to the heavens...

"My friends, I do not know how ask anything of you, for how can I ask you to fight those that will no battle? That will no clash against a worthy opponent? Rather than fight you, they will try and stop those who supply you! They will no bloodshed to gain their honor, just feeding their own ego with other fool's wishes..."

A thunder clap echo'd for several moments before Katsumi looked down at all of them. They looked bewieldered, much like samurai of old who first saw the rifle. How do you fight someone who has no honor? Even the shinobi of old respected one another, and fought with passionate honor...yet its time is fading...like the cherry blossom's time on this world...

"I ask of you now to only hold true to what it means to be a shinobi. A warrior who will die before surrendering, and who will never bow to anyone but their master. You must know, that even with my head cut off, my body will be able to perform one more action with certainty, and that will be to kill those that have done this."