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 The Shunned [~SR Plot~]

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PostSubject: The Shunned [~SR Plot~]   Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:44 pm

-Classified Records-

January 17th, 2010
"A mission to the Northern territories turned out to be rather disastrous and yet another attempt to expand our territory seems to be out of the question again. For the longest time we have tried to break the barriers of the fire country and after the latest Great Ninja War it was believed all outside ninja were extinguished. Maybe we just missed a group or two who went into hiding. Rest in peace those who have fallen, maybe we can try again with higher ranked ninja to gather reports..."

April 30th, 2010
"After many months of planning we believe we found the perfect team. A Hyuuga, a chakra sensor, and even a tracker are apart of tis six man cell. These ninja are all prepared and ready to go. Each of them decent enough to face an S rank by themselves. Boy were we wrong...

Two months passed without a word. We sent a crow and there wasn't a trace of them. Men just don't disappear over night. I tried to persuade the facility to stop, recall the mission, forget about expanding... they aren't listening. Now it's become one of their top issues, more men will be sent...."

November 29th, 2010
"I told them it was a terrible idea! I told them to stop sending ninja and that it was suicide! Our men keep dying and yet they're taking this risk! Good men and woman we need for the sake of the village's safety! I fear we've it off more than we can chew, that there is more coming. What are these people? Is it another Akatsuki or group of S rank bandits? It doesn't make sense... I am an ANBU member, I OF ALL should be the one to understand this mess!"

It was not foreign to hear about a siege taking place when a minor village came to mind. Neither was it a rumor that thousands of bodies littered the streets afterwards. Everyone, man, woman, and child, had fallen victim to these horrendous savages. Kumogakure was the first to go with attacks followed by Iwa and later Suna. It was believed that Kiri was the safest place to go, that Konoha would be the next in line. However it was just the opposite. There was rumors that a man with a straw hat entered the town, his dress casual attire much like any ninja from Kirgakure. From the report of him it was believed maybe people were just pointing fingers to find and punish a culprit. Sad part was, this wasn't a deed done by a single hand. No, this took a large group.

For the longest time it was believed that Akatsuki was behind it all. A member was even captured and interrogated days before Kiri's pure waters had been tainted red. The Akatsuki member was put through various trials to find the truth but even he didn't know. Even HE was terrified of the force. Any search parties that were sent out to investigate never returned. What was even more strange was the fact that even when hawks were sent out from Konoha's perch, not a single body was found. It was as though the world died all around Konoha's barriers. The gates were locked down, security was put on high, but the predicted attack never came. Days and nights passed normally but nothing was heard. After three years, Konoha assumed the group was possibly assassinated and Konoha claimed the lands to be peaceful.

However... after two years passed and Konoha began its search for not only survivors, but to extend its lands, the search parties continued to disappear again and no bodies were found. Konoha's forces began to fear the worst but became persistent. They put together the toughest group of ninja with the best suited abilities but none of them returned. Konoha, not wishing to alarm the public, never alerted the public but now they may have no choice. Whatever this force is, it left one survivor enough life to return to the village. His last words "The shunned” however as he spoke those last two words he passed hit the floor right there blood going everywhere.... We found two things out from this man... The first was a journal of a man who had seemed to survive the attacks.... the next was that the mans body had been dead for over three weeks the decay was so bad that the room had to be burned... because of this an autopsy was impossible to do.... This is the journal and what we discovered from it...

Deliberation of a dead mans journal -The final pages[Owner currently unknown]
As I lay here about to die my wounds seeping with blood I make one last entry into the horrors I saw... The rotting flesh of my best friend rising up from the dug grave at the young mans call... His eye glowing with a white light that I could never comprehend even if I did have more time. My best friend arose and recomposed into its natural appearance. I was shocked at what I saw until I realized something it wasn't possible that technique was only legend to bring the dead back to life but I couldn't deny what I was seeing so I walked forward but before I made it a few steps I was assaulted from behind...

I couldn't believe it as I broke free from the grasp of my assailant and as I turned I saw another thing I couldn't believe the corpse of a ninja who had died not to recently mainly because I had helped bury the casket that he was in. I couldn't believe it but I couldn't rationalize it at the time it could have well been someone else entirely. So without thinking I flipped my hand through the mans neck and I could feel the blood flow over my hand as it exited a steady stream exited through his neck.

I knew it was a killing blow mainly because of the blood on my hand alone however as I ran I could hear footsteps behind me and as I turned my head to look back I saw the man with his neck still bleeding and I couldn't help but to be aghast as my hands flicked into hand-signs my body turning dispensing a fire jutsu into the creatures face. The next thing I noticed as the creature burnt into flames was the smell of chocolate and burning flesh and then I heard very faintly from the now dying creature a meager word that said “Thank you”

I couldn't believe it the man was already dead as I checked the remains I had just destroyed a dead body that I swore was already moving. I couldn't believe it and as I ran I came across a tree and discovered a few scattered pages at the bottom and I realized that this was a diary and I couldn't piece it together so I added the pages to this journal for future reference. At the time I never knew I was going to die so maybe these pages are of some relevance.

From the diary of Shin
Quote :
The world is cruel many would say and its full of pain... it has no end to the pain.... I couldn't help but to destroy and try to end my pain. It ends up as I draw upon my pain that the world slows down and all I see is my ambitions dying as I die. I love you shin please live happy.... -Last words of Goju Shio my older brother.

This memory has been my driving factor all I can see is his goal his hatred and feel his pain. As I laied him to rest and made his passion my passion his hatred my own passion I sleep with a passing grief and I see the world slowly passing by. Our mother was one person I cant stand and am glad she has been disposed of by our hands.

She was a whore beyond compare one who had affairs with two different men and had the audacity to keep us her 'loving sons' as she called us. We weren't even related to her due to her damn genetic disorder we only belonged to our prospective fathers but our bonds as brothers were stronger than that of our lack of blood. Yet here I sit with a eye of swirls and a loneliness as the world had torn apart my reality in one sweep. All I can see is the dead around me as they come together and bend to my will my pain and my ambitions.

I use these ambitions and begin my plans as my mind blinks past insanity to that of nothing but intense hatred for this reality. I see the plan form and all I can do is sit here and laugh as my brothers body returns to me in my mind soon taking form in a different sense becoming my own form allowing me to live for you my brother. I want to fight this world and prove that we were more than trash...

Here I stand with a stench of blood and death but I haven't even drawn a hand up and strike d anyone down myself. I feel so worthless to you brother here I sit with the blood of the damned, the living and the future and I have no ambitions beyond my own pain however I plan to change this for your sake.

However as I was reading these notes my guard was down and it was to late to see that I was surrounded when I was attacked so as I fought it off I could only tear out these few pages and make my way out however I only escaped because of my experience and limberness as an actual living being. I never could remember how many I saw but there was more than were just at me and they were all coming at me the many forms. However I sit here injured and well inept to do anything to save my life so i'll go out with a bang and try my best to keep this notebook safe. If you see this notebook please.... get out.... they will come for you the dead shall rise to strike you down....
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The Shunned [~SR Plot~]

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