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 Primate Summons

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PostSubject: Primate Summons   Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:49 pm

Name: Primate Summoning Contract
Appearance: The outside of the scroll is colored dark red whilst the inside colored tan with various Japanese writing. It is exactly a foot in height and when rolled out all the way; six feet long in width.

Species: Primates

Location: Konoha Secret Library

Required Sacrifice: Blood
Contract Holder:



Basic Information

    Blank: TBA


      Blank: TBA


Summoned Creature: Messenger Monkey
Rank: C


Description: The messenger monkey is a small, fast and rather nimble specimen. Used as a quick and covert means of passing on information or to scout ahead through dangerous territory, this summon can travel swiftly over land and water to reach it's destination. When if used as a messenger, the missive is swallowed and later regurgitated. The monkey will always know where their summoner is no matter how far away they are. In addition, the monkey can also be put in a scroll and given to someone as a quick and sure way of finding the summoner. In a fight they are next to useless and, at best, can be used as a distraction.

Specialty: Taijutsu
Element: None
Jutsu: None

Summoned Creature: Clone Monkey
Rank: C


Description: These monkeys are used in the Monkey Clone Technique to transform into an identical clone of the user. If defeated in close combat, the clone reverts to a group of five of these monkeys which then attack the foe in a surprise attack. In combat these animals are vicious, screaming, clawing and biting at the enemy, causing a myriad of minor wounds that if unattended will swiftly swell up and cause much discomfort. In a fight, this can often cause distractions that could prove fatal.

Specialty: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Jutsu: None

Summoned Creature: Blocker Monkey
Rank: B

Appearance: These summons are somewhat larger than the size of a man.

Description: Wearing metal armour and carrying a shield in each hand, this summon is mainly used to block incoming attacks. Regular physical strikes are usually rendered useless by this summon and most ninjutsu are deflected as well (see below in Jutsu for specifics). However, this monkey does more than just defend. When it sees that a foe has been knocked off balance or exposed by it's defence, it lashes out with it's shields or gauntleted feet, creating an opening for it's summoner to strike the final blow.

Specialty: Weaponry: Blunt (Shields)
Element: None
Jutsu: None


Summoned Creature: Giant Ape
Rank: B

Appearance: These summons are of similar size to the giant toads.

Description: These summons are simply what they are in name; giant apes. They come with various weapons, appearances and apparel but they all wear a happi with the kanji for monkey on the back and look somewhat similar to the picture linked above. These fellows are usually only summoned when fighting against another shinobi's summons due to their large size and the considerable chakra they take to bring forth.

Specialty: Weaponry (Various)
Element: None
Jutsu: None

Summoned Creature: Kyoudai
Rank: A


Description: Kyoudai is an ancient giant ape summon that has fought the greatest of foes and survived for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years (he is rather touchy about his age, so no one knows for sure). A proud gorilla, he intensely dislikes being summoned unless there is a decent foe to be fought. He does not truck with insolence and hates when people comment on his battle-hardened appearance (he has a vast collection of scars and other such trophies).

Like the other giant ape summons Kyoudai wears a happi, but the kanji on it's back say 'battle'. Under this, he dons plate armour that covers his torso and the top of his arms.

In battle, he uses his raw strength to win, throwing his massive fists and bulk around with terrifying speed. It is rumoured that if he builds up enough steam, there is nothing in the world that can stop his charge except his own will. Kyoudai's single ambition is to fight at least one giant summon from each animal contract.

He considers himself the right hand of Monkey King Enma, although whether this is an actual fact is unclear. However, since nobody dares to contradict Kyoudai to his face, it is unlikely that this will ever be clarified.

He wears massive gauntlets with spikes projecting from the knuckles that he uses in some of his jutsu and to cause more damage with his destructive strength. He also possesses two swords sheathed over his back which he draws only against other giant summons like himself. These swords were specially forged for Kyoudai by Master Yojimbo to assist him in defeating those who would use ninjutsu against him.

Specialty: Weaponry: Bladed (Twin Swords)
Element: Doton | Earth



Summoned Creature: Enma [Boss Summoning]
Rank: S


Description: Enma is quick to anger and is exceptionally loyal to his summoner; given the summoner earns his trust. He normally doesn't approve of all kindhearted actions, for instance letting evil doers live, but this is simply because of hate towards any who leave Konoha. Enma will protect his summoner before anyone else but won't hesitate to save any comrade; so long as it doesn't jeopardize the life of his summoner.

Specialty: Ninjutsu

Special Thanks to Blue_Eyed_ Devil or Hissori

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Primate Summons

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