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 Iesu's Combo Training

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Kiri Jonin

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PostSubject: Iesu's Combo Training   Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:16 pm

Awakening from his slumber, Iesu slammed his forehead onto a small branch that hung off the irregular bush. The branch seemed to have knocked new thoughts to his head, but with a small scratch as well. Recently I've begun to ignore my own dominant element. My excellence in that seemed to have degraded, and I don't like it just one bit. My new techniques have led others to the back of my mind. But.. combining that training with a recent technique would be even better. With a small surge of motivation, he tore through the branch that had both helped and hurt him, and proceeded to pull himself up along the trunk of the tree. A good start would be reviewing diversion tactics and using it along with the new skills I acquired. Pulling on the string that held the scroll on his back had untied the strap from himself and let the scroll tumble to the ground and unroll freely without the constriction of the string. Forming a sequence of hand seals, boar, dog, bird, monkey and ram, Iesu chipped a piece of the skin on his thumb and clapped his hands onto the scroll, removing a snake from his former location and transporting it to himself. He had summoned Pledge, his loyal guard snake with few other uses within him. Along with his durable skin came an increased weight and crushing ability. He hoped that using this in co ordinance with his own element, it would make Pledge prove himself even further.

Pledge, with him only being named after being the most loyal of all of Iesu's animal companions, was also the most reliable in dire situations. What Iesu considered dire would be whenever the need would arise when he would be forced to use more than one aspect of himself. It has been rare he had used summons and his own ninjutsu together, and he doesn't enjoy going full out due to the feeling of having a victory with using only one form of jutsu would be better than thinking that you can only accomplish something with your all. Without further ado, Iesu spoke softly to the snake, telling him of the tactic they were going to be training. Pulling himself back a bit, Iesu's stomach sticking out while his back was curved back slightly. Forming a tiger hand sign, it symbolized the molding of a ninjutsu technique, and out Iesu emitted a black mist-like cloud from his mouth, blowing it greatly away from him. With this gas being flammable, as prepared by Iesu, it was hopefully going to take the enemy by surprise when he is occupied with other things. At a steady pace, the cloud will be able to travel to an enemy of ten meters or less in less than half a minute. While this mist was blocking the imagined view of the imagined enemy, Pledge would then charge through the mist in an attempt to force himself on whatever was on the other side in a strong collision. The snake's rapid movement through the cloud would form a hole in the cloud of what the image of the snake was as it was passing through. Forming an identical hand sign as the other, he again tilted himself back and blew out a small ball of oil through the mist, only increasing the flammability he would reach through this. He imagined the small spark that would set the whole area around him ablaze and stepped back to contain excitement. Through the incision of the snake made through the cloud, he visualized the constricting position Pledge was in and guessed the tactic of the snake was to trap the opponent and activate Pledge's ultimate defense to ensure the damage of the opponent and the protection of himself. With his chakra spread out alongside the mist, he decided he didn't want to be prosecuted for arson and set off the mist to drop down in the form of black liquid to the floor. He gives the snake a quick thumbs up and a wide grin, chuckling.
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Iesu's Combo Training

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