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 Acheron Parthenopaeus

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Acheron Parthenopaeus

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PostSubject: Acheron Parthenopaeus   Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:00 pm

"Kirigakure" Shinobi


Name: Acheron Parthenopaeus
Nickname/Aliases Ash
Age: 17
Physical Age:17
Previous Residence: Konohagakure


General Appearance: Acheron Parthenopaeus is a man that stands at a height of about five foot ten inches. His purple hair it's self is about three feet long proving to stop around his lower back area as his legs are a bit longer than his torso proving his forte to be more so speed than the strength that comes with top heaviness. To hold the hair back and keep it from interfering from hindering his vision, Ash wears a white head band in the place of his normal mist head band. His normal one is worn around his right arm under the purple coat that he wears at all times. Said coat is adorned with white diamonds along it placed in a formation that if seen from a great distance would be noted to those who knew his clan and their symbol to be the very same one just in a very different color.

Ash's eyes are a light purple that seem to glisten a bright silver when shone in the light of the sun and a pale white in the light of the moon. The coat he wears seems to be close to skin tight on his arms and torso sporting the amount of toned muscle that he has although his body is lean, not having much bulk for whatever reason. Acheron wears a black necklace made of what appears to be string, but is actually a black wire that he uses to house several charms that was given to him by his father. Each charm is said to be from one of the medical ninja of the senju clan's past and are there not only for protection, but to channel the skills of those that came before the wearer. The last of his ensamble are two twin kata that are also heirlooms.

    Eye Color:A light purple
    Hair Color & Style: Long and stright, occasionally tied back with a white headband, purple in color.


||Rank Information|

Letter Rank:B
Ninja Rank:Chuunin


Overall Personality:Acheron, while only seventeen, has several ways about him that most adults or rather older people wouldn't have yet developed. He has an air about him that seems to be mostly serious while that isn't very true. His serious nature lies mostly dormant in most situations only coming out during a fight, mission, or any other situation that requires he drop the, very fake, friendly act and get down to immediate business. In times of peril or in any situation where most would show fear, anger, hesitation, or sadness Acheron can and most likely will keep a very cool head to fully asses and understand what is going on. His father's first lesson of life to him was that anyone ninja or regular person that could not keep their head on their shoulders was useless to everyone around them and would only get more people than themselves hurt or killed.

This was a harsh but necesary lesson for young Acheron to learn and his love for helping others also was spurred from it. Those few words from his father shaped the entirety of the male's personality and his choice in career, ie becoming a ninja and in turn one that specializes in medicine and the medical arts. When around those he considers friends Acheron seems to be more easy going than not proving that his stoic face during missions can be morphed into that of a teenager who doesn't seem to have the weight of his family on his shoulders. As far as relationships go the young shinobi has never had a single girlfriend or kiss for that matter as he feared that such actions would deter him from his goals and that was unacceptable. All in all the young man is more of a normality than anyone could realize.

    Favorite Quote/Saying: "Must we fight?"
    Favorite Color:silver
    Fears: Acheron fears inadequacy and the fact that he may become inadequate
    Goals: Acheron one day wishes to be revered as a stronger ninja than both his mother and father by both the leaf and mist villages

||Skill Information|

Elemental Affinity:
    Dominant:Douton (Mokuton)
    Recessive: Suiton

Skill Specialty

Special Characteristics:




||Face Claim|

Series/Game: Shinsengumi Kitan.


RP example:The katana slowly and surely pierced through the fifth seat of the eight division's chest. Behind the blade was an entity of apathy, the sixth division lieutenant, punishing the one who had broken one of the most sacred rules of the soul society and committed treason. To allow him to continue would make Hyozu too one of the prey instead of the hunted and although his own wellfare meant nothing, the man knew that he wouldn't and couldn't break the law. It was what made him who he was and no man could destroy the foundation of which his entire being was built upon.

The start of it all was the silent fluttering of the wings of a hell butterfly from division one. It was meant for his captain, Ashere, but had to be intercepted by him as his captain was on a mission handling a few stains on the reputation of Soul society. It seemed that there were something called Vaizards or Visordes or something of that right, but his captain didn't go too far into. The only discrepancy that could be noticed with these things was that they had a hollow like reitsu emitting from them when they used their hollows mask. It was not much to go on, but more than enough to be able to handle or atleast notice one upon contact.

Hyozu shunpoed once before bursting into a nice sprint and heading towards the seventy fifth district of Rukongai. That was the area said to house the soon to leave traitor. The act of high treason was something that Hyozu would not let go unpunished and if the man chose to draw his blade then Hyozu would end his life. Those were the rules that he had to follow for this mission specifically although normal procedure would dictate that he capture the one he was after. Lowering his spiritual pressure to only that of an unseated officer, Hyozu walked slowly towards the only male in shinigami robes who seemed to be suffering a bit of dementia. His eyes darted at several locations and with the glares he gave as his eyes stopped at nothing it was obvious that he was seeing something that was not there.

Sighing softly, Hyozu knew what had to be done. There was no chance that the fifth seat would be able to live in his state and he had to send a report into squad four. It seemed that a shinigami who attempted to eat hollows in an attempt to gain hollow-like powers caused a hardened case of dementia. As his hand motioned to the hilt of his zanpakuto the demented one dashed at him having unsheathed his blade already. Hyozu had more than enough time mentally to analyze the situation and the vertical slash could have easily been parried at any moment, but that was not his goal. A fight that was drug out longer than it needed to be wasted valuable energy and that was something that he needed in order to enforce the law and do his job.

Moving to the right ever so slightly he drew his zanpakuto swiftly with his left hand and jabbed at a thirty degree angle. His arm was a good bit longer than the traitor's and that would prove fatal as the man began to shift forward with too much momentum to completely stop. The katana slowly and surely pierced through the fifth seat of the eight division's chest. The man's soul chain was now severed completely and he was rendered useless. Feeling that this was no longer worth his time Hyozu slid the blade free, allowing every drop of blood to slide from his zanpakuto slowly to make sure that there were no stains, and stabbed it into the skull of the man. The sound of the bones splitting were only heard by Hyozu for everyone had cleared out when the ravenous shinigami came about. Hyozu gathered the body and began his trek towards the twelfth division barracks in hopes of ending this mission before any word of it got out.
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PostSubject: Re: Acheron Parthenopaeus   Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:37 pm

You will need the approval from the Mizukage.
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The Endless
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PostSubject: Re: Acheron Parthenopaeus   Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:25 am

You'll need to correct the following

Quote :
Dominant:Douton (Mokuton)
Recessive: Suiton

You'll need to correct with this

Dominant: Mokuton
Recessive: Suiton
Recessive: Doton.

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PostSubject: Re: Acheron Parthenopaeus   

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Acheron Parthenopaeus

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