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PostSubject: Haishi-san   Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:03 pm

Kirigakure Shinobi



Name: Haishi.
Nickname/Aliases: Host Samurai / Samurai / Host.
Age: 33.
Physical Age: 30's.
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Marble Town, probably somewhere in the map. Nobody cares about it, so it's unknown.
Previous Residence: Outskirts of Konohagakure.
Clan: Retainer to Aburame Clan (Doesn't really have blood ties to the clan, just serves them as a retainer).


General Appearance:

Head: His face is well developed and mature, explaining that he isn't exactly youthful, but neither is he old. He is merely the in between's known as being 30 years old. Between the decay of the age of 40's and the prime of being in his 20's. Cleanly shaven with the occasional shade of a stubble, he sports a hair past his ears enveloping the back of his neck, slicked back. Black and brilliant. His eyes stone grey, as he wears an expression of being jovially carefree. That nothing in this world weighs in, as a result, he has a smile line on both edges of his mouth from his consistent show of being happy. His teeth pearly white, which suggests he puts quite some time into cleaning them up, an attention to the details of his features. Always a single hair strand sticks from his peak.

Upper Body: Draped around his neck is a white cloth adorned with a pattern of red and green. Some carp fish and a leaf thingy. And worn with his chest exposed is a Kimono with a simple pattern of a vertical bunch of grey lines. He clearly is an exercised one, muscles being well developed, but has been shown to be fading away which suggests he has gotten to a carefree lifestyle which neglects his own body in turn for luxuries and merrymaking which takes little to no effort to perform. His sleeves are flowing, and hangs from his forearm, as he wears a sash around, which often has a scabbard worn, or something hugged to his waist. It also keeps his Kimono in place, loosening the sash means unraveling his entire Kimono. The inside of said Kimono is lined with fur, which keeps Haishi warm, and in fact, it is what he wears all the time, and inside his Kimono are a set of pockets where he can just stuff things inside. But because of the fine fabric, and Haishi's delicate attention given to his Kimono, it doesn't really wear out. ORRRR there is a theory that Haishi has a wardrobe filled with dozens of the same Kimono and white cloth and sash. Either ones work, easier to believe the latter than the former.

Lower Body: An uncommon practice, Haishi wears a pants that he ties up with a knot underneath his Kimono, and a pair of sandals. Sometimes he wears tabi socks, and at other times, he wears boots. Underneath his pants, he wears a regular pair of boxers. His legs mimic his upper body in terms of muscles. Meaningly it is also muscular, very toned, and unlike the upper body, it didn't fade. A curious thing. But for the most part, said pants he wears is white, and has a set of pockets to keep his things as well.

Entire Body: Usually because of his flowing pattern, everyone mistakes Haishi for a vagrant, or some Ronin, much to his chagrin. A Ronin being a masterless Samurai. The way he carries himself is much unlike that of a ninja, and it is obvious he is no Shinobi just by the way he wears his clothing. That he is more akin to a traveler than someone who settled down. A wanderer in all essence. Carrying his stuff on his person, and often what he needs, giving the impression he doesn't leave his things back at home mostly because he travels. Though a stereotype this may be, it is partially true. Not to mention he carries a scabbard with a sword on his right waist, not pointing downward, that many newbies make the mistake of carrying the sword downwards with edge facing down instead of upwards. Ruining said quality. The fact he also carries his sword (if he had one) on his waist, than the traditional practice of wearing a Ninjato on the back, also betrays what he is. Either mistaken for a Ronin, a Vagrant, or some Host Samurai.

    Height: 6' 0" feet.
    Weight: 169 lbs.
    Eye Color: Grey.
    Hair Color & Style: Black, slicked back.


||Rank Information|

Letter Rank: B.
Ninja Rank: Chunin.


Overall Personality: If there was ever such a disgrace to the code of the Samurai being Bushido, it would be Haishi. A man with no place in the world, his ethics separates him from the Samurai, whom are honor-bound, and his discipline from the Samurai making him separate from the Ninja. Dishonorable being his vice. Yet his carefree attitude hides whatever demon he has hidden away, if looked at psychologically. Always preferring to hang unto whatever he has being done in his spare-time, be lazy, indulge in things society frowns upon. A hedonist in that regard. Not to mention he is outwardly selfish, pleasing himself with artificial rewards not promised, taking in extras, whatever he can manage. An extreme miser whom gives if something more was given back is how he rolls.

Hating all things to be like Bushido, or code of conduct, mostly because they are restraining. An unneeded obsolete relic from a past age that doesn't work in the modern age. One where ninjas can wipe villages out, and the least a Samurai like him, being a relic of an older age could do, is NOT give a salutary bow when a ninja would just decapitate them without a second thought. He knows that because he actually seen that, and has questioned the sanity of the Samurai to be so willing to give their lives away so freely, to stick to such outdated beliefs which in fact helps the enemy that is progressing fast, kill them off quite easily. Might as well present a platter with every Samurai hearts to make it easier for them. So it shows that Haishi hates to let himself be tied down to some handicap mentally, when he is perfectly physically capable.

Not necessarily cruel because he has a lack of morals, and rather is amoral in himself. He doesn't exactly object to less than questionable methods, a pragmatist yet not a pragmatist, for he indulges in wasteful vices. A contradiction in itself that somehow manifests in this shrewd man. Falling guilty to the sin of greed due to liking what is already there and attainable, rather than the unattainable Samurai "enlightenment" which only so few reach anyways. It was not worth an effort or a hassle to him. So far, the only thing that is in fact held in suspicion is how he has managed to restrain himself to following an Aburame, and even marrying into a family. Though a widower, he doesn't seem to hold much sorrows from his wife's death. Casually brushing it aside and deflecting it as to that she was tying him down anyways, yet he follows an Aburame to repay a debt of kindness that no others had given him. Something that Haishi understands, and honors. A huge contradiction to his lifestyle. Then again, with Haishi, there never has been something consistent in him besides the inconsistency of things. A stray if anything.

Perhaps this is his inner Bushido speaking up? Obviously he would deny it, but one may never know what goes on his head.

    Favorite Quote/Saying: "What a pain in the ass."
    Hobby: Frequenting the brothel, peeping on the local female onsen, secretly visiting his dead wife's grave, reading hentai magazines, reading manga, lazing around in some café.
    Favorite Color: Green.
    Fears: Being caught in a shotgun marriage, losing his subscription over the Jump monthly and weekly issues he pays for, losing all the money he has, living a life of poverty forever being poor.
    Goals: Find some way to forever live a life filled with hedonistic fun, whilst retaining immortality, privately surrounded in a harem of his own filled with the most comely women around. Forever young like him. So in accurate terms, looking for immortality for himself and choosing himself a band of chicks, probably by immortality inducing jutsus or other means.

||Skill Information|

Elemental Affinity:
    Dominant: Wind.
    Recessive: N/A.

Skill Specialty
    Dominant: Weaponry - Kenjutsu, Projectiles.
    Recessive: Taijutsu.

Special Characteristics:



- Wife: Deceased.



||Face Claim|

Series/Game: Doubleleaf's drawings.
Name: Some Commish of a Samurai guy.

RP example:


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Kumo Chunin

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PostSubject: Re: Haishi-san   Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:17 am

Just a note, but you can have up to 2 elements as a Chuunin--so you can add another element if you'd like.

For your specialty it's
Dominant: Weaponry-Kenjutsu & Projectiles
Dominant: Weaponry - Kenjutsu
Recessive: Weaponry - Projectiles
SO, you can have 1 more specialty if you'd like.
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PostSubject: Re: Haishi-san   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:14 pm

Is it fine if I add one in under staff supervision later? I am kind of indecisive at the moment.

And thanks! Fixed the specialty bits.
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D-Rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Re: Haishi-san   Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:51 am

You can train another element if you wish IC instead of having it here. Each rank would require you to perform a certain number of words needed to accomplish a new element, which can be found here
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PostSubject: Re: Haishi-san   Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:32 am

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Doubt I'd be having a new element. Is there more complications on my sheet or am I good? Once again, thanks.
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D-Rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Re: Haishi-san   Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:36 pm

I see nothing wrong. You'll need the Mizukage(s) approval of rank. So I'll pass it along to him/her.

On a side note, his goal is hilarious.
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The Endless
Kiri Sanin

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PostSubject: Re: Haishi-san   Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:26 am

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PostSubject: Re: Haishi-san   

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