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 My removal from staff.

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Shiro Hazuki

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PostSubject: My removal from staff.   Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:14 am

Yes, I know this has been talked about and known by some members of the staff for a time, so I might as well make it official. I request that I be removed from staff. I thought things would be fine once scott was banned. I thought "hey, MAYBE people can stop arguing in the chatbox and start RPing together! maybe this drama shit is finally over!"

I was wrong. Now, I did somewhat expect Scott trying to involve himself within the site, even after being banned, I'm sure all of us did. What bothered me was when Branden was added to staff AFTER Scott was banned. I mean, someone who defended him vigorously and still fought for him even after the decision was made and done with? Now, I'm not saying Branden does not have what it takes to be a mod, He has good RP skill and would be willing to work hard. I just found it odd that he would be added to staff like that, but, obviously the admin were fine with it, so i brushed it off my shoulder and went along. Then this shit happens. Was I surprized? (insert above image here) I was not. Again, I had expected it.

But enough talk about the drama shit as to why I am leaving. Another reason is that I have simply not been doing work, and have been extremely lazy and doing absolutely nothing with SR. I am Mizukage, have had my apps approved for over a month, and still I have not been in a single RP. Yes, I understand, I take full responsibility for what i DIDNT do, which was doing absolutely nothing. I would like to be removed not only because of the fact that im overly annoyed of the drama that goes on here, but because i feel i am no longer fit to be on the staff team. Again, I am not afraid to admit I have not done anything besides make a few apps that have been sitting there.

This does NOT mean I will be stepping down as Mizukage, however. I do plan to try to become more active on the site, and hopefully I can get off my ass and pull my shit together for once. Did I think of asking for any "special privileges"? Yes, I did, but then i realized, if I want to be removed from staff, but still keep only the mere benefits of being staff, such as being able to approve of applications, but only on my will, and not as a duty, then why would I be stepping down? If I am leaving staff, that means I wish to leave the work and the benefits behind. I remember back on SA, I was just a member. How badly I wanted to become staff. But little did I know that by not being in staff, I wasn't "standing in front of the fan" so to speak. When I became staff on SR, I realized there was a lot of shit hitting the fan, and quite often. I'm not leaving the site, just staff is all. I can't take this useless drama anymore. We used to be friends, or at least just aquaintences of people. I actually roleplayed. Not often, mind you, I know I was lazy, and I bitched about being so low of rank, but the fact was, I was too lazy to just do the shit I needed to do. Now, it seams like we are split into different groups. THIS ISNT A HIGHSCHOOL LUNCHROOM PEOPLE!!! This is supposed to be a network of people, interacting together for the things they have in COMMON, not who has the better RPing ability or whipping their egos out and flailing them around and acting like kinder gardeners. We all are here because we like Naruto, and we like RPing. This place has great RPers, beginners, and everything inbetween! There is potential here! Thats why even though I havent done anything for awhile here, that i still stick around! I'm waiting, hoping that it will finally change back to the way it used to be, where we would just RP, then bitch fit later, instead of the latter becoming the main and only event.

Yeah, I got off track by...A lot...Anyway, I realize I can't just wait, what's the point? I need to help! Standing there asking people to help, is like those damn camera crews who go to africa to film the deprived children for their donation commercials! you have the money to fly and live there long enough to film their misery, why not just use the money for the commercials for them! ANYWAY, (damn ADD), I look upon you all as fellow staff members one last time, and I say, goodbye co-workers, and Hello, Bosses.
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My removal from staff.

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