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 Clous Sinota

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PostSubject: Clous Sinota   Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:55 pm

"Village/Missing" Shinobi


Name: Clous Sinota
Nickname/Aliases: Prodical Son, Abyss Reaper
Age: 19
Physical Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Kirigakure, Sinota grounds
Previous Residence: Konohagakure
Clan:Sinota/Ozunu Clan


Clous has white hair, with athletic features. He's about 5'6. His eyes are a wild amber color, which actually are a more golden hue at night. His hair is usually in a messy fashion but on occasion he will spike it into some elaborate style or another. On occasion he'll wear a black Haori, while his clan insignia in white.

Clous' standard lounging wear is fairly simple yet stylish. He's come to a liking of sleeveless hoodies and often wears a black one with a skull over the chest and two angel wings sprouting form behind the head. Other than this a white T-shirt and black jeans suffice for the rest of his attire.

General Appearance:
    Height: 5'11
    Eye Color:Amber
    Hair Color & Style: White, stright, sometimes messy. Shoulder length.


||Rank Information|

Letter Rank: B
Ninja Rank: Chunnin


Overall Personality:
Headstrong and very confident in his skills as a Ninja. Many people see him as a calm person. Being a Constant thinker, Clous analyzes his targets, and situation before attacking. Overall, hell-bent on detroying any one who threatens his home. Ususaly level headed. And does his best to not make rash decisions. Usually keeps to himself. Friends usually only with those he actually finds a connection with.

Clous has his own little sense of justice where he works simply to keep the peace no matter what. contradicting enough even if it means causing more chaos to achive that means. He views most of everything as a means to an end. Likewise he has his own sense of honor which as a result usually makes him seem snobish and as if he looks down on others. But he simply wont bother wasting time fighting someone he knows wont make him break a sweat. Clous has an odd sixth sense about telling what kind of person someone is by looking into their eyes. He isn't fast at making friends but if by chance he happens to then that bond is something he holds onto.

    Favorite Quote/Saying: "That's interesting..."
    Hobby: Practicing Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu. reading, drawing.
    Favorite Color: White with details of generally Dark colors....blue or black usually
    Fears: Failure. to die with no meaning
    Goals: Restore clan, become one of the sevon swordsmen of the mist

||Skill Information|

Elemental Affinity:
    Dominant: Suiton
    Recessive: Fuuton

Skill Specialty
    Dominant: Weaponry - Kenjutsu & Exotic
    Recessive: Ninjutsu

Special Characteristics:




||Face Claim|

Series/Game: Ragnorak
Name: Sin_X
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Clous Sinota

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