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PostSubject: Sinota/Ozunu   Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:02 pm

Name: Ozunu/Sinota-Clan
Founder: Aisu Ozunu, Kodama Sinota
Location: (Sinota) Kirigakure (Ozunu) Konohagakure

In the beginning the Ozunu Clan flourished in Konoha for a time. However only two generations into its instatement as a clan of Konoha the Ozunu clan hit a few snags as far as contained profit went. It’s own personal revenue was in jeopardy. As such the leader of the Ozunu clan looked to have his eldest of two daughters married off to a higher echelon clan.

Eventually Aisu Ozunu was married off to Kodama Sinota. Their offspring bore the first of many with a special gift. And their off spring’s off spring. Ozunu was integrated into the Sinota clan which was more of a mutual benefit for both clans, and Aisu was sent off to Kirigakure.

The rise of the clan started with Kuze's father and the appearance of Tatsuma, his legendary katana. the clan was both loved and feared by the people it swore to protect, as such a close eye was always kept on them.

Fall of the Clan

Kuze's rise to power was sudden and ill warranted. The mysterious death o his father leading to him being forced to take over. He married Helena Sato to once again meld a weaker Clan into the Sinota household. This was a beneficial to both Clans, as both would be strengthened to a degree.

Due to events that happened just fifteen years before the Sinota clan was significantly weakened as far as its standing and was almost cast out from the water country completely.

It was later proven that Kuze's exploits had lead to more or a rift between the clan and the land of water. His growing influence was striking fear into the higher ups of the land of water. It was decided that his power being left unchecked was too dangerous.

Kuze was later selected for a mission in which he was betrayed and killed by his own allies (who he referred to as his brothers) the village hidden in the mist had turned on the Sinota clan. Their own power being the cause for their downfall.

The current leader of the clan is unknown. It rightfully belongs to Clous however with his absence another head must have been chosen.

Special Info:

Members of this clan excel in Kenjutsu. Often becoming experts in a range of weapons, and becoming masters to a degree. Also must have either wind or water as an element

Those of the Sinota/Ozunu Clan have their abilities based on the way of the blade (Or generally speaking some form of weapon) This is usually beefed up by a form of chakra control which alters the use of a weapon being its potential in areas such as defensive capability or attack etc.

Abilities usually ranges from each member considering the use of the clan’s skills are to a point where one has free range over how it's used. Though there are man cases when some moves appear similar if others are using the same type of weapon.

Kouasshuku/High Preassure: By combining the wind and water elemental chakra's of Ozunu and Sinota, the results lead to a number of high pressure Suiton and wind jutsu. As well as being used a standalone ability, the Sokudo as its been called can be sent out in burst from any part of the body to help meet various needs.

However trying to perfect most of the techniques without a distinct chakra control can lead to disastrous results. Often leaving one drained and bed ridden for a few days to recover the expel of chakra.


Kaigan Hito A-S Rank (Also Clan head)

fuhen: C-B

Shikai: E-D

Upper House-

Kanbu: The Kanbu are all upper household members that are born with a generally viewed control over the lower house. Many of the older members look down on the lower houses despite them being Kin.

Lower House-

Ressa: The Ressa are the lower houses usually married off and scattered out to other countries and houses a lot faster than the upper house's offspring which usually take mates in. Ressa are used to spread the Ozunu/Sinota Influence.

Requirements: Must be from either the root house (Ozunu) or Sinota. At one point must have lived in either Kirigakure or Konohagakure. Must have Kinjutsu as a specialty.

Current Members:

Clous Sinota

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: None
Type of Kekkei Genkai: -
Rank: -




Name of Jutsu: Sokudo (Velocity)
Rank: D-S
Users: Ozunu/Sinota
Type of Jutsu:: Supplementary KKG
Element Affinity: Fuuton/Suiton
Training Link: -
Description: Velocity is a high powered force produced from Suiton and Fuuton chakra being combined. It’s a close range point of impact resulting in general destruction of a target within three feet of arms reach. The level of the shinobi depends on its destructive potential. This can be manifest in the form of raw chakra bundled into the users palm. Or can be channeled into a weapon of some sort.

Name of Jutsu: Yaiba Shikai (Blade release)
Rank: B
Users: Ozunu/Sinota
Type of Jutsu:: Supplementary
Element Affinity: Fuuton
Training Link:

The Yaiba Shikai is wide spread form of the flicker balde. Chakra is spread throughout the users whole body in a concentrated form then slowly expanded, allowing wind nature to flow through the users structure. This lessens resistance and friction within the body allowing one to be “fluid”. This slight passage through the users body can only be used for a limited amount of time (three posts) Since this causes the muscles to expand at a rapid rate there is the possibility of the jutsu failing and tearing the muscles

Name of Jutsu: Flicker Blade
Rank: C
Users: Sinota Clan
Type of Jutsu:: Attack
Element Affinity: Fuuton
Training Link: -
Description: A bundle of wind chakra is collected into the hand and the rushed through the arm, expanding the muscles slightly before rushing back through the hand and extending out into the weapon creating a blurred after image along its intended path, which hopefully will result in the target miss-judging the point of impact.

Weakness: Such a technique is better off only being used once against a person because it becomes predictable.

Name of Jutsu: Dragon's Gale
Rank: B
Users: Sinota Clan, Ozunu
Type of Jutsu:: Attack
Element Affinity: Fuuton/Water
Training Link: -

This Jutsu collects a large amount of wind nature chakra. Refining it and sharpening the edges to a fine line. At which point the gust of wind is launched in a single direction, making several slicing "winds". The dust and debris that are kicked up while using the jutsu make it possible for the user to make a quick retreat or move about freely as the one on the recieving end would struggle to keep a line of sight.

Clan Traits:

Most members of the clan have light colored hair, are all kenjutsu specialists and have a wind or water based chakra nature.
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