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 A Brush With Death

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PostSubject: A Brush With Death    Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:09 pm

All round him he could hear the scurrying of feet, a pen scratching down some notes and a light shining above his head. His back was elevated and he could feel that he was wearing different clothing, more paper and thin like. Even with his eyes closed, his dark world grew lighter a bit as the light from above his head moved closer, and darkness returned as it slowly moved away. A beeping machine sped up in tempo, beating faster and faster until it got to a steady pace. He could feel a warm hand move over his leg, and the wet feeling of some type of ointment.

His eyes cracked open and he looked around, rolling them in his head. There were about three nurses and two doctors that were attending to him, all whom hadn't noticed that he was finally awake. Laying down properly in a medic bed, he looked over to his left to a dresser with his ANBU attire folded neatly, parts of it still crusted with blood. He turned his head back up, looking at the unfamiliar ceiling above him. There were about four extra large roof tiles above him. The white lights that ran across room lit the whole place up in a soft white light.

He closed his eyes as sleep rushed back over his body, and even though he tried to fight it as strongly as he could, he knew he wasn't going to win. A couple of voices murmured something and he fell back to sleep against his will, even frustrated in his own dreams. As his feeling began to come back what only felt like a couple of seconds asleep felt like an hour of pain. He wanted to cry out, but deep sleep over took him as the pain subsided. Eventually he would wake up again, and blame himself for letting Nasamea do this to him.

"He's doing quite fine. His body responds well to everything we've given him and he's doing better and better. He should be able to wake up and resume normal duties today if you want him to." One of the nurses was conversing with someone, her small frail voice bounced off the walls like sweet notes. "Good good, we need him back out on the field as soon as possible. I'm assuming you received the funds and everything worked fine. I needed him doing missions as quickly as possible, so I hope that check helped out. You sure he won't need to come back?" A male's cold, sticky voice plastered all around him. It was his Captain. Even though he was in charge of a squad, he was still under supervision. "We're quite thankful for the donations we recieved and we assure you that he'll be fine. We made sure he was taken care of properly." "Well all right then. Thank you." The sound of a door opened smoothly, the henges barely creaked.

Shihouin woke up from his slumber, knowing that his Captain was gone. If he hated dealing with someone, it was his Captain. Shihouin neither possessed the rank or skill to be on level with that man, and in ANBU something like that was drove home every time you failed, or everytime they felt like bothering the crap out of you. With him out of the room, things would be a lot more peaceful, because he was sure he'd hear it once he started resuming field work. Throwing his long legs over the bed, he tossed out his cover and looked around at his body. Every injury that had been inflicted was gone, but there were scar marks on every single place she'd stabbed him. Shihouin reached over to his ANBU uniform and picked up a kunai, twirling it around in his fingers to see if he'd lost any reflex speed. Nasamea had hit crucial nerves, and there was a chance that he'd lost them.

The nurse walked up to him, looking at him with a soft smile. She was a homey small woman with short black, straight hair which fell to her neck, parted across the top of her head, dangling down on either side of her face. She wore the typical nurses outfit, a white scrub which was collared up to keep her cleavage from showing, even though she was only a B Cup at best. She looked over him with light brown eyes and spoke. "We've completed everything. However due to the severeness of the bleeding you'll be left with some permanent scars. We had to close the wounds as fast as possible." Shihouin didn't even look at her. "Well that's good." He continued twirling the kunai between his fingers, she could tell he was testing out his reflexs and movements. "Are the movement and responsiveness the same as before you were injured?" Shihouin twriled the kunai, entertaining the question. "Hmmm...."

In a blinding flash of speed, he gripped the kunai properly and swung the blade at her neck, cutting through the flesh and throat in less time than normal, a new record for him. Her neck flooded with blood, staining her white scrubs and splattering a bit on his sheets. She slumped down to the ground and clutched her neck as a large puddle of blood leaked out all over the entire floor. Gripping at her life, she gurgled as she choked on her own blood, quickly dying in a mattter of seconds. "Yeah, everything seems to be fine." Shihouin laid back on the bed, stretching out some more. He still needed to talk to Nasamea.

Reaching over to an intercom, he pressed the button, causing static to spit through the speaker. One of the nurses spoke up. "Hello?" "Yeah, this is Shihouin Uchiha, ANBU. My registration number is 006278. I'm giving you an order to turn off the cameras in here, any audio equipment and make sure the next two people to come in here are Ayame Akira and Arcaida Kinzoku." The nurse went silent for a bit as her fingers rattled some information in the computer. A few moment's later she spoke again. "Understood Shihouin-san. However did nurse Reika leave the room?" "Yeah... she's gone all right. I think she went on break." He snickered mentally. "Thank you!"

Throwing his hands behind his head on the soft pillow, Shihouin crossed his legs over as he laid back in rest. It'd only be a little while now before things got moving right along. For now he would relax in the hospital gown that was literally an apron. The fabric hung at his neck and came down to his lower thigh, and of course he remained sitting to hide that unnecessary split in the back. Until then, he'd just relax and wait for one of the girls to show up.
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PostSubject: Re: A Brush With Death    Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:50 pm

Nasamea instantly knew she had placed herself in a terrible situation since Shi fell. In a sense, it appeared that her subduing him was an expression of her power but at the same time she had taken out another member of ANBU without his discretion. A.k.a without calling for a spar or "friendly match". Was it credible to say she was simply defending herself? With the difference in rankings between the two of them, and technically Ayame, she felt that wouldn't necessarily be accepted. There were to many witnesses that could say she retaliated rather than received her punishment and in respect for Shihouin she would take anything. However if it involves death she definitely wouldn't go quietly.

The ANBU and Nasa had moved quickly to get Shi to the hospital and into a room. He was placed in one of the top notch areas roped off by the public. These rooms were specifically made for ANBU members and even the Hokage if he needed one. Most of the top equipment was found here as well and a special access key was needed to even reach this floor. To he public, these rooms were "storage". On this floor was a special waiting area as well so if a bunch of ANBU members sat around it wouldn't look suspicious or freak anyone out. Waiting in this said "special zone" was Nasamea and Ayame.

Nasa had been sitting casually in a chair with her arms crossed and head titled towards the nearby windows. She sat back and stared out, her mouth silent and eyes expressing a lack of care. In truth she was hiding her emotions still; something she was taught before and even after her experimentation. Although she appeared to be bored and not paying attention whatsoever she was actually on guard as well. She had spotted Shi's captain enter the room and exit - his eyes glancing over her as he looked her up in down. Nasa expected words to pass between the two but the Captain must have been to busy or figured Ayame took care of it already. Who know and at the moment who cared. It was Shi and his recovery that they needed to worry about. So far he had been in the operating room for what seemed like hours.

By the time the call for the two of them finally came, Nasa was actually half asleep. She was dozing in and out for the past half hour and vaguely remembered catching a quick second cat nap as well. She fought it off just so she could hear the call to check on him but after what her mental state has gone through she was exhausted. Arcadia? Nasa? She was having a hard time figuring out which way was even right or left. Maybe a good sleep would do her good. That and a few days to get her mental state back. Sad thing was, in ANBU there was no such thing as a proper vacation. The jail cell was starting to sound like a promise land now...

Nasa's hand easily twisted the door knob before slowly pushing the door open. She peered inside and quickly found Shi. He was laying in his hospital bed as she thought. In fact the scene was relatively predictable considering what just happened and his overall personality. She considered the dead body to further express his persona as well. Question was what did the nurse do, treat him poorly or just happen to be there? She assumed the second.

The two of them would enter the room quickly and questionably quietly; seeing as how there was a dead body on the floor. Nasa herself would be silent as she eyed Shihouin without emotion before turning her attention to their surroundings. Within seconds she had spotted various metal items she could use if she necessary and quickly returned her emerald hues to Shi once more.

"Seems you've healed well" she said smoothly, her hand placed behind her back in a calm manner, "of course who wouldn't assume you wouldn't."

She acted as though she had not even seen the nurse as her focus appeared to rest on nothing but Shi. Truth was she had spotted the said nurse too but felt that since the woman was obviously dead she couldn't be saved. Since Shi did it, there must have been a good reason too. Nasa cared though. She cared for the nurse and gave her some sympathy too for just like her the nurse had to work a long time to get the position she had...or held. Maybe someone else just as excellent could fill her position though. Nasa soon blocked these thoughts out; not wishing to question it any further. Ayame though, how would she handle this bloody massacre? Would she place her sword against Shi's neck like she had to her? She doubted it. However, Nasa expected at least some beating to Shi would occur before her. Maybe Shi was even saving her ass because of this.. in some weird odd way.

Nasa simply watched while she waited to listen to what Shi wished to speak to her about.
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PostSubject: Re: A Brush With Death    Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:38 pm

Shihouin climbed from his bed, throwing his feet over the covers as she arrived and stood near the door. The pungent odor of blood filling the room, soaked the clean air in the scent of death. Her blood was full of life still, the smell of iron moving around curiously into the corners of the room. Next to Shihouin was the stained kunai, the one that had colored the covers it sat on in a light red dye. His ANBU garb had been messily lad next to him, pants, mask, shades and a bunch of normal ninja weapons attached to the shirt.

He ignored her for a few minutes as he began to put on his clothes without regard for her. He slipped on his boxers quickly without revealing himself and cast away the hospital vest that he had on, throwing it over near the dead body behind him. Like normal, he put on his pants, socks and boots, clothing himself as he finally looked like a shinobi again. After a minute or so of silence he spoke softly. "So I see Ayame's not showing. It's good that she isn't, she'd probably be the one to smash my brains in for killing that girl." He put both of his hands up as he put on a black wife beater, pulling it down over his shouldrs as he grabbed the next piece of clothing. "Really Nasa? Really? I'm inclined to think that you would like it if I wouldn't." Shihouin paused as he stood up.

He left his wife beater on and lifted up his shirt to reveal his abs. With no intention to show off to her, he pointed to spots all over his body, little small lines colored dark red, completely closed like he'd been stitched up all over. "You almost killed me. That's the first time I've ever been that close to death." He turned around, turning to his clothes as he pot back on another shirt and then the final layer of clothing, with all of the tools attached. Holding his mask in his hand as his wardrobe was complete, he turned back around to her and looked her in the eye. "Since you're in ANBU and I am as well, I'm ordering you to spar with me. If you do not choose to follow this order, I'll attack Ayame's house again and fill out a report with your name on it as the aggressor."

Of course at this level, even Shihouin knew he was acting like a sore loser. If she decided to giggle and laugh at him, not only would he be embarrassed, but the blood rushing to his cheeks would turn his face bright red. Nasa had the advantage over him now, and that would affect their relationship as comrades. For now though, he had no interest in how well they got along, only that she spar him. Her files were riddled with information about some magnetic chakra, and he had to know her abilities.

"Hurry up and get there, I'm not going to wait on you any longer than I need to." Shihouin walked towards the front door and walked out, leaving the hinges swinging smoothly as he disappeared into thin air. If Nasa didn't get out in time enough someone would see her sitting all calm and pretty next to a dead body. Surely that wouldn't work out too well for her.
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PostSubject: Re: A Brush With Death    Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:05 pm

Nasamea kicked back against a wall with her arms crossed. Her eyes stared at Shihouin as she leaned and watched his every moved. She had no intentions of seeming like a creep but as he stood she glanced over his body as a means of seeing how much he had changed and of course sizing him up. She knew without a doubt there would come the day he would wish to fight her again. If she had been in his shoes she would wish to do the same thing. Question was, would they both do it for the same reasons? Hers would be to see how much he had changed as a means of fighting and also to gain back some control when it came to superiority. She felt rather good for defeating him like she had; rendering him near useless as he struggles for life. However she also felt it wasn't proper for he never expected it nor had a real chance to fight back. Maybe that was good, maybe it was bad. But at least now he was healed... this for sure was a positive thing.

"Since you're in ANBU and I am as well, I'm ordering you to spar with me. If you do not choose to follow this order, I'll attack Ayame's house again and fill out a report with your name on it as the aggressor."

He stood before her finally dressed as the familiar Shihouin returned to her mind. She could easily predict the facial expression he would give her and couldn't help but raise her eyebrow in the same old playful yet sarcastic way. Appears she was more tolerant of him after all.

"Oh really? You know I could always claim innocence and say that it was I who stopped you" she then let out a soft chuckle as she eyed him with a mocking look of arrogance, "after all, they would obviously have documents of you being here and your captain even saw you. Seems reasonable on my opinion but hnn either way, i'll spar."

She let her arrogant smile die back to a playful expression as she saw his cheeks growing a tad bit more red. He seemed embarrassed before, the expression clear on his face, but the redness of his cheeks only extended her assumption all the more. She found it rather cute when he blushed seeing as how he always acted big and bad all the time. It was fine though, after all, she knew that he was an excellent fighter so in a sense he kind of had the right to act this way. It seemed to be the attitude that kept a lot of the weaker ninja of the village away too. Maybe this was just her observation though.

"Hurry up and get there, I'm not going to wait on you any longer than I need to," he said, already nearly out the door. She figured that as soon as she saw him move towards the door she felt she would as well; predicting that he would be leaving. When he had exited though he disappeared and she followed right behind. It was obvious that neither of them wished to waste any time. After all, it's been more than 5 years since the two had went at it and they were in the need to inform each other what had occurred since her disappearance.
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PostSubject: Re: A Brush With Death    Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:35 pm

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PostSubject: Re: A Brush With Death    

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A Brush With Death

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