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 Shihouin's Equipment

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PostSubject: Shihouin's Equipment   Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:07 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: Ninja Inventory
Owner: Shihouin
Location: Waist.
Rank: E


History: These Ninja Inventory pouches were created by Shihouin so he could keep record of how many tools he had. Instead of throwing tools in at random, he kept a mental list of all the tools he had and how many tools he could fit into his ninja pouch. He created this list when he became genin and has kept it up to date ever since then.

Appearance: Ninja pouch. Shihouin usually wears two. They are light brown and fit on the back hip.

Name of Weapon or Item: Translucent/Transparent Wire
Owner: Shihouin Uchiha
Location: Ninja Pouch/On Body
Rank: D Rank

Description/Abilities: A 40m wire which is near transparent and difficult to pick up with the human eye. It can function like a normal wire but it just harder to see even in the brightest of daylights. The wire becomes near impossible to see in forests or shady areas where light cannot be reached well. As strong as metal/normal wire it serves the same purpose. Shihouin also placed these on easy to reach parts of his body.

History: Shihouin updated his wires after his battle with the Hokage. Since those wires were a crucial element in his plan against the Hokage, he figured that updating them to a harder to notice wire would be the better ordeal.

Appearance: When one has the time to truly see it, it appears to be a normal wire. It's usually visible when wrapped up.

Name of Weapon or Item: Special Tags
Owner: Shihouin
Location: Ninja Pouch/On Body
Rank: C

Description/Abilities: These special tags come in numbers of 5 per group. 1 special tag is essentially two tags put together to mimic one tag. It is near impossible to notice this since tags appear to be the same on front or back sides. In one "group" there are five of these tags, which really equals up to 10 tags per group. It's just like gluing two white sheets of paper together, they appear as one. Of course they have double the blast and power of one explosive note. In total he has 25 of these.

History: Shihouin came up with this idea and has prepared these tags by sticking them together. The idea was very simple to come up with.

Appearance: A normal explosive note.

Name of Weapon or Item: Sharpened Shuriken/Kunai/Senbon
Owner: Shihouin
Location: Ninja Pouch
Rank: D

Description/Abilities: These shuriken are sharpened more than average which gives them an edge over other tools. These tools, if thrown well enough and correctly, can embed their selves into objects like wood and even some bricks. They are not capable of embedding in metal, but can cause dents in metal and cut metal or normal wire.

History: Shihouin decided to sharpen the tools he collected when turning into a genin. Since its possible to use shuriken in conjunction with his fire technique (Housenka) he came up with the idea that sharpening tools might be useful for using the jutsu. Shihouin replaces all his normal tools with sharpened ones

Appearance: They appear to be normal shuriken, kunai and senbon but the edge on them is shiny if you're able to have the time to look at them closely.

Name of Weapon or Item: Ninjato
Owner: Shihouin
Location: Hip or back
Rank: D

Description/Abilities: A sword about 30 inches in length and the hilt is about 15 inches. It is completely black and matches with Shihouin's outfit. It also has a string on the sheath of the blade that can be wrapped around it for easy carrying. The blade is made up of a dense metal but isn't unbreakable. It is sharp but strong enough that up against a normal sword that isn't aided by some type of chakra, it won't break.

History: Shihouin saved up some money and was able to pick it up from a black smith that sells swords to ninja. The sword was given to him after he purchased it and Shihouin has used it every chance he got. He also practices with it most of the time as it is a good sword for ninja use and hopes to become proficient with it.

Appearance: It's a black sword with a black sheath and hilt along with a black cloth that can be tied on the back or waist. The bladed part of the sword is dull gray, but this shouldn't be confused with it's sharpness. It also is dull enough in color that it doesn't reflect light well.

Name of Weapon or Item: Hikakutekishou Shuriken
Owner: Shihouin
Location: In a nin pouch or on his person.
Rank: D

Description/Abilities: These shuriken are smaller than normal shuriken. AN individual can hold quite a few of these in his hands due to size. They are at least 1/4-1/3 smaller than a normal one. Because of this, they can fly quicker and easier, are harder to notice and more flexible to work with. However, the main disadvantage is that they are easy to deflect or counter. If thrown right, a kunai can deflect and counter these without losing it's flight course. Shihouin is no expert with these though.

History: Shihouin picked these up from his old boss when getting some new clothes from his bosses friend. They were a new make of his, and he wanted to give them away since not many people were taking a strong liking to them. They function just like normal ones but are smaller.

Appearance: Like a mini shuriken if you will.

Name of Weapon or Item: Jinteki Jirai
Owner: Shihouin
Location: In a pocket usually. two in his juban/four in his leg pockets/two each in a nin pocket.
Rank: B

Description/Abilities: The Jinteki Jirai is an explosive mine that was Shihouin's secret project. It's a small oval shaped ball with a special seal on the inside of it. The ball is about 8cm and half as wide and is covered in a very thick rare metal. The metal is fragmented on the inside as to not absorb the explosion. Inside of the ball is a thick wad of explosive clay attached to a special fuse. The fuse can either be blown up by knowing the seal for it or a wire trip. The explosive sends out shrapnel and is great for pushing things back, like kunai or shuriken at high speeds. The lethal explosive range is two meters, with three meters beyond that being shrapnel range. The explosive clay is high grade, and delay for a wire trip is about .5 seconds. Lethal blast range has the ability to highly damage thin covered/light armor areas, and usually can render them immobile.

History: Shihouin had been working an explosive since he got his lion summons. Since Sanzen always used doton jutsu on him, he figured that the best way to get her out of the ground was to blow up her tunnels and keep her above ground. He and the old man worked on it together for a while, making sure they had a high grade clay so make a large enough explosion. Production stopped when he began to deal with his father but to his luck it was finished by the old man.

Appearance: A small oval ball, black in color. The ball appears to be very smooth, with only the creator knowing its weak points or how to break it apart without detonation.

Name of Weapon or Item: Special Boots
Owner: Shihouin
Location: Feet
Rank: D

Description/Abilities: These boots are adapted for the footwork of ninja. They are made inside with a special memory foam lined with animal skins and other furs which main function is to absorb motions from the feet. They do not take away all motion, but with the special fur subtle and slight motions are absorbed due to the foam as well. Basically, if Shihouin were to wiggle his toes while wearing these boots it would not be seen. They come with a special grip attachment at the bottom which is black and lined for traction and grip. The special sewing and animal skin composition allows for the boots to be hard to destroy and they do not make sound when wet. The bottom of the inside of the boot is lined with a hard leather foot arch, which allows for the individual to move. Without it, all the feet motion would be mushy and soft due to the fiber and it would be impossible to move with them on. They come in a rounded normal shape or split toe. These boots tie all the way up to the lower shin and come in colors matching his kimono.

History: Shihouin picked these up from his old boss when getting some new clothes from his bosses friend. They were a new make of his, and he wanted to give them away since not many people were taking a strong liking to them. These are specially adapted and custom made to his feet.

Appearance: In theory they sort of look like a cloth version of rain boots.

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PostSubject: Re: Shihouin's Equipment   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:27 pm


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Shihouin's Equipment

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