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 Eiji's Weapons (DONE)

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Osamu Rimaka
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PostSubject: Eiji's Weapons (DONE)   Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:23 am

Name of Weapon or Item: Liar and Deciever
Owner: Eiji Hitomi
Location: On his back
Rank: N/A

Description/Abilities: Both swords (Liar and Deciever) are normal swords with no special abilities. Liar (the sword Eiji weilds in his right hand) is a short sword used for quick strikes and doing small damage with rapid sucession. Deciever is a long sword that is light and easy to manouver. It's main purpose is for defense and slow but powerful strikes. Since both weapons primary use are for attacking Eiji has little defense which can be broken through easily and with enough consistancy. Eiji doesn't always weild both weapons although he does carry both of them at all times. When he is weilding one weapon his other hand is free to defend or for quick attacks. Example: If Eiji is weilding Liar his attacks are quick and rapid doing litle damage while his other hand is free to strike his ppponent or to defend. Obvious exception: Eiji cannot use his hand to guard agianst another weapon.

History: After Eiji became a Genin his father wanted to reward him. Since Eiji loved training and loved swords he figured a sword would be a perfect gift. He went through several ideas for the perfect sword for his son. Only after many many failed attempts Senji found an old design for a weapon. The weapon was meant for his teammate at the time but due to events beyond his control it was never made. Eiji continued to train without knowing what his father was doing. One day after a short training session due to the weather he went to see if his father Senji could help him out with some basic techniques. Upon entering Senji's room he found two swords. One a short sword and the other a long sword. On the handle it was a letter that read: To Eiji congratulations. I love you son. Eiji instantly wnet to weild them. When he did he found that the short sword felt perfect in his right hand and Deciever in his left hand. The names Liar and Deciever come from his father Senji who named them after his former teammates known for their lying and decietful nature.

Appearance: LIAR
Liar is a short sword coated in Bronze. It is small, light and easy to carry around. The handle is only a few inches in lengh and in width. There aren't any special designs for the handle or the sword itself because Senji didn't believe in making a sword to look pretty. He wanted a sword that would get results. The blade is forged from the finest metal around and it's tip is sharp enough to cause bleeding upon contact. The unique thing about this sword is that the left side of the blade is sharp sleek and very smooth while the right side is rough and dull. The design is so that the Eiji can use it to spar without causing any harmful damage to this opponent. The right side can be sharpened and made just as smooth and sleek as the left side. Another reason for the design of one rough side and one sharp is so that if Eiji is ever without the use of his eyes he knows which end to attack with.

Deciever is a long sword but not a typical long sword. It's long but small and curvy shape is used to effectively reach Eiji's opponent in battle. It can also be used for counter attacks. The ball at the end of the handle is made from regular steel and coated in black. The handle has sever grip points on it. The main purpose is to that Eiji can change up his stance with each grip point. The Grip points can also be used to switch the way Eiji holds the sword. (Straight up, out to the side, and with the blade facing the ground). Unlike Liar, Deciever has both sides sharpened and either side can be used to attack. The curve at the very top of the blade was made for the purpose of cutting an opponent even if he/she dodges the first strike. The tip of the blade is not as sharp as Liar's but it can be very effective. The front of the blade is a design by Senji to show his respect for Arabian swords since an Arabian sword was his first sword.
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PostSubject: Re: Eiji's Weapons (DONE)   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:21 pm


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Eiji's Weapons (DONE)

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