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 Hiroshi's gourd

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PostSubject: Hiroshi's gourd   Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:09 pm

Name of Weapon or Item:Water Gourd
Location:On Hiroshi’s back


Natural Abilities: The gourd was bought by Hiroshi, and had seals placed inside it by the Fuuinjutsu masters , in order to allow Hiroshito utilize his water affinity while in Suna. THe gourd itself is unremarkable, except that it seemingly never runs out of water.

Seal Info: Mizu Seal This seal was designed in order to have an ample supply of water at all times without the need to waste chakra on creating it. T he seal itself is quite simple. Any water generated by the Generation Seals is stored in this seal, giving a near infinite supply of water that Hirshos ican use, merely by releasing the seal. This takes an E-Rank amount to srelease the seal, but D-Rank amount to reseal the water. Should the Chakra storage seals be used, the Mizu seal will convert that chakra to water, each seal holding enough chakra to create up to two gourdfuls on their own.

Seal Info: Chakra Storage These seals were designed to supply Hiroshi's Mizu seal with chakra during long periods of fighting. They each hold approximately 1/2 of his chakra, bringing their total up to 100% of his own chakra capacity stored. They cannot be accessed by Hiroshi to restore his chakra, only utilized for the water seal. They each take a full day to charge, so if it runs out, Hiroshi must spend 2 days[500 word topic to recharge] recharging them, one day per seal. This is to ensure he doesnt die from chakra exhaustion. The chakra stored is enough to replenish his gourd 4 times before being fully drained. These are used in times of emergency only, and releasing the seal takes a toll (D-Rank) on Hiroshi chakra capacity.

Seal info:Generation seals Theese seals were devloped and designed to collect moisture from the atmosphere and convert it into water, placing it in the water seal inside Hiroshi gourd, allowing him a near infinite amount of water.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiroshi's gourd   Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:48 pm

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Hiroshi's gourd

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