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 Speedy Prankster

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PostSubject: Speedy Prankster   Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:43 am

People could see a shadow jumping over caps between buildings. The shadow was being chased, by other shadows. And on the street, angry merchants following while screaming with anger in their voices. The shadow was infact a genin, using something that allowed him to move just as fast as a Chuunin. The chase kept up for quite a few minutes. And even made a few of the other shadows(who were Chuunins) quite upset with this little genin. Who was this Genin? It was Kazu Kasai, a prankster who did many things in the time span of the day.

Made the waters in the bath house too hot in the girls bath and too cold in the boys bath. Made prices at food stands way too high by adding like, 5 zeros after the last zero. Replacing real katanas with fake rubber ones. Replacing the noodles in ramen shops with worms. Putting naked pictures of (fake) kunoichis into ninjas post boxes. Kazu was indeed, a prankster. He did quite a bit of pranking in that day. Like putting mud in the salons hair gel. It was fun.

It was only fun because he couldn't find anyone to spar against. He had nothing better to do, nobody was really allowed to leave much, and Kazu decided he needed some fun. As he jumped over another gap and spun around a wall, he jumped upwards, hiding on another level as the chuunin lost track of him. Lucky for him, they didn't appear to have any trackers with them. Kazu slowly and very silently snuck away from the lot of em. He needed to find a place to hide and wait for the heat to fall down.

As he jumped back to the street(away from the angry vendors), he was in the direction of a nice little dumpling shop. He got hungry, like right away. "Time for some grub." he said as he walked in, with his Firefly over his shoulder. "I'd like a package of dumplings please." he said with a smile to the clerk. The clerk handed him the box and he handed over the money. He walked outside and saw a nice little secluded area he could chill around while munching on the dumplings. As he walked over he took out a dumpling and started to eat it. It was good to have these moments. He sat down against a building and watched people pass on by as he sat there eating.
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Çγαηide Çαηdγ ♥

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PostSubject: Re: Speedy Prankster   Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:19 pm

◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘

A small - almost inaudible - yawn escaped from the boy’s lips as he stretched his legs from his sitting position. They then went back to dangling over the edge of the building he was sitting upon. It wasn’t a very tall building; it being just three stories high. However, if you knew Teru well enough, you would know that a three story high building was usually just tall enough to people watch without other’s realizing you’re watching them (or miss any good details, he might add). His blue-green eyes scanned carelessly down at the few people below him. They were angry and agitated; ‘they’ being a group of vendors. One of the boy’s eyebrows rose in slight interest. ‘What has them all antsy pantsy?’ he mused to himself as he attempted to eavesdrop. A woman flailed her arms around with her face beet red. Another tapped her foot impatiently while the man beside her kept shaking his head in a disapproving manner. Then their was also the old man wagging his walking stick in the air while huffing and puffing quite dramatically. Obviously, someone or something had caused the situation but what? It was just a shame Teru found himself unable to pick up what they were saying; their speech being too fast to compute due to their immense irritation. It sounded like frantic gibberish.

Suddenly, the boy found himself being grabbed at and pulled away from his comfortable edge. “Whoa, hey!” he exclaimed; startled and looking to find whoever was doing this to him. “I found him!” a man yelled to his partners then proceeded to glare at Teru. “What the hell are you-” the boy began to start up but was only interrupted by a female. “That’s not him you idiot! Not even close! Are you blind?!” she hissed. The man that had grabbed Teru furrowed his eyebrows and frowned; looking back at the boy with a hard look in his eye. The woman had been absolutely right. “Come on, stupid!” she verbally abused her partner. Another partner behind her let out a muffled snicker. “Sorry, kid.” the man grumbled reluctantly. Without another word, the small group had dashed away across the next door buildings. They were obviously looking for a boy. Was the boy they were looking for somehow had to tie in with the angry vendors? “Interesting.” the blonde haired Gennin concluded having already gotten over the minor incident. It had him thinking of the possibilities. He plopped himself down to street level; aimlessly wandering the area as he continued to think intently of what had happened. It wasn’t his fault he liked people watching so much after all; the things they did, how they reacted, things alike. Teru had always been like this.

As he rounded a corner, unaware of where he had even just gone; something of possible interest came into sight. The area was somewhat secluded, but people could be seen acting as they usually did from the building’s wall. Someone had already discovered that though, for another boy just a few feet away from him sat against the wall; munching on what appeared to be dumplings and watching people. Maybe he knew something? Teru wasn’t one to usually approach people first, but their was some exceptions. He was quite for a moment before finally slinking his way nonchalantly towards the other male. With a small clear of his throat, “So do you know what’s going on, by any chance? Angry vendors and group of ninja jumping around looking for some guy?”

◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘
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PostSubject: Re: Speedy Prankster   Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:15 am

“Bunch of morons...” he muttered under his breath as he saw the same group who had been chasing him, jump right above him, in the opposite direction of where he was. He watched the people walk by, some angry while others seemed to be going on with their daily antics. Kazu was munching on his dumplings as he valued each persons skill level. None of them interested him at all. It was either, ‘too weak’ or ‘not a shinobi’. He wanted someone of a challenge. But alas, he had none of that luck at this current moment. He yawned as he put the last dumpling on the stick in his mouth and pulled it off the stick.

He almost choked on the dumpling when he heard another boys voice coming from a few feet away. He turned his head to see a boy walk towards him, asking what all the hubbub was all about. “Oh! A bunch of pranks just happened in a small area.” he exclaimed with what seemed like pride in his voice. “A bunch of ninjas are chasing a really cool and awesome Genin!” he continued, with what would seem like boasting. He was indeed proud of his work. Was he going to tell this person he’s the one who did it? Maybe, what comes is what comes right? Then Kazu evaluated the boy, seeing if he looked like a possible person to spar against.

Kazu stood up at 6 foot even and looked at the boy. With a shrug he dismissed the idea of sparring him, for now at least. He didn’t wish to draw attention to himself just as he got away from his pursuers. He let the dumpling stick hang in his mouth as he looked over the boy again. “Aight, I’m Kazu Kasai.” said Kazu, as he introduced himself. He wasn’t really one big on introductions. But it was a thing that had to be done. He had his Firefly over his left shoulder. Which didn’t really give him enough time to make a quick get away if they did catch up to him. He looked at the boy again and shrugged. “You a Genin?” he said, with a nonchalant tone. He was full to the brim with pride as a shinobi. And he only looked for skill in his opponents. And sometimes friends.

Kazu never found the time to get friends, only train and battle other shinobi. Which would explain why he wasn’t the most friendly person around. Always thinking about success and how to beat the living crap out of whoever he fought. Kazu spat the stick out of his mouth, and plopped another dumpling into his mouth, nomming it. Mmhmm, sweet dumplings.
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PostSubject: Re: Speedy Prankster   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Speedy Prankster   

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Speedy Prankster

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