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 Associate Of the Faith

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PostSubject: Associate Of the Faith   Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:39 am

Unlike any other day, the skies were clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth like a full summer day; the foliage of the village were blossoming copiously and the grass was a rich velvety green. The people of Konoha rummaged about the village scratching off to-do-lists and running errands like normal. The afternoon sun stalled in the sky around three o’clock and would remain so as if time were only etching by leisurely. There were so many things happening in the village, the ambience of the citizens filled the lower parts of the skies were the building tops were; home to most shinobi on guard they sat atop and watched low for signs of disturbance. As normal, nothing seemed out of commonplace and habits passed traditionally, following the same pattern as they did year round.

The children were leaving schools, ninja and regular primary or secondary school around this time. The hallways pushed them out slowly like a clogged drain. Bottlenecked choke points full of kids burst the seams off the halls, until they spread thin going every direction towards their own home. One student in particular, camouflaged against the rest of his age group walked farthest from the ninja academy to his home situated near the ninja parts of the village. There he’d been instructed to wait around for his eldest sister to arrive to take him the rest of the way home. They would then pick up a younger female sibling on the way and head home to the far parts of the village.

Like a hawk, Shihouin watched from his perch high in the sky. He was sitting tight on one of the buildings overlooking the ninja academy, crouched with his hands on his knees as he followed the child with his eyes. He pushed up, squeezing his quadriceps and leg muscles slightly as he stood and moved in proportion, keeping proper distance. His target was none other than the child himself. After reading the history of Jashin, he realized that the target given to him on the scroll was given to him for a reason. Jashin…Jashin, he thought. Was this guy really a god, an omnipotent power which had been dwelling under his knowledge for all this time? He had no clue to whether or not he could trust this, “Lord Jashin,” but he knew that he was completing this mission, and therefor had a mustard seedling of faith him.

As the child moved closer to the ninja-parts of the village, Shihouin took quickly to the staircase of the building. Twisting the cold metal handle of the door, he swung it open and casually footed his way down the staircase until he reached the bottom. It’d give the child plenty of time to reach the designated area, while he would casually stroll up and take him elsewhere. To ensure that Nasamea would not find out a lick about anything, he had forced a couple of orders through, forcing her team to be occupied with an unexpected mission. Using his Sharingan the process had been all too easy and left no trace. It would seem as of the secretary had made some type of error. She wouldn’t even know who had come in and told her to make such an order and to execute it. If asked, she would easily explain that she had made a mistake. She would then follow up and send a team out to fix her error, but by the time they’d gotten word the child would be long gone. Nasamea may look for him, but would probably assume he had got tired of waiting and left on his own accord.

Nearing the bottom of the hotel building he had passed through, he walked uncannily through the hotel’s lobby, citizens moving out from him as if he were some pariah and clearing their way for him. His mask had been worn, the bottom half of a skull decorated it, shades to cover his eyes and the rest covering hair and face. Attired in all black, he strolled as if he were the messenger of death himself, only needing a scythe and cloak to complete the guise. Each boot lightly clicked on the hard sidewalk as he walked down the corner towards the block across from him. The boy was waiting near a bus stop. Safety area? He thought, of course Nasamea would do that. There he could scream and holler if something unfortunate were to happen.

Looking both ways, Shihouin spotted a small gap in the flow of traffic. He found a small break between a horse-led shopping cart and a row full of professional bikers. Squeezing through the gap by squeezing a tiny bit of speed out of his legs, he stepped up from the curb and walked up to the boy. At first he didn’t recognize the looming ninja, seemingly out of place here with the rest of the civilians next him. He was playing with some toy, enjoying himself as his tiny legs dangled back and forth, unable to reach the ground. Shihouin pulled his black-gloved hand from his pocket and moved his shades up, showing his three tomoe as he tapped the child lightly on the shoulder. Of course, like all civilians his attention snapped right towards his eyes. “Come with me. Your big sister is late and she wants me to take you and your little to my house. She’ll come by and pick you up there.” Caught into a powerful gaze, he complied and slightly nodded his head. Shihouin smiled as he put the shades back in their correct position. He grabbed the child by the waist and hoisted him up over his tall body, situating him on his shoulders. “You like piggy back rides?” The child assumed everything was normal. “Yeah!!” Shihouin grinned evilly. “Hold on.” As if a burst of wind had come from nowhere, Shihouin’s image had disappeared from the untrained sight of the citizens. The child had not even realized that they had been launched several meters in the air, only that he strained to hold on to his neck.

Atop the building, the scared boy opened his large eyes to a fast moving world. Shihouin did not let up on speed and utilized the Shunshin to the fullest ability. Using influence ANBU he had made sure that no patrol –be it normal or ANBU- would be in the areas he was in for the next five minutes only. He continued to go as fast as he could propel chakra through his legs to keep wandering eyes from realizing that the flash of black had actually been two people. Expelling a decent amount of chakra for shunshin had been difficult with the child’s weight to account for, but they easily covered a distance of 100 meters in very little time, seconds if not that. Shihouin would arrive near a forested area, a part of the village. A small wooden out home had been situated there, deep within the forest.

They arrived quickly, landing and skidding to a halt as Shihouin crouched down and let the boy back on to solid ground. He adjusted the straps on his backpack, holding them as he looked up towards Shihouin’s towering figure. “So, is this your house?” Walking towards the door, he jiggled the doorknob and rattled a key inside of it. With entry, he walked into the cozy little large one room shack. “Yeah.” He said, showing him to a small couch. “You could say that. We really don’t have houses for the division of ninja I am in. We live there, sort of like daycare except you live there. Get it?” The boy sat down on a loveseat, making himself comfortable as he eyed his new surroundings.

The shack was not that large, but large for one room. Lined up around the walls were several thing; a fireplace which was made entirely of petrified wood to match the authentic wooden housing, and a shelf full of other chemicals and stuff. There was a tub which was out of place, and it didn’t look like it would function. There were a plethora of objects scattered on a table and a small kitchen area with a fridge and some other things; a closet which remained closed and a TV for decoration. Shihouin moved towards the fridge and pulled on the cold white handle, opening the freezer. “Yo kid you like ice cream?” The kid looked up, wide eyed and smiled. “Yeah! Do you have chocolate?” Shihouin reached in a small drawer near the sink. Wrapping a long finger around the knob he pulled it open. A rolling vial of some silver-black powder jostled around in the empty wooden drawer. Reaching in, he grabbed the vial and placed it on the counter top properly. Turning his back to the vial he rummaged through the cabinets and pulled out a bowl, then a nice large silver spoon and a gallon of ice cream, colored in chocolate. He curled the scooper into the ice cream and rounded out three circular scoops, dropping each of them into the bowl. He placed the silver spoon neatly into one of the ice cream balls and grabbed the vial which he’d taken from the dresser. “Do you take sprinkles? I have some if you want.” The child didn’t hesitate to answer. “Sure, yeah! As much as I’m allowed to have.”

A small white cap screwed easily off of the vial in one revolution. He gripped the cap and placed it on the counter as to not lose it, even though he wouldn’t need it. Pouring the silver-black powder on the ice cream, he sprinkled 1000mg of it on top of the ice cream balls, coating them in a thick layer of what seemed to be black snow. He screwed back on the lid, conserving a small smidge of remaining powder. Reopening the drawer he placed the arsenic alone with some other miscellaneous objects and closed it back into darkness.

The child moved without question and approached the counter top as Shihouin handed him the ice cream. He gripped the large, cold bowl with both hands, cupping it securely to prevent the treasure from wasting. Moving back to the sofa next to his backpack, he sat down and grabbed a throw pillow, placing it in his lap and then set the ice cream on top. Meanwhile Shihouin held the remote, flipping through to channels until he found some suitable show he could laugh at. Was this appropriate? His mind fell on the history of Jashin that he had read. Should he use arsenic to poison the child? He could’ve simply just killed him and let it be. He figured this would be the easiest way, using the poison to prevent him from kicking and screaming. 1000mg of tasteless and odorless poison administered into a small boy. After a few scoops he’d be feeling it.

At first he didn’t notice. He simply spooned a big glob of ice cream into the silverware and ate the poison without notice. He swallowed and then moved on to another bite, until he had eaten one entire ball of ice cream in about fifty or so seconds. Leaning up against the counter with folded arms, his head was painted towards the TV but his actual gaze had been on the little boy. Each spoonful… he was inhaling the ice cream at an alarming rate. He didn’t even realize what he had been doing, literally killing himself with each bite. As he neared the third ball, he consumed a small bite and then stopped. He sat the spoon down and rested his head on the sofa. He let out a sigh as he blinked hard and long, rolling his head as he moaned slightly. “Sir… I have a headache do you have any aspirin?” It was working. “I don’t know about giving you aspirin, but I’m sure you just ate too fast. Take a break and come back to it, there’s more ice cream in there if you want some later on.” Moving the ice cream bowl from his lap he put it on top of a small lampstand next to the cough. His symptoms began to progress faster. Blood rushed through his body quicker than normal, and the pigmentation in his fingernails were changing color as if he were a chameleon. He doubled over and clutched his stomach with odd color fingernails. “I don’t feel so good, where’s my sister?” “She’s on her way, don’t worry just lie back and breathe.”

Unfortunately none of that would work. His body began to lurch about uncontrollably as he had a fit of spasms and convulsions; low guttural sounds of his saliva gurgling in the back crept in the corners of the room and echoed around the entire house. His eyes rolled swiftly in the back of his head, the whites showing and twitching and red veins pulsed. As if he had a fit of rigor mortis, his body froze into a position, his hands, feet and legs twisted into an awful position as if he was mentally handicap. A stream of chocolate saliva dripped from his mouth heavily, and his lungs began to pulse up and down. His blood pressure dropped dramatically until it was no more, and his frozen body slumped out of his fit, lying on the ground. Shihouin turned the TV to the news, turning the volume up. Luckily since there were no open windows in the home he could do this in absolute privacy.

Reaching for his pocket he grabbed some basic knives and kunai that were standard material for shinobi. This would need to be done in secret and disposed of properly. Luckily this child wasn’t a grown man and was very small. Reaching over towards his body, Shihouin took a kunai to his clothes and sliced them off, discarding them into the fireplace. Shoes, shirt, shorts, and even undergarments were all disposed of and placed in the fireplace for burning later. Dragging the bare child across the floor, he placed it into the cold tub, with his neck near the drain. He took some of the kunai and knives and began. One knife went directly into is jugular and neck, a three inch cut which would let the blood from his brain flow out and the blood from his body flow out as well. Grabbing the dead boy by the arm, he turned him sideways and placed one in between his back, cutting major arteries like the vena cava in his back. The body began to bleed out, and it would probably take about a few more minutes. Even though the child looked dead he had only been in a coma, his body still pumping… for now.

Reaching over to the side of the tub he grabbed a pile of stacked buckets and some gallon jugs of what seemed to be water. He un-stacked the hazard waste buckets, leaving no finger prints on anything. As the boy finished bleeding out, Shihouin took a sharp, but large knife and began to work, removing the blades from his body. He finished removing the head, cutting roughly through his neck. Veins and bone lingered, and shook with the flesh and skin as he moved on. The chest would be the biggest issue. Technically his entire chest could fit in one of the large buckets, but it would be a difficult one to cut through. Due to this he decided to start with eh arms. Using a sharper blade, he pressed the flat ends under the armpits and cut up, sliding through the bone with a tug of pressure from the hardness of the blade. The same went for the other arm, until he had been left armless. He left the body parts in the tub to continue bleeding out he moved on to the lower parts.

Lifting one leg up like a baby, he sliced the knee caps roughly, very roughly, struggling to get through the thick ligaments and bones and the cap itself. He did the same for each leg. Using the same knife, he removed the feet attached to the legs, above the ankle to make cutting through solid bone a bit easier. Deciding to sever the thighs and abs down the center horizontally, he cut low underneath the abs to separate them. Each slice was rough; this art of the body barely gave. Maybe after a total of ten minutes he had separated the two. This left him with eight body parts, plenty. Each bucket had a place. One held a head, one held one arm, one held both feet, so on and so on, leaving eight boxes. The water like gallon jugs were actually bleach, an agent which would hide the smell and clean up the waste of blood. Pouring it neatly over the tub, he washed the blood away, and rinsed with water and washed it again in bleach. He poured two more gallons down the drain, chasing all the blood away. After that, he took the extra bleach and filled each bucket with bleach, allowing the body parts to float mid-level if they could. This would help destroy some of the atomic makeup of the body parts and further oxidation. It wouldn’t decompose quickly, but by the time these packages reached their intended target, they would be in an almost unrecognizable state. He secured the lids on each bucket, and one by one brought outside and sat them twenty meters away from the home.

As planned, a Chuunin ninja squad had arrived; using henge quickly, he henged into his normal outfit to hide the minor splatter of blood that would have been noticeable. Shihouin faced them, as they arrived. One of them spoke out. “What’d you need us for?” Shihouin smiled as he looked them in the eye one at a time, hypnotizing them with the Sharingan. “You’ll take these buckets and wash them up, and don’t open them. After two hours you will take them to Nasamea Kinzoku’s home. You will deliver them there and leave them soiled in your own finger prints. If anyone asks you why, say you were delivering them because you were instructed to do so by the postal service, anything beyond that you are unaware of. I also want you to burn down this house with fire ninjutsu. If anyone questions why, say the training fields were filled and you found this spot. To make it look authentic I want you to train about 30m away from this position to make it appear as if your jutsu hit on accident. Make sure everything burns. There gasoline in the house. Use it if you need it. Forensics won’t question gasoline in a house outback, its used for outdoors cooking, anyone would have it if they were out here living. Got it?” They nodded submission, and began to move thirty meters away taking the body parts with them. For now, Shihouin moved on towards the village holding his henge as he traveled underground to his home. He would meet with the fellow tonight hopefully and possibly celebrate his success on becoming a beginner in the faith.
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Associate Of the Faith

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