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 For Lord Jashin

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PostSubject: For Lord Jashin   Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:39 pm

The thin gray layer of smog veiled the sky of the Eastern parts of the village and stretched out over all of the Leaf. In every direction the murky layer of pollution coughed up in all corners of the village, tinting the happy color into a duller, saddened blue. Specks of sunlight burst through the smog, punching holes through it as beams of light fell on random spots on buildings and sidewalks and notches of foliage used to decorate the village. The yellow tint sun reflected the majority of its light off of the gray smog, tinting it in a slightly metallic light which made the metropolis look more industrialized. Pollution was not fairly common in such a village, but lately the winds had avoided the Leaf and would continue so for a few days.

It was a time of great success and pleasure. The air here was cold and musty, sweaty smelling and mucus like. No air blew through the alley way and the stagnant puddles of water stood still as if they were sleeping. All types of larvae and bugs took resting place to the slumbering waters and bred feverously, enjoying the perfect conditions of life. There were large cardboard boxes stacked high like a child’s fort, some boxes made of scrapped ply wood with large cracks of woodchips blistering them. Trashcans had been overturned, contents spilling out puddles of useless bones, papers and other common household items. They lay to the side ready to be invaded again by creeping animal or homeless human.

Walking through the alleyway, Shihouin looked down towards the end and spotted a sleeping homeless fellow. He was lying atop an old bent mattress, warped and twisted from being bent in large trash dumps. He wore several layers of multi colored clothing and even though the air was thick and muggy, when the temperature dropped at night it would become hard and frigid, chilling him to his bones. His bare feet poked out of busted tennis shoes, yellow nails poking in jagged directions due to lack of hygiene. Shihouin walked surly, with the bluster of a mad man. He crept towards his body and pulled out a kunai from his pocket. He didn’t hesitate as he threw it down with pinpoint accuracy on the man’s neck, forcing him out of his sleep. Before he could scream muffled cries, he pressed down on the knife, impaling it through vitals and letting him die slowly.

He thought to himself while he watched the innocent die. Am I really going to get rewarded for killing people? Does Jashin… Lord Jashin, does he appreciate such behavior? Is this allowed? Shihouin moved away from the scene of the crime with haste, as much as he did not mind being caught and or being punished, it was time he found a concealed spot to meet his stranger-friend yet once again. There were some issues to be discussed, one primarily being the issue of his power. Until now he had felt no gain or increase in power at all. As his atheist mind flurried, the seedling of faith began to struggle to grow. Where was Lord Jashin?

Later on that night, the quiet solemn skies parted in way of the face of the moon. Her face shining brightly, she covered the village in soft silver light which glistened off of the many buildings in the village. Twilight was a perfect setting for such characters to arrive in secret. Unbeknownst to himself, Shihouin walked through the village unnoticed during the night fall. He had not recognized the lower ninja had walked past him as if they had not seen him at all. They did not notice him nor did they sense him. They walked as if he was not there.

This tickled a thought in his brain. In order to bring about that masked man again, Shihouin would need to learn some techniques by Jashin. He had not yet learned any and he had to sacrifice in Jashin’s name at least twice more before hoping to see the masked demon. Since the low rank guard had not noticed him despite being within two meters, Shihouin tailed behind him, mirroring him in mannerisms and his footsteps. His training in ANBU had afforded him abilities… and he used him. After about five minutes of walking, Shihouin quickly reached for the ninjato on his back, unsheathing it. He swung cleanly, right as the neck of the C rank genin. A bifurcated head lay flat on the ground, along with a body. Shihouin would leave the mess for someone else.
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PostSubject: Re: For Lord Jashin   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:04 pm

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For Lord Jashin

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