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 Akegatas Personalize Samurai Gear

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PostSubject: Akegatas Personalize Samurai Gear   Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:01 am

Name of Weapon or Item:
Location:Head or Sealing Scroll

Description/Abilities: This mask first has the very handy ability of being able to protect the head. Namely from blunt force trauma to the head found in falls and the like, or if say large rocks were thrown at it. It does not nullify such things, and is capable of being scratched and niched etc, but it softens these blows. It also has the capability of stopping such things as steel weapons from being able to cut through it and it would take some special property of the weapon in question to cut through it. Beyond that it has two special attributes which have many properties which are focused on the mouth and eye guards.

The mouth guard, which is made of a rubbery material, strictly serves for one purpose, to purify. It is set up to allow the user to continue being able to breathe under virtually any circumstance. This being that it can both purify poisoned air, and filter water into breathable substance for the lungs and body to run off of. To breathe underwater, a simple D rank amount of chakra must be contributed per post while underwater. For poisoned air the user must donate a rank of chakra to the guard equal to the poison. It will happen on its own automatically if this is not done due to negligence and will drain chakra equal to a rank above the rank of the poison (S + C For S rank poisons).

The eye gourd are made of a thick glass. They are only capable of blocking things like kunai, shuriken, and senbon. All other weapons would be able to shatter them. On the Outside they are tinted blue and reduce the glare of the sun which aids in the use of scouting and work with the bow. It also has different settings that can be manifested with the contributions of chakra which produce beneficial effects. The first being heat vision which will allow the wearer to determine hot and cold things by sight alone. This takes a D rank amount of chakra every two posts and upon activation. It can also be switched to a green based night vision which allows the user to see things in dark areas as though it was day with the side effect of everything being a shade of green and sever loss of clarity. This costs the same as the heat vision. Also with the same D rank cost, the user can switch to a gray type site where everything takes just basic shape and the whole world looks like it is made out of gray putty (clay), and white lines and blurs. The thing white lines are magnetic fields around people and all electronics or electricity of any kind that is generated as electromagnetism. White blurs show the paths of electricity itself and is much more intense then the thing lines. It is X ray vision to a very limited to extent and only shows the things listed. Also it can be switched to gamma ray vision for a C rank amount of chakra every two posts. This allows the user to see all forms of energy as brilliant shades of colors. Including chakra. However it is not capable of refined imagery and comes as blurry swathes of light, almost like flame, and everything else becomes like drawings on a blackboard, only outlined in white. However it can give the user a rust guesstimate as to how much of what energy is being produced is present.

History: This was one of Akegata's requested rewards for one of his first missions outside of being a samurai, when he was freelancing work. He did work for a technologically advanced nation which he will never disclose the identity of which tinkered with his samurai helmet and gave it great enhancements. Granted he did have to sacrifice a large amount of pay for the extremely difficult job, but it has paid of considerably since. It has taken some time to figure out all the gadgets and gizmo's as they gave him no instruction manual, but eventually he did and was most pleased with the payment.


Name of Weapon or Item: Azure Samurai Suit
Owner: Akegata
Location: Worn or Sealing Scroll
Rank: C

Description/Abilities: Just a normal Samurai Uniform made of scale plates to be durable yet light based on the layering of thinner sheets of metal and tunic material for wear. Can not be pierced by basic weapons at the metal sheets part but has several defendable openings of pure tunic that are easily penetrated. The metal can be pierced or otherwise cut through providing special attributes are specified that would allow a weapon to do so.

History: This is just the armor he took with him when he defected from the Iron Country. However its look has been somewhat modified and it is lighter then other samurai armor, making him faster then they, and was dyed blue and is 100% unique and recognizable.

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PostSubject: Re: Akegatas Personalize Samurai Gear   Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:07 am

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Akegatas Personalize Samurai Gear

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