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 Delivery girl~ HANA KURODA

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PostSubject: Delivery girl~ HANA KURODA   Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:02 pm

Name: Delivery Boy/Girl Wanted
Rank: D
Custom Or generic: Generic
Participants: Gennin or Gennin Team (Jounin not required)
Primary: Complete a delivery to the shinobi apartments

Secondary: Be sure to make to the shop and complete the delivery in 45 minutes

Description: Ming's delivery boy had just called in sick on a moment's notice and he is now in need of your help. Ming has no time to find another replacement due to the fact that the order has already been made and he has a new policy "If we don't deliver your meal in 45 minutes, your meal is free" so you need to make it there in record time to finish the delivery before time's up or he will not be paid for the meal.
ETFC IC: 45 minutes OOC: 24 hours


Hana awoke with a mild headache. She groaned and made her way to the kitchen from her bedroom. She pulled out a small pill bottle with her own label over an older label. It read, "Hana's pain away." Basically she had used an older pill bottle and just re used it. She pulled two pills out and then grabbed a small, clear glass from her cupboard to her right. She closed her fist over the pills and turned the faucet on with only her fist.

She held the glass up under the flowing water. It was cool and she watched with disinterest as it filled. It was a few centimeters from the top when she pulled it away and turned the faucet off the same way she turned it on. She put the pills in her mouth and forced them to the back of her throat with her tongue. Then she took a gulp of her water. The pills went down quickly.

She then went to sit back down on her bed. She walked slowly to the bedroom before there was a knock on the door. Her head pounded. She groaned again and headed for the door. A Ninja, most likely one of the Hokage's messengers stood there. He worldessly handed her a note. He nodded his head at her and said, "Read it immediately," before he left.

Hana closed the door behind him moodily. She then looked at the note and hoped it wasn't a mission. She honestly didn't want one with that headache. She read through it and sighed. A mission. It wasn't anything interesting either. It was a lowly D-rank.

At least she didn't have to go to the administration building to talk about the mission and get the details. With D ranks it was usually boring and useless. This mission had to be done within less than an hour. She quickly rushed to her room and put her ninja clothes on.
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PostSubject: Re: Delivery girl~ HANA KURODA   Sun May 01, 2011 12:25 am

Once she was dressed she quickly read the address over. She gasped. Ming's delivery was on the other side of Konoha! She needed to hurry if she wanted to make it there and to the delivery within forty five minutes. She wanted to pull her hair out in frustration. Stupid, damn, idiotic, delivery boy for skipping out on his work. Making genin like herself have to take his place.

She quickly ran through the city rushing towards the address. She grumbled about the guy that didn't show up for work the whole time. "I wish I could just skip it, but I want to make chunin and need every mission I can right now..." she told herself as she jumped from building to building.

She grumbled as the wind went through her hair. The wind was nice and made her hot head feel better. Though she was annoyed at the headache and well, everything in general. She was nearing the shop where she needed to be. The whole time only took six minutes.

She rushed inside. The man at the counter looked at her and his lip curled.
"You better be fast kiddo," he told her. He then handed her the package with the food in it and nodded for her to take off and leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Delivery girl~ HANA KURODA   Sun May 01, 2011 1:15 am

Hana grabbed the food and rushed off to deliver it. She looked at the address. So it was in one of the neighborhoods by the hokage's building? That was fine. That would only take her twenty minutes. Well as long as she didn't run into anything that stopped her.

She rushed through the village. She made sure not to drop the food. She had it in both hands and was gripping it tightly. She dashed through the streets and grinned. She had only been running for ten minutes and she was making excellent time.

Though she watched as three children chased a cat into an alley. She groaned. One thing she hated was abuse to animals. This would take some time. She rushed into the alleyway behind them and growled. "You little brats! What the hell do you think you're doing treating that poor defenseless cat that way? HUH?!" she took about ten minutes of lecturing before she finished. The cat was long gone by then and the kids ears would be bleeding if that was possible.

Hana then rushed again towards the house where she needed to deliver. She had wasted twenty six minutes already. She didn't have time for anything else. She needed to get there! She rushed as fast as she could. She really wished she was faster than this. She made a mental note to try to do some more training.

She finally got there and knocked on the door within another ten minutes. The man at the door smiled and paid for the food. "Thank you miss," he told her. Hana smiled. Not because of his thank you but because her headache was now gone. The medicine had finally kicked in and she was blissfully happy.

She rushed back to the place she had started at. Ming's delivery service. She made it back within fifteen minutes of running on the rooftops. It saved her five minutes. Hana grinned at the owner. He smirked. "Looks like you aren't useless after all."

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PostSubject: Re: Delivery girl~ HANA KURODA   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Delivery girl~ HANA KURODA   

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Delivery girl~ HANA KURODA

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