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 Blaize First Mission: Trash Pick-Up

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PostSubject: Blaize First Mission: Trash Pick-Up   Sun May 08, 2011 6:30 pm

"Trash Pick-up: Can We Clean It? Yes We Can!"

Shinobi Dispatched:
Ryuzaki, Blaize


“Alright guys you know what you have to do. We have been assigned to help clean out the streets of Konoha. After the weekend there sure of been a lot of parties going down. It is a heavy load and since it is spring we expect more trash to come in. We are the first unit to go out and clean these streets. The second and third units will move in after we have done our sweep of the town. Now everyone is to work in each of their sections. The sections you are responsible to cover have already been instructed to you. For example, our new helper, Blaize here is covering the area surrounding the academy and the local beach in that area. Remember once you are done with your section to report here and dump out your trash. The second unit will be here in three hours. You have to finish in an hour to finish. Everyone understand? Good. Now Scatter!”

The leader of the first unit has spoken as everyone started to nod. Everyone had their own clothing except the pick and bag that was given to them. As well as a belt for holding onto the pick if the person is needed to use two hands for something.. Blaize Ryuzaki was given a mission and even if this mission was not of action, he would do what he can. Everything can be a lesson, at least in his eyes. He just needs to learn what lesson he is learning from this. He also gave a nod to the unit leader as he jumped off into his pre-designated area. His area was the academy and then the beach. He wondered why he was given different section instead of two sections that are close to each other. It could be that the academy was closed and they have less garbage but the beach was open to the public and that had the most trash. It could be a weird way to maintain balance. To make the people in the unit feel as if they can complete a tough job it will be no sweat for an easy one that is right ahead of them, or vice versa whatever the case maybe. As he was then traveling to the academy he started to see the outer gates of the academy where the outside park was. As he started to land on the ground he started to walk more to the direction of the academy. Once the vision got clearer he started to look at the scene as he stopped in his tracks and let his pick go as the only words he caught himself saying was. “Ohh man you got to be freaking kidding me? Right!?”

As he said that he started to sigh the whole outside area of the academy was filled with garbage. He saw wrappers, plastic plates, forks, spoons, cans, foil, and all other items out here in the area. He started to wonder how this was so. “The academy was closed on weekend’s right?” He started to pick up his pick as he then noticed there was a fly on the ground. It was actually right below the pick. He started to pick it up as he un-crumbled it and started to read what the contents where inside of the flyer. It started to read.

Quote :
“We can now Welcome the Warm Weather Celebration.”We will be hosting a cookout in the park right behind the Konoha academy. …”

Blaize did not want to read it anymore. He already knew what had happened. It was a party, a party in which not many people cared about what they did. They just started to place garbage and stuff on the ground. He started to look at all the garbage and then he started to shake his head. He looked down to a piece of foil on the ground as he started to stab it and then he started to twist the foil.

“If I don’t clean it no one will, so much for easy.” He said as he then started to pierce his pick down at some of the other garbage. When he had a good amount of trash on his pick he started to move his arm and then used his hand to open the bag and then with his other used the pick to throw away the trash in a garbage bin. He started to place his stick back on the ground and walked forward and then started to repeat the process. The focus of cleaning was now starting to be on his brain when he picked at the food and trash and place them all in the bag. It did take him longer then what he estimated to clean the place but eventually he got the back of the school done. There were a lot of them that his bag was almost halfway full. He started to feel himself sweat. He then started to raise his hands and then whipped his forehead. He then started to carry the garbage and headed towards the direction of the school. In order to find out what more was there to clean.

It did not take that long to look for more trash. There really was not as many as the park behind the school. ”I guess the reason must be the place was actually locked for the weekend and there was not many reasons to go near a school during the weekend. Unless of course your having a party.” As he finished his last sweep locking for more trash he did not really find anything else. Your occasional trash yes but not as much as when he started. He started to pack up his stuff as he then started to jump to the local roof and then locked at the place from a higher angle. “I think I have done great, at least I hope so. I have already wasted too much time here. I guess I need to move out before the time is up and the unit needs to retreat. He started to get up as he then started to jump to another building as he then started to head to the direction of water. The direction of the beach was his next location. He already wasted thirty minutes on this location

One his way he saw some of the other volunteers cleaning and sweeping the streets and local places. He started to smile as he could not help so many people were working together to help maintain the village. I mean yes normal ninja are used for combat but for this purpose is used to help maintain the shine and cleans that is the village hidden in the leaves. Well with his positive attitude he reached the beach. This was his second location to investigate. He started to look over and smile at the layout of the beach. Yes there was some trash that was near the vendor’s stand nearby, but most of the beach shown its shine and has not rusted from the bad trash. Even so there was some trash there that needed his attention. He started to walk inside of the beach location and scouted around at some of the garbage. As soon as some of the garbage was visible he made his way towards the garbage scene. He started to pick on the garbage as he then brought it up to his bag. Unfortunately no matter how hard he tried he tried some of the sand was falling into the bag. He tried not to over and over again but, unfortunately he had no choice but to go on and continue his work. The sun was beaming on him now. Time has defiantly passed and it was almost time to finish his work. He started to wonder how fast he would have gotten if he had more people. Maybe more people like him.

“Too bad I can’t use a clone jutsu. They don’t do the work that we do. Maybe someday I can create a jutsu or learn a jutsu to make multiples of myself, maybe just a jutsu to move objects at will. Maybe someday I can do that but for now I am almost…done!” He said as he finally got the last piece of the garbage he needed to collect. He started to place the last piece of the garbage in his bag as he zipped it up. He started to yawn. Mid day was coming soon and now that this was done many people will probably be on lunch break and start the cycle again. He started to sigh as he thought about how the cycle needed to be repeated but then again there is not changing much that has been set for many many years now. All we can do now is adapt. He started to secure his equipment and then started to head for the direction of the sanitation building’s rendezvous point. There he will be able to put away the trash and let the next shift get ready for some more clean up. He walked out of the beach and then started to jump up to the nearest rooftop and headed back. He started to feel a bit more sluggish. The trash he collected was starting to effect his traveling. Guess he needs to work on training more on his strength in order for him to endure how much of a change in weight he has to adapt to. This could be related to something like if his comrade is hurt and he needs transport. Blaize would not want to be slower and lower his pace if he was weak. “Look at this. On a mission like this and already I am thinking of various missions that could involve me in dangerous situations. Guess I have to optimistic thoughts in my head” He said as he finally reached the building’s rooftop.

There were other people there. He started to land on the ground as the leader was waiting for the last couple of people to show up. Blaize started to look at everyone else’s stuff. They have been carrying a lot of garbage as well, all to be brought back here. They all did their share in order to keep this place clean. For whatever the reason, being they were volunteering, a mission, or if they had real passion for the place. Everyone here can say they did something that benefited the land today. As he was thinking of this the leader started to clear his throat as the last person arrived to the point. “So everyone has done their job today. I want to say good work to each and every one of you here. For your service you make Konoha clean for another day. Everyone has been working so hard so I will keep this short and sweet. I want everyone to place your bags in this large bin over here and the picks and the belt over on the other side. Once you have done that and your mission will be completed. For those sent here from the administration please come see me afterwards to obtain your card of completion and return it to the administration building to show proof that you have completed your tasks. Thank you everyone for finishing on time and enjoy the rest of the day.”

Blaize Ryuzaki did what he was instructed to do. He started to take off his bag and walk over to the area that he had to drop off his equipment. He started to take off his belt and pick and place them on in their appropriate places. He then started to take his garbage bag and placed it in the location he was told to. He started to right in relief as he then started to raise his hand and stretched. Only to be looked at by another worker and was asked to move so that man can place his stuff there. Blaize nodded and stepped aside. He then started to walk over to the leader of the unit as the man looked at him and waited for Blaize to response. Blaize did response, right after he bowed him with respect.

“It was good to work with you and your team today sir. Even though I only worked for a few hours I have learned to appreciate what you and your team does for Konoha. In your own way you keep Konoha the way it is and we all benefit from it. I really do hope that whatever strives you to do what you guys do, to not let that go to waste.”

The man looked at Blaize as he then started to smile and then bowed back in respect. He then started to wait his turn and let Blaize finished speaking what he was speaking. He then waited for his chance to speak and then started to clear his throat giving him his response. “You are right, you have not seen much of what we can do. Today only shows you a glimpse of what we do here. Although you have only seen a glimpse, you have already learn to appreciate what we do around here. For that I thank you for such words and I and the rest of the team do take it to heart. We are glad we get people like you here to help with that positive attitude. You know, if I had to deal with a negative person who keeps talking a lot. Well let’s just say it would be better if that person did not have a tongue, or maybe even tape their mouth shut. Sorry my friend I got sidetrack. I must give you your respect for what you have done. Learning that the academy has a good amount of garbage must have amazed you when you noticed that people where there. Yea that is what we are going to have to look forward to now that the warm weather is here. We may need to ask for you for more assistance. You seem like a good kid and were very willing to help us out. For that I thank you and hope you will be available for helping our when we need you to. Ryuzaki Blaize I thank you for your service today and I want you to take this card. It proves you have done your work. Now go on now to claim what you deserve and enjoy yourself a nice rest. Don’t you agree?”

Blaize looked up at the man and then started to nod. That did sound very good. After what he had to do a good power nap seems to be in order for this mission’s success. He took the ticket from the man and thanked him. He started to say goodbye as he then started to walk to the edge of the building. He started to look over at the man and then waved to him as he started to jump down the rooftop to another rooftop lower than the first one. He then started to jump to another rooftop in the direction of the administration building. With his card at hand the mission was now over. The only thing he needs to do now before the long awaited power nap is to report the completion of his mission.

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PostSubject: Re: Blaize First Mission: Trash Pick-Up   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:14 pm

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Blaize First Mission: Trash Pick-Up

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