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 Gone fishin'

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PostSubject: Gone fishin'   Mon May 09, 2011 2:35 am

Name: Fishing Derby
Rank: D
Custom Or generic: Generic
Participants: x1 or x3 Genin [Jounin not required]
Description: Konohagakure is having its annual fishing derby and the invitations to attend the event have been sent out all around the world (to what little nations are left anyway). It is your job to attend the fishing derby and catch as many fish as you possibly can in order to win the competition and uphold Konoha's winning streak over the sea nations. Konoha has won for the past 50 years so this competition is huge. To make things even more interesting, the village has even thrown in a rare golden trout they have been raising. There more in their stocks so they feel they can let go of at least one to make the competition interesting. By catching the golden trout you automatically win but don't forget you will be facing roughly 50 other attendees. So go go go! Time is running out!

[Fishing poles and other supplies areprovided at the welcome area of the large lake]

*Note: It is near impossible to catch the Golden Trout so dazzle us with creativity.

Primary: Catch at least 50 fish before 24 hours

Secondary: Catch the rare Golden Trout of Konoha
ETFC IC: 24 hours, OOC: 5 Days


Hana awoke with a grin. On her calendar marked the competition. She had been given this mission a month ago and had been practicing at least an hour every day fishing at Konoha lake. She grinned. Today was the day of her mission. She knew she’d be able to catch at least twenty fish. Though if she could use more than one fishing pole she’d be able to catch even more fish.

She got dressed in her fishing gear. She had a cap, and some khaki shorts as well as a blue tank top. She kept a pair of sandals on and tied her hair up then put her cap on. She grinned and began walking towards Konoha lake. Her heart was racing with excitement.

Once at the lake she signed in at the welcome area where she grabbed three fishing poles. After all there weren’t any rules that said she could only use one. Then she went to go sit on the shore. In a shady spot where she always sat. She swore that place was lucky. Because there was a spot that was really deep only a few meters out from the shore. There the fish enjoyed hiding close to the shore yet not close to the surface. Hana used rocks to hold up the poles so she could watch when she got nibbles. After baiting the hooks she threw all three into the water.

She then sat back and waited for the fish to start hitting. She had a whole day to wait for the fish to start. She hoped that they would start soon though. She wished that they would be hitting constantly all day but she knew that the fish only hit around six o clock, in the morning, and then late at night. Though she had a plan for later.
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PostSubject: Re: Gone fishin'   Mon May 09, 2011 11:38 am

Throughout the day Hana caught fish with determination. She had two more poles than usual and was able to catch more fish than usual. She was constantly busy. She even lost a few fish at points. Like at some points she was busy reeling one in when another fish would steal the bait on another hook. By lunchtime she had about twenty fish. Though now the fish would stop hitting as much.

Lunchtime was when the fish slowed down till you were lucky to catch one fish every two hours. It was such a pain. Hana was thinking of ways to catch the amazing golden trout. She was sitting in thought when she got a nibble. She quickly picked up her pole and slowly began to reel it in. But sadly the fish knew how to work with hooks. He took the bait and left.

Hana growled and put some more bait on the pole. Then she waited. Soon enough she got another nibble on the same pole. She gasped and hooked the fish. She grinned and began to reel it in. But the damn thing kept up a fight. She fought him for about twenty minutes before the fish jerked the pole out of her hands.

She gasped. The damned thing had planned that! He’d planned to use her like that for her bait. Then when he was hooked he didn’t use much energy or power to think Hana was stronger. Then when she thought she had him he took the whole pole with one big tug! She gritted her teeth and thought of another plan.
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Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Gone fishin'   Mon May 09, 2011 11:47 am

Hana pulled her sword out and thought of an amazing plan. She held one pole in one hand and used her water walking jutsu to walk out on the lake. Once she was in the spot where the fish had been before she waited. She saw a flash of gold and gasped. The fish had been the golden trout!

She needed to nab him. That was for sure. She then took the bait off her hook. She quickly put a new hook on. This one had many sharp placed and was a bigger hook than usual. This would definitely be hard to pull out of the fishes mouth. She then flashed her sword at the water making an S shape. She grinned as the light hit it.

This fish wouldn’t be able to resist such a thing. And sure enough the golden beauty flashed up to the surface in a jump to get the light. Hana aimed quickly and threw the hook and line at his mouth. The hook imbedded itself into the fishes mouth. The young genin pulled and made the hook go deeper in the trouts mouth. Then she began reeling it in slowly.

The fish put up a big fight though. He really didn’t want to be caught. Hana couldn’t keep pulling as the line would break. They played a wonderful game of tug of war but Hana soon felt the line give way. She gasped as it broke but was able to grab it before the fish took off completely. She dropped the handle in the water and now held the line.

They continued their fight till her hands were bloody and deep grooves from holding the line so tight were imbedded in her palms. Hana finally had had enough as the fish seemed to be tiring. She pulled him in and held the golden beauty tightly so he wouldn’t escape. She grinned. She’d caught him! She’d caught the golden trout. She’d been on the lake for hours. The chakra she’d constantly held in her feet was almost gone and she quickly made her way to shore. She’d been fighting the fish for three hours and been fishing all day for about twelve. She made her way to the welcoming desk to pick up her prize for winning the golden trout. She had a huge smile on her face despite the pain. She’d done a good job and completed her mission.
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PostSubject: Re: Gone fishin'   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Gone fishin'   

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Gone fishin'

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