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 The Hidden Blades

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The Endless
Kiri Sanin

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PostSubject: The Hidden Blades   Tue May 10, 2011 1:57 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: The Hidden Blades
Owner: Kibou Heiki
Location: Both arms
Rank: B


    Small Summary: These two hidden blades are custom in design. To fit the user, because of its usage (assasination, drawn out fights with weapon users), the mechanisms are light, bearing little weight to the user. Whenever the user draws up his arm in means for long, ongoing battles, it will not hinder the user. It covers up from the wrist towards the middle of the arm. The brace protecting not only the arm but the mechanism itself is at same lengths with If we look at the user in an antanomical position, we'll notice that the mechanism is placed underneath the bracer which will be right around the area of the longus muscles, the extensors and flexors of the arm (By the area of the wrist and upward).

    How the blade stays hidden inside of the tiny sheath and how it extracts is due on the account that the 'extensor' of the mechanism acts as a switchblade. Past designs had the ring fingers as a means to release the blade out the mechanism. The customs have a mechanism around the wrist (we may vision it as a wristband that is fitting and not irritable towards the skin). When the wrist of the user extends, there is an instrument that pushes back. This instrument activates the instrument that pushes the mechanism upward and out of the slot of the mechanism. This stays in place as long as the wrist remains flex. The user can make adjusts the wristband to hold the blade in place as it comes out. When this happens, this means that the user must also make the proper adjust so the blade will return back in its sheathe.

    The Two Blades: Each blade reaches just about five inches off his fingertips length wise. It's thin when it comes to the width but the matter of deception comes into play as one of the blades (the left arm) has the same qualities as the katana; it not only able to strike and slash but also to pierce and thrust. Seeing that the case of our versatile blade, it is not only able to make general thrust into the body but also precise cuts. The second blade that extends out is more jagged and saw like. This second blade (right arm) is meant to shred internally, ripping into muscles and vital organs.

    The Bracer: The bracer, has stated before, is meant to protect the mechanism and the arm of the user from damage caused by weapon and the human body. That is, an untrain man who is unaware of the bracer who does not expect the bracer to hurt their body instead of the user. This, however, does not protect the user from shinobi with raw super strength and if the user (depending on the user) attempts to block, damage can cause not only to the mechanism but the arm as well. This goes the same with weapons. The bracer can deflect certain weapons such as kunai, shuriken, senbon thinks of that nature. With weapons that are think (for the example, the Katana), the user can use the bracer as a way of "parrying". By this, if the user wishes to counter attack i.e getting closer to the opponent, the user can use the bracer as a means of a small shield and clever manuevering can allow this to occur. Heavier weapons with strong opponents or weapons that are induced with high levels of chakra can cause damage to the bracer and ultimately the mechanism.

    Chakra Conductive: The metal has a surprising quality of being able to manipulate chakra. The user (Heiki in this case) has the ability to manipulate the element wind. Wind (along with lightning) has qualities that can extend a weapons reach and also improve the cutting of said metal. This particular user can extend the blade up an additional two meters outward with precision. What's also interesting is the blades themselves can hold in chakra. It can keep it at homestasis for a short period of time (two post) without diminishing effects of the said element

History: What is interesting about these blades is a matter of origin. Konoha was not the one to first designers of the hidden and it certainly isn't an new concept either. This particular design is new. The hidden blades before were not always chakra conductive. The first hidden blade, itself, didn't even contain a bracer. The concept of easy in/easy out was one motto many designers in the past had.

This mentality changed as time continued on. Seeing how less popular for those who assasinate, new designers decided it would be best to add something to not only to protect the mechanism but also use as a means to battle. The concept of "hidden blade tactics" became a new theme in the small community of hitmen and assassins. It's use was popular during the time of the eighth Mizukage's reign. A small portion of shinobi wielded the hidden blade and made user of hidden blade combat. During the ninth Mizukage, the hidden blade cease to occur among the weapons of Kirigakure's shinobi but another group who was a residents besides Kirigakure took the philosophies and styles of the eighth and continued the fourth until it's apparent collaspe during the attack of Kirigakure.

For how long Konoha wielded the blueprints of the hidden blade who can say they had it during the reign of the first, second, third up to the current. The concept wasn't new but it wasn't highly publicize among the shinobi community besides Kirigakure. It was more of an option to have rather than a mandatory thing that Kirigakure had, particularly black ops. Konoha's ROOT were the very few black operations who took the concept and tactics to good use for hidden blade assasination and combat. Among the sixty of ROOT members, only three had carried it; all three were higher ranking. Heiki Kibou was among that three.

He was not rewarded this but it was one of the few weapons that was very lackluster in design. Heiki, only have so much information on the facts of weapon making, had travelled to Kirigakure at one time to find a more successful hidden blade designers. The one that he found had created a design that was an upgrade to the model Heiki had at the time and further advanced it. It is used by Heiki however often he needs to use it.

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Shiro Hazuki

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PostSubject: Re: The Hidden Blades   Wed May 11, 2011 12:07 am

Everything looks explained well and looks neat and tidy, and I've always loved the hidden blade since that game came out. I also like the history of the weapon. It gives the possiblities of creating other kinds of hidden blade designs. I'll be curious to see if you decide to make others.

Approved unless said otherwise.
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The Hidden Blades

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