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 Blaize Third Mission: Green Thumbs Up

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PostSubject: Blaize Third Mission: Green Thumbs Up   Sat May 14, 2011 3:34 pm

"Green Thumbs Up: Prepping For The Competition!"

Shinobi Dispatched:
Ryuzaki, Blaize


Name: Green Thumbs Up
Rank: D
Custom or Generic: Generic
Participants: Gennin or Gennin Team (Jounin Supervision not required)
Description: The National Fire Country Garden Contest is coming up in a matter of a week and a half and yet again, Emi Etsuko has been chosen to represent Konoha in the Competition. Unfortunately, she has undergone recent illness of the flu and will be unabe to complete the gardening she has planned for it so she will attempt to enter without her vagetables, but she still needs to keep her flowers and such in tip top shape. She requires your assistance in order to protect her garden from weeds that may greatly hurt her chances of winning.

Primary: Watch over Emi's garden and pull out an weeds that may appear during its breeding.

Secondary: Attempt to finish Emi's gardening for her by planting some vagetable seeds.

ETFC IC: 4 Hours OOC: 3 Days

Coughs were now behind herd in the room. As well as the sound of a clearing throat. The person responsible was none other than Emi Etsuko. When she finished she handed someone the note as she then spoken. “Please take good care of my garden sonny, I am counting on you” The person on the other end started to take the paper as he then started to bow and then when he returned he started to speak. “Don’t worry, I will make you proud. Your garden is in good hands.” The return voice was from none other than Blaize Ryuzaki. He was on his third mission as of right now. His newest assignment was to take care of a lady’s garden. Sounds simple right? Wrong! This lady is entering an important competition and it is crucial that Blaize is to keep the garden as beautiful as possible. As he started to exit the room he made spoken to her once more. “All you have to do is concentrate on getting better. Leave the garden to me.” He exited as he started to think of his mission while reading the note. This mission is D rank but it means the world to the client. Blaize wants to make sure he does complete the mission in success because if he does not its going to break the lady’s heart.

As he was walking to her residency he then started to read the note. The tasks where fairly simple, they were taking out the weeds, dispose and replace any dead flowers, and water the garden. There was something else on the bottom of the note. It was another task but it was marked with a star so it must mean that it was important to her. He started to repeat the words that was in the note. “I know I have asked you a lot but I do want to request another favor. I know I said that I will be entering the competition without the vegetables but, they really mean the world to me. So if it is not too much trouble please plant some of the seeds in my vegetable patch. To make things easier for you have composed a list of where the items you need for this task on the inside of the paper. If I have not told you about it already I am sorry. Also your mission card is with me, when you are done return to me and I will give you the card you need to report back to the administration building. I am placing my complete trust in you. Thank you, shinobi of the leaf.”
Blaize started to smile and then started to look at the inside of the note.

The contents were exactly what she said it would. The location of her tools, seeds, extra plants, everything that he would needed in the contents in this note. He was grateful for what she did. As be brought himself back to reality he noticed that he has already arrived at the address. He started to look at the house seeing parts of the garden and area with weeds. He started to remember that this mission request was sent in a few days ago and because of the increase in missions this slipped in the cracks of the mission system. Blaize started to sigh as he then started to walk up to the shed of the house. The shed contained everything that he needed. He started to walk up to the shed as he then started to open its doors. The doors were locked. He started to jiggle it once more as he then started to wonder what to do. He then started to open the note again to see if she had place the location of the key or something. He then read a passage in which it read. “It is behind the shed under an empty pot Blaize started to walk to the end of the pot as he then lifted up and there he saw a key. He then picked it up, place the pot back down and walk to the shed’s door. He started to use the key and opened the door.

He then saw everything that a garden would need to keep their garden in tip top shape. He had to hand it to her, garden was really her passion. He started to look at the note and then looked back up. He used the note to locate the following; A garbage bag, gloves, a small hand size shovel. Once he obtains these items he then started to leave the shed and look at the garden. The first task was now being handled; Taking care of the weeds.

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Posts : 76
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PostSubject: Re: Blaize Third Mission: Green Thumbs Up   Sat May 14, 2011 3:35 pm

It did take him some time but he was dedicated to his work. He was on his knees as he got to every weed he could find as he pulled them out of the ground. Once he was able to he place the weeds inside of the garbage bag. He then started to take the hand shovel and then level the ground with dirt. He started to sweat after a while when he completed the first half on the garden. He started to get up as he took a quick break. He then started to stretch out his hands as he heard some of his bone crack. Being placed to pull some weeds will get a person tired after a while. He then started to extend his legs as he stretched them out. Being down on the ground was heating up his legs. He started to place his bag to the side as he then started to sneeze. He then started to look at himself as he then started to clear his nose. He then started to work on the next half of the garden. Pulling weeds was a lengthy task he wonders how someone like his client does this. She must have had some special way. Or maybe it was dedication either way he had to make sure all of the weeds were pulled.

He places his hands on the weeds and pulled them once more. He then started to place them in the garbage bag. He then started to get up as he then noticed that he was done with about 2/3rds of the garden. He then started to think of what else he could do to kill the weeds. He noticed that the last patch was just weeds and other disposables. It must have been the patch for the vegetables that she has yet to plant. He then started to think of an idea. He started to place his stuff on the ground and take out the glove. He then started to head back in the shed as he then started to get the rake. As he returned back to the site he started to place his rake resting on his shoulder. He then started to snap his fingers as his hands and feet were engulfed in flames. He then extended his hands as the flame from his body escape him and then was place upon the last patch of the weeds. He then slowly started to lower the flame on the weeds as they started to burn the weeds. As the flame reach the ending of the weeds he snapped his hands as the weeds were now all burned and onto the ground. He started to sigh as he spoken to himself when he got the rake and gathered the burned ashes. “I should of done that in the first place. It would have saved me about half an hour. I guess it was alright I am glad I figured things out in time and the place where the weeds were was safe to the garden because the vegetables were not planted yet. “ as he was finishing his sentence he place his gloves back on and then started to pick up the ashes and then place it inside of the garbage. Finally the first part of the mission was done. Now the second task was going to begging; planting the vegetables.

He started to tie up the bag as he finished collecting all of the weeds. He then went to walk back to the shed as he placed his bag inside. He then started to reach into his pocket and then looked at the note. The note explained where the hose was located as well as the location of seeds. He started to look up and there was packs of seeds with a stick indicating which vegetables are they. They were tied up in pairs so it would not get the gardeners confuse. The ones that were located were the carrots, the tomatoes, and the potatoes. He started to get the packs and then went out of the shed and then went behind the shed. The reason he went behind the shed was because that where the hose was located. He started to pick up the hose and part of its body as he dragged it to the front to the area where the garden was. He then started to place it on the floor as he went back inside to look for the hand shovel. He then started to walk to the last third of the garden as he started to dig a howl on the ground. He then started to step two feet towards the street as he made another whole in the ground. This was his marking so he could know how to plant them and to keep them lined up. He did this about four more times as he walked back up and moved four feet across the first hole and did the same thing again. He started to make holes that matched in size and distance. He did that for the last row as he started to take out one of the packs. For the packs he started to place the sticks into the top of the garden as he then went down the row and planted each seed to its whole. He did that for the carrots first. When he was done he went back up to the top, took off the rubber bands, place the stick on the top and moved down that row placing the tomatoes down the second row. When he finished he returned back up to the third row and planted the potatoes. He took about twenty or so minutes to do this. He was done with his second task. The last thing he needed to do was water everything and make everything shine as nature intended. He smiled noticing that he has almost completed the work.

It did not take him long to finish his last task. He only had to get the hose and then turn on the knob to let the water rush. When he started to place the water on he started to click on the nozzle as the water started to rush on the plants. The water was giving itself to the plants. These plants where hungry and needed to be feed with water for nutrients. The vegetable patches were grateful for the collection of water. It took him about five to ten minutes for him to water the whole garden. When he was finished he looked at his work as the garden look at is glistening in the in shine. He started to smile even more as he then started to pick up everything in the area and then placed it inside the shed; everything but the hose. He had to roll up the hose as he then started to walk to the back of the shed. He then started to turn off the knob and stopped the flow of water. He then started to place it in the back of the shed and then walked over to the front. He then started to take the garbage bag out of the shed and then started to close the shed as he then locked the door with the keys. As soon as he was done he went back to the back of the shed and placed the key where it belongs. As he was done he sighed in relief as he went back into the front shed and took the garbage bag. Once he obtained it in his hands he looked at his work. Completed and with shine. He then started to walk down the property to the mailbox. He then let the garbage bag down to be collected the following day as he then turns and walks to the direction of the hospital to report on his mission and, to collect the mission card for a job well done.


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PostSubject: Re: Blaize Third Mission: Green Thumbs Up   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Blaize Third Mission: Green Thumbs Up   

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Blaize Third Mission: Green Thumbs Up

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