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 Aki's Equipment (three items here)

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Aki Izayoi
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PostSubject: Aki's Equipment (three items here)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:03 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: Nemesis
Owner: Aki Izayoi's
Location:Aki normally wears this on left hip, coiled for immediate usage if not in combat. If its not on his person then its location is primary kept in on of his safe houses or somewhere where he could located it verily easily but no one else could as easily.
Rank:C i think just from the difficultly of using this weapon

Description/Abilities:It consists of several metal rods, which are joined end-to-end by rings to form a flexible chain. Generally, the whip has a handle at one end and a metal dart, used for slashing or piercing an opponent, at the other. A cloth flag is often attached at or near the dart end of the whip, and a second flag may cover the whip's handle. The flag or flags enhance a wushu performance by adding visual appeal, and by producing a rushing sound as the whip swings through the air. They also help stabilize the whip, enhancing the performer's control. This reduces the performer's risk of inadvertently striking himself. The whip is divided into 13 sections which the rods are separated, a little longer then the normal making it more difficult and effective to use. 13 feet in length

History: A basic yet effective weapon that Aki came into upon his aimless travels though the world, learning from basic steps and store bought scrolls he was really never a weapon’s type of person to start with. In fact it felt nicer to pound someone’s face with his bare hands anyways. But he soon found that was starting to really wear down on his skin, and using his medical knifes would just be too much of a hassle to clean and re-use again for battles. So he appointed into something rather more to his liking, sword just seemed too need straight forward with slashing and blocking, an axe was just a large piece of metal he thought a block head would use, spears remind him of booms sticks so he found some seemed like a simple piece of chain that had broken off somewhere. But upon further inspection and the shop keeper yelling from not looking at where he was going before entering the closed down building, at him Aki found it was actually a whip based weapon, longer range and one that was in fact a more wild and chaotic weapon that would throw off his opponents as he lashed at them wildly with it. Certainly was not going to be his main weapon of choice but was a good option to have. So with his new weapon in had the boy simply throw a explosive tag at the old geezer and walked off with the steel whip.


Name:Nightingale (bombs)


Appearance:a simple purple pill hides the feast cloud of poison, once hit upon something it quickly spread over into a Cirrus clouds like form to catch those in its gripping toxin. The cloud of gas itself is vary characterized by thin, wisplike strands, often bunched into tufts, coloured white.

Description: Upon reaching the systems of those infected with the poison the subjects begin to feel a Drowsiness and mild sharp pains running up along their body that worsen with physical actions all with a small intake of the gas in the first post. On the second post subjects feel the Drowsiness worsen into a deeper state of sleep, with the pain subsiding into nothing but a slight tingling sensation (no different than feeling after you find yourself with a sleepy leg or arm) for one post if they remain in the gas cloud inhaling more of the drug. After the second post the infected awake with no conditions linger, feeling as though they just had a very good rest. The cloud spreads till 30 meters of area till it disperse and last two posts itself. Aki Carries 25 of these small pills in his side pocket of his med bag

Infection Round:
Round One:: Drowsiness begins, aching muscles from moving around too much

Round Two:: targets still within the radius and breathing in the gas still are render asleep, anything from decent physical sensation (pain would be one) from the gas being removed by say a strong wind or ally, will lead to effects in the third post. Loud sounds not causing physical harm won’t wake the targets (though if someone had a sound ability that does do harm then ya they wake up)

Round Three:the subjects awaken instantly with no effects linger and feeling as though it was a good relaxing nap as if they slept for an hour’s time (they don’t really sleep that long just feels as though they did).

Name of Weapon or Item: Medic kit
Owner:Medical nin
Location:as a shoulder bag, or can be strapped to the lower back around the waist.
Rank: C

Description/Abilities: A solid bag used for caring whatever a medic needs in the field. Larger versions does exist, but this is the basic one every medic chunin rank or above, has with them all the time.

History: A bag meant to save life on the battlefield. The content of it will vary from ninja to ninja, but its basic content has been the same for 3 decades now. Its given to any medic ninja, chunin rank or above, and it can be used as they wish. Like all medical nin Aki received his the day he was given the rank of medical nin, given to him this personal bag from his teacher one that is able to have it customize for the squad and individual user

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PostSubject: Re: Aki's Equipment (three items here)   Thu May 26, 2011 8:56 pm

Approved unless said otherwise.

God does not play dice with the universe: He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players [i.e. everybody], to being involved in an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won\\\\\\\'t tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time.
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Aki's Equipment (three items here)

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