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 Shihouin's Inventory

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PostSubject: Shihouin's Inventory   Thu May 26, 2011 2:06 am

Basic Kit x2

- 40 Shuriken
- 30 Kunai
- 40 meters of Ninja wire
- 25 Exploding Tags
- 5 Normal Smoke Bombs
- 5 Flash Bombs
- Small bells in cloth to prevent jingling (used for setting up camp)
- 5 Smoke Stinkers
- 1x D-Rank Tanto (able to be used by all ranks regardless of specialty due to weapon rules)

Name of Weapon or Item: Smoke Stinker
Owner: Everyone
Location: Hip/leg pouch
Rank: D

Description/Abilities:The Smoke Stinker combines the effects of a smoke bomb with the smell of pure sulfur. Small Sulfur capsules are released into the air when the smoke bomb is used, creating not only a blinding smoke, but one that is so intense in its smell, it can make everyone's eyes begin to water.

History: A basic part of the basic ninja kit.

Appearance: Small marble sized balls.
Shihouin has two of them but only one tanto, which is placed just above the normal nin pouch position. *They are slightly modified*

Name of Weapon or Item: Tool thigh pouch
Owner: Shihouin
Location: Mid-lower thigh
Rank: D

Description/Abilities: It contains a small set of no more than fifteen shuriken or kunai. They also are a bit wider than normal and contain a slot for another type of explosive unit he developed.

History: Keeping his traditional Konoha appearance, Shihouin stopped by the weapons shop a previous home and job place of his. Being Hokage and being now popular with the people, Shihouin sat down with old man Jiro and made a set of weapons completely tailored to his body, along with new fabric and clothing to match especially for him. The thigh pouch has a thick lid which keeps it from leaking out from acrobatic like moves and the like.

Appearance: The nin pouches are designed to match their true function and appear to be nothing more than the regular Konoha cosmetics. The natural navy blue color that goes flush with the leggings and the black top button to close and open them. Since Shihouin has a variant for a little extra space, they only appear to be slightly thicker since they are covered by his cape the majority of the time. It has a white fabric wrapped snug around the thigh to prevent unnecessary movement as well. The button top has been slightly modified for Shihouin’s touch in that it is designed to open quickly and contains a thicker, more weighted top to keep the shuriken within. Its high enough that he doesn’t need to bend to reach with his arms and can quickly draw them, but placed carefully around any other objects that may be in the vicinity. Out of the set, 5 kunai contain explosive notes wrapped around their handles, with the cloth wrapped over them to prevent sight. This slows the time for the explosion down a little bit as a weakness.

Name of Weapon or Item: Jinteki Jirai
Owner: Shihouin Uchiha
Location: Tool thigh pouch
Rank: B

Description/Abilities: The Jinteki Jirai is an explosive mine that was Shihouin's secret project. It's a small rectangular shaped 'flat' of metal with a special seal on the inside of it. The flat is about 5inX2inX2in and half as wide and is covered in a very thick rare metal. The metal is fragmented on the inside as to not absorb the explosion. Inside of the flat is a thick wad of explosive clay attached to a special fuse. The fuse can either be blown up by knowing the seal for it or a wire trip. The explosive sends out shrapnel and is great for pushing things back, like kunai or shuriken at high speeds. The lethal explosive range is two meters, with three meters beyond that being shrapnel range. The explosive clay is high grade, and delay for a wire trip is about .5 seconds. Lethal blast range has the ability to highly damage thin covered/light armor areas, and usually can render them immobile. The metal is also chakra conductive, so depending on the function of chakra it may stick to things.

History: Shihouin had been working an explosive since he got his lion summons. Since Sanzen always used doton jutsu on him, he figured that the best way to get her out of the ground was to blow up her tunnels and keep her above ground. He and the old man worked on it together for a while, making sure they had a high grade clay so make a large enough explosion. Production stopped when he began to deal with his father but to his luck it was finished by the old man.

Appearance: Something like a small silver dollar except a lot darker, and smaller. The metal is dull to keep it from easily being seen by light refraction. The mine fits perfectly into a nin, pouch or pocket and looks similar to a stack small dollars.

Name of Weapon or Item: Shihouin's Attire
Owner: Shihouin
Location: On Body
Rank: D ("B")

Flak jacket - Shihouin wears the normal flak jacket that all Konoha shinobi wear. It has six nin pockets (three on each breast) with a zipper in the middle. They can hold small items like shuriken, or kunai or scrolls anything size relative. They can be opened from the top or bottom for ease of access. The back replaces the Uzumaki logo with Uchiha.
Long sleeve - The navy blue undergarment which normally everyone wears. Instead of the double Uzumaki logo on the shoulder, they are replaced with Uchiha emblems. He keeps rubber bands around his sleeves to keep them tight, two on each arm. They're also good for hiding small objects for quick reach as well.
Pant legs - They match the long sleeves in color and come down to his shins. He wears white wrapped bandages at his shins down to his ankle to keep his skin from showing.
Nin boots - Regulation nin boots with open toes and closed heel.
Cape - A cape similar to Yondaime's own except tailored in cosmetics. The character four is replaced with three to read "Sandaime Hokage" and the symbol of Uchiha is under the vertical name. It's longer of course to fit proportionally with his height as well. It contains a string across the chest which keeps the cape over his body without moving.
Red Rope - A blood red rope around his waist similar to Killer Bee's which has both ends dangling down to about knee level in a tight knot. It's sifnificance is cosmetic but is important to him.

All fabrics are chakra conductive to Shihouin's own chakra which in according to the rules is why it's B Rank. This is only there to keep Shihouin's clothes from burning off which would essentially leave him starch naked in the middle of a fight. Some techniques like Enryujin would completely destroy his clothes, so they are compatible with only his chakra which keeps them from burning.

History: Shihouin picked up this set of clothing before his speech in front of Konohagakure. The red rope was added after the speech, but the tailor made Yondaime cape was produced mainly to give him a good vibe as he gave the speech. After growing attracted to the cape, Shihouin keeps it on him at all times, and added a red rope to signify personal symbolism as an Uchiha. The rest of the outfit is a flak jacket which appears to be standard regulation and as the same standard regulation functions.

Appearance: In Description.

Name of Weapon or Item: Weight Sets
Owner: Shihouin Uchiha
Location: Waist
Rank: C ("B")

Description/Abilities: A weighted set tailored specifically to Shihouin's body. The entire set looks flush with Shihouins clothing even with the cape off and he doesn't appear to have weights on at all. Since he can wear up to 1.5x his weight with these, the weights have been securely placed around his waist and are hidden under the red rope he wears. They're tucked and don't prohibit movements, while allowing him to constantly train while in battle. These can also allow his chakra to flow through them to keep them from flying off and burning in battle. They can't be used offensively, chakra wise. They also have a quick release pull located in a spot known to Shihouin which he can quickly drop the weights.

History: After training in the Forest of Death with an old man, Shihouin gained these weights at his favorite weapons shop. Working on them himself and with his old landlord and boss, Jiro, Shihouin was able to completely keep

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PostSubject: Re: Shihouin's Inventory   Thu May 26, 2011 2:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: Shihouin's Inventory   Thu May 26, 2011 8:35 am

Move what you approve my dear.
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PostSubject: Re: Shihouin's Inventory   

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Shihouin's Inventory

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