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 A new step on the path of inner peace...

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PostSubject: A new step on the path of inner peace...   Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:04 pm

Katsumi knew that a new age for his path was beginning, but as to how he would open that path was still in quesiton. For now he knew that the art of ninjutsu still eluded him, and for the time being he would have to train in the most basic art of melding his energies so that he could properly manage the creation and formation of ninjutsu. He knew the basic hand-seals, only some of the rarer or custom hand seals eluded his knowledge, so the only issue would be formation of the chakra within his body. He took his time walking to the training area, knowing that these training methods would be somewhat embarrassing for someone of Katsumi's skill set. He sighed as he approached the gateway which led to the arena. The guard looked at him for a moment and smirked.
The guard already knew that Katsumi didn't want to be where he was, so he naturally asked, " So, what's wrong with you? Too sore to train today?"
"Hardly, I'm having to re-learn how to manage my energy into chakra, and yes, I already know...", Katsumi's tone let the guard know he didn't want to talk much more about it.
The guard couldn't contain it; bits of laughter were coming out of his mouth as he replied back, " Good....pfft.....good....ha.....good luck with that sir....", and then it came pouring out as Katsumi walked off, "...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... A Sage relearning basic chakra manipulation and control?!?!!? Wait 'till the others hear this one! "
Katsumi tucked his chin for a moment and took a deep breath as he entered the training grounds. This was completely and utterly sad. He knew it, but it had to be done. To really manage other ninja's actions towards peace would require the skill of ninjutsu to be mastered, not treated as a second-class set of techniques. He finally arrived at the open end of the training grounds, and to help him releave the stress building up in him, Katsumi took off his swords, his weights, and even his kimono. He was stripped down to the basic wraps that covered his forearms, his ankles and his waist/grion/upper thigh areas. He sat down, and looked at the ground, rubbing his knuckles into the dirt as he thought about what he was trying to accomplish.
He thought to himself, ' I know that I can master the flow of chakra outside of my body, polarize the flow into a tightly maintained sphere, so I know that I can master this 'Shape Transformation' with little time...but the 'Nature Transformation' I believe will prove to be difficult...I know Fuuton release, and Doton has always been a family trait of mine. Katon is something that Mr.Hahn showed me, so that is something I believe I can attempt... First things first though, I need to unleash the wind element so that manage the chakra is the only thing I need to do...'
Katsumi stood up slowly, and brought his hands together in the seal of 'Ram'. He knew this seal and had used it to counter Izumi's lightining birds jutsu. He started to manage his breathing, making sure to focus on the control of the jutsu. He finally took a deep breath in and tightened his core. His muscles flexed, and his chakra built up in the core of his chakra flow. A torrent of wind rose up from his center and expanded with good force, pushing the dirt from underneath him away and lifting his personal items (all but his weights) several meters into the air before landing meters away. He let his core loosen, and he looked around. No one was watching; good. He didn't want to show anyone he didn't know what he was doing, and maintain the illusion he was an adept at ninjutsu.
Katsumi realized that he would need to continue his training by building off something he already knew how to do with ease. He would find a large tree, and climb it. While climbing he would preform the needed handseals, and then he could perhaps manage some minor jutsu to prove his worth in this art. He looked around for several minutes, still in his bare clothing, until he finally found a large enough tree to take his time on.
He approached the base of the tree, and looked around again to make sure he was alone. He took to the tree's side with ease, maintaining the flow of his chakra on the key points of his foot. He took in a deep breath as he gazed up at the sky. He took off, with his weights off, a little faster than he wanted, but nevertheless he knew he would have little time anyways to perform the needed handseals. His hands flew up to the center of his body and began flashing the handseals needed for the minor Fuuton jutsu: Hare-Ox-Dog. He brought his right hand up to his mouth and blew out. Nothing happened. Katsumi stopped, and the tree limbs around him waved, the bark bent upwards, cracking as he turned around and jumped. He was extremely high up, and if he didn't land on a limb he would endanger the lower joints. He took to a larger limb, grabbing it, and swinging around its base several times before he felt he had wasted enough momentum to land himself on the limb. He looked at his hands, and sighed.
' DIi I fail on one of the handseals? Or am I not allowing enough chakra to form before trying to activate this jutsu? Or am I really even a Fuuton user? Just damn...this is bad enough, why can't I just know this shit and be done with it?!?!?', Katsumi knew that yelling out loud would attract attention to his training, and for the moment he didn't want that. He knew that he could master ninjutsu to the point he needed. He also knew that this was the basic building blocks to something much greater. He sighed once again, trying to manage his tormented emotions.
He looked at the sky and talked to himself in a low tone, ' Ok, Katsumi, you know what hand-seals to perform, and you know you can manage the flow. The elemental change is going to be difficult, but you know you can do it. It's only a basic technique, right? Some genin out there is learning something like this right now... Ok, that doesn't make this shit any better...I need to try again, and this time while just jogging...Perhaps I don't need to just flat out run yet..."
Katsumi was only mere meters from the ground, so he simply jumped from the limb. He landed with ease, and looked at the massiv tree's height once again. He took in a deep breath, and brought his feet to the tree's side. His chakra laced his foot, and allowed him to once again step paralelle with the ground. He looked down and then up as he slowly built up his speed. He took his hands and brought them higher this time, blocking his vision for a moment, but allowing him to careful watch his finger placement. He repeated the handseals once again: Hare-Ox-Dog. He then brought his right hand up, and blew. He felt a small torrent build, and then fade. He sighed and brought his head down to his chest. He cursed several times underneath his breath. He then stomped his foot down, and watched as the bark cracked, and the wood splintered underneath the pressure. He looked up once again, and sighed. He couldn't think of what he was doing wrong. He didn't know, and his frustration was building.
Perhaps an active approach wasn't the way to go, even though for most of his life Katsumi had approached things aggressively and had done well with the things he wanted to learn. He jumped down this time, not caring about his landing, more so how he was going to manage his chakra. He landed in a full squat, the earth around him folding for a moment due to the stress. He took to the open ground, and found his belongings. He looked for the uptenth time, making sure that the guards hadn't called a crowd to watch his inability to form the jutsu he wanted. They still stood at his post, and for the first time Katsumi had a little bit of comfort. He sat down, and folded his legs in a medatation pose. He left his hands to float off his knees, while he close his eyes and breathed deeply. He took in the sounds around him, and let his mind wander.
He felt himself fight the though of relaxing to perform, but it soon enough became possible. Though Katsumi couldn't properly form his ninjutsu, he could manage his mind's focus.
' Let's go over this: 'Shape Transformaiton'- It's how I manage the chakra into shapes, its form, and its distance. This is what I can do already without the use of handseals or very little use. Handseals allow me to properly distribute the chakra so that there isn't too much being used, or too little. After climbing that wall at my grandfather's I know how to manipulate chakra onto my feet, so how can I not know how to regulate my chakra through the most primal form? Ugh, this is nothing like taijutsu... Now onto the real issue, 'Nature Transformation'. This is what I can use to change the chakra into elements. The real purpose of this training anyways... I know that I can manage wind release, or I thought I could...'
Katsumi's mind continued breaking down the simple facts of his training, trying to manage each situation carefully so that he could perform this minor wind release style ninjutsu. He then realized something. He turned quickly, and walked to a small locker box located near a training dummy. He quickly smashed it open, hoping to find what he wanted inside. He smriked as severl small peices of paper folded out of the smashed box. He slowly picked one up, and it instantly turned into a tinge of green. He flipped the lid over with his foot, and looked at the elemental wheel, which marked the elemental's weaknesses and strengths. His smrik turned into a smile as he realized his element was indeed wind. He knew it was small, and only confirmed what years of training had already, but he knew without a doubt he was naturally attuned to wind. Then the paper flexed and along with the green it brought about two different hints of color. One of the colors was red, no doubt fire, and the other was brown, no doubt his families element of earth. He knew that people could master several types of elements, and that even some were able to copy other user's with ease. He let the paper slip out of his hand as he turned and walked back to his clothing and weaponary.
He sat back down and thought for a brief moment, ' It's possible to overload the jutsu, allowing me to perform it, but with it being so un-efficent that it wouldn't be worth it in battle or for any pratical use. I know that I need to find a proper level for each jutsu according to its rank...Once I finish this D-rank technique I will need to progress to a C-rank, and than a B-rank. If I can proper elevate my skill to that then I know I would be able to manage an A-rank, and then perhaps I can form...', Katsumi stopped thinking about it, because for the moment he ws falling short of even performing a D-rank technique.
He looked at the sky for a moment and realized that another storm was rolling in, and his time now would be even more limited than it was before. He quickly stood up, and looked at his hands. He smirked and looked directly infront of him, invisioning a small area, allowing his vision to tunnel for a brief moment. He took his hands and reformed the needed handseals: Hare-Ox-Dog. He brought his right hand up to his mouth, and released a small amount of chakra at first, allowing the jutsu to build on its own before allowing a larger amount to help the formation. He smirked jutsu a bit, as the wind formed just enough to push several of the surrounding tree's limbs back. He let his hand lower to his side just as the remaining chakra expelled from his mouth. He laughed a bit to himself, purely out of excitement. He knew how to form a D-rank ninjutsu. Now the process would begin to go somewhat easier, as he hand fine tuned the small aspects of the art of ninjutsu.
He took to the follage, releazing that the true stength of the C-rank jutsu he had choosen could be measured here. The tree's damage would be his grading, and if he could manage it, he would truly try to learn these jutsu later on. He took his hands and motioned them into the following handseals: Hare-Monkey-Ram-Dog. He didn't need to raise his right hand this time, because the extra handseal would condense the chakra for him, allowing his mouth to precisely guide the chakra if needed. The first slender pillar of wind shot out from his mouth, grazing a tree, and ripping bark from it as it continued to pass deep into the tree's domain. He then brought his lips taught, ready to fire another 'wind missle', but nothing happened. He sighed and thought for a moment, ' Ok, what the hell happened this time? DId I not keep my chakra ready? No...Or did I not propely form the jutsu? I don't think that would be the issue, unless... I know that there is a difference in all techniques, and that each one needs something unique to perform it, and maintain it. Perhaps the issue is that I need to study the jutsu more in depth so that I know its timing, in this case atleast... '
Katsumi now refocused his chakra's flow, and rested his arms, reseting almost all the functions he had. He called it his form a 'yawn', which allowed for his body to reset just for a moment. He took his hands and reformed the needed seals: Hare-Monkey-Ram-Dog. The jutsu began as it did the first time he formed it, dense, and quick. He soon realized like his jutsu he had to use it as close to its nature as he possibly could, for instance: using a fast ninjutsu technique with a slow pace wouldn't properly work or he would have to compensate if that was possible with a large amount of chakra than needed to. So, as he fired the first 'wind missle' he fired another one mere moments afterwards. This 'missle' made contact with a tree, and took a good portion of its base. He then continued to fire the 'missles' one after the other, allowing the jutsu to flow, rather than be rigidly formed and awkwardly controlled. He knew that if he fired more than 7 he would have to reform the hand-seals to bring forth the needed chakra amount in the combination needed to make the 'missles'.
He stopped at just 5, and looked at the trees he managed to hit. He smirked and realized the true power of this jutsu. He liked it enough he thought of keeping it when he would specialize his ninjutsu arsenal. He then started to think about several people's techniques lists in the ANBU vaults that he found. There were several techniques he wished to learn, some of them more difficult to master due to the lack of real data on them. Nonetheless, Katsumi now had to attempt the B-rank technique to truly say he had a good understanding on ninjutsu, and his main element.
He stopped for a moment as the rain began to fall down over head, and the sound of thunder and flash of lightining annouced the storm's arrival. Katsumi really didn't want to work in the rain, so he knew his chances of getting this jutsu down were very limited. He drew in a deep breath, and slowly let it out, again relaxing himself so that he could focus on how to manage this jutsu's properties. He had seen this jutsu in a scroll, and knew it would be helpful for later on. The explaination was simple enough: A vaccum is made and reduced in size causing everything it to grow dense. The density of the wind around the vaccum then it released once the user releases the vaccum's area.
Katsumi had seen several varations of this jutsu before, but nothing this localized and intense. This jutsu would definetly leave a mark on the forrest if he could perform it properly. He took his time, making sure each of the handseals was performed properly. He knew the long list, and he knew there was a much shorter method to forming this jutsu, but for the time being it couldn't hurt to ensure his ability to manage his chakra well enough so that he could learn ninjutsu in the future. He slowly formed the following handseals: Monkey-Ram-Bird-Ram-Hare-Ram-Monkey-Hare-Ram-Rat-Dog-Ox-Dog.
He allowed his chakra to flow into the correct pattern, which started off slow but quickly grew in speed. The vaccum was visabky sucking air around it, rotating slowly as it did so, which in turn bent some of the trees, brought up the surrounding bits of loose earth, and created a light whistle in the surrounding area. The wind continued to circle as Katsumi pushed his chakra into the formation of the jutsu. Then, just as he finalized his push, the jutsu took on a life of its own. The vaccum pulled in the surrounding wind, and with a quick snap it released itself. The wind was strong enough to snap several trees off their bases, and throw Katsumi back into the open area. He had set the jutsu far too close to where he was standing, but not close enough to truly inflict any damage. He landed with his left hand down, brushing the ground's surface to slow himself down. He watched as the wind continued to roar outwards until it finally stopped. He watched as the guards ran out into the training yard, and watched the remaining weakened trees fall as a lightining bolt flashed across the sky.
Katsumi quickly gathered his things, and ran out of the training yard. He was hungry, and a little bit tired from what information he just gathered. He knew that he had used far more chakra than what he needed to, but he now knew enough about ninjutsu to perform as he needed to to gain peace.

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A new step on the path of inner peace...

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