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 He's a common criminal now.

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D-Rank Criminal

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PostSubject: He's a common criminal now.    Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:58 am

He took a sip from his bottle and enjoyed the fresh tasting water. Sitting at a small round table with his former partner, Shihouin looked around the coffee shop at the people minding their own business. The place was furnished in the rich colors of light-brown coffee. The walls were lit in low beam arcs that painted a brighter hue in spots from its brown color. The furniture in the building was all wood, there were booths lining one end of the four walls, a tinted glass window on the side in front of him where the small tables were and the other two walls had been dedicated for the kitchen and serving areas. The coffee-shop was small and privately owned, furnished heavily with leather seats wherever you could find them. They boasted 100% natural 'teak' wood on their floors, chairs and tables making it exclusive for those that had the pockets. Of course the coffee-beans were 'exclusive' too in that they only 'exclusively' took a chunk of money out of your wallet per cup. To keep this place running with longevity the shop was not allowed to even sell their beans within stores... If you wanted their cup you had to get it at the shop.

The tinted windows near the front of the shop were colored on the outside but inside were relatively easy to see through. It was a surprise that people walked by them blindly as if they were blacked out. Shihouin's eyes kept rolling towards a pretty female every time one walked by on the street. His eyes peeked through his unusually longer hair now-a-days. He wasn't really anyone anymore, since he had let everything go. The only one he had now was his old ANBU partner, the Bird Mask, or Kouchou as he was known. He was dressed like an old man, black slacks and a matching polo-shirt. Shihouin's fragile bones required that he wear a coat in a cold establishment like this, so he kept his body covered in a matching black hoodie, black pants and a red undershirt. One more drag of the bottled water and he leaned forward with both feet square on the ground. His tall body almost lingered over Kouchou. Those nasty golden eyes glazed with mischief. "You know what I'm going to do?" Shihouin leaned back and slung his right arm over the top of the back of the chair.

Kouchou was not impressed. He was a 'gentleman.' His rigid, squared face and relaxed facial frame simply eyed Shihouin back. His eyes looked down on him as if he were Shihouin's butler, someone who had to put up with all of Shi's garbage and clean it up after he had made a mess. Whatever Shi could come up with now wouldn't impress him at all, he would have to wonder just what size broom he needed to clean up the mess this time. "And what are you going to do this time? Haven't you done enough to Konoha already?" Shi's gaze was not focused on Kouchou has he spoke but rather on another slow-walking broad outside of the coffee-shop. "I'm going to become a common criminal. You want in?" After taking a sip of his warm coffee, Kouchou blinked long and shook his head while looking down. His right hand cupped his forehead as he sighed. "So the Uchiha goes from Hokage to common criminal. Just what in the world.." Shihouin's gaze left the woman's plump rear-end and fell back towards Kouchou. "It's going to be more than that! I just have a favor for you. Make sure that you call the low rank ninja's out. I want to start out low and then build from there."
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D-Rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Re: He's a common criminal now.    Sun Aug 21, 2011 3:43 pm

Despite the useless in trying to avoid a situation with Shihouin, Kouchou decided that it would be great to put up some resistance to these commands. Whatever he was getting himself into was going to be ugly in the short, medium and long run. No good alternatives could derive from this and no one could benefit right now. If he really wanted to erase the situation at hand, he would agree to the demands and then leave the coffee shop after Shihouin and follow him. He would remain in the shadows and hide out from his sensory range and catch him off guard and blow a hole in the back of his head. He would burn the body and all evidence behind it and leave the village and maybe country itself. Despite all the possibilities he still felt that Shihouin had something in his mind that Kouchou couldn't actually comprehend. Kouchou was Kouchou. Shihouin was Shihouin. An idea from either one of them wouldn't cross the distance between them unless they allowed that idea to cross bridges of communication. Shihouin had burned those bridges a long time ago. There was nothing to do now besides sigh. "Yeah. Yeah.." The wooden teak chair scraped across the ground and Kouchou stood up and placed his napkin along with enough to cover the bill and a generous tip on the table. "I'll see you later." The dress shoes echoed across the silent coffee shop as he pushed the closed door open and walked out into the street.

When the waiter to claim his reward and clear the table his eyes fell on Shihouin who was steadily glancing out of the window. It was one of those situations were both parties knew each other was there so the waiter decided not to bother Shihouin at all and let him be. He seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere in the coffee shop and no doubt these wooden chairs could even be relaxing for these types of street watching scenarios. The problem with this place was that it closed early and didn't open too early. So after two whole hours of sitting and blinking at the steadily thinning crowd of people the waiter decided it was proper to say something. He walked over to him in a calm manner and tried to speak softly. "We're closing up here soon, thank you for your visit though. Tomorrow we'll be open at about nine. Thanks!" Shihouin's face finally turned and the snaps in his neck proved that he hadn't moved for quite sometime. "Where do you get some stuff around here?" The blonde short haired stranger's face twisted up like citrus in his mouth. "Excuse me?" Shihouin simplified it. "You know...drugs. I know you know." The blonde nervously laughed. "I'm not sure I would know much about that..." Shihouin shook his head and blinked hard. "You're obviously lying. You close up shop, you're the last one here, you can clock out and puff some good shit. There's no need to worry. I know you keep the ninja here stocked with free stuff. This place practically screams drugs." Should he?

Should he tell him? He was rich, Shihouin was no poor man and the blonde didn't even need to know his name to know that. He'd walked in and sat down with Kouchou and had coffee with a black-op. If Kouchou was in on this with this guy then he would obviously keep it secret. The discounts and free stuff they gave was enough to keep these ninja happy and quiet. The blonde broke his pause. "I don't know much. I know there's a lady who runs things through here from the up-north masions. Black hair, about my hieght and always wears black clothing. She goes by Ibuki Makato. She'll be here tomorrow at about ten. Are you a ninja looking for product?" Shihouin stood up from the seat and smiled. He put his hands together and performed monkey, dragon and tiger hand seals. "Of course I am." In place of some genjutsu that the blonde thought would drop him to sleep was something else.

The ninja before him wasn't normal... He had not seen ninjutsu like this before. Shihouin's mouth began to charge with black... soot. Thick stacks of clumpy black smoke dropped out from his mouth like waste. The pile of soot began to drop quickly like cold vapors, smakcing up against the ground in silence and spreading everywhere out woards his target. Shihouin was breathing death out from the lungs which gave him life. Each plume of black smoke began to collect until there was a considerable amount of what looked like soot piling before him. The blonde backed up, not sure whether to accept his fate. He never liked being knocked out by their genjutsu but then again it was all apart of the job. He shuffled back a few steps and brought his arms up in front of him, trying to create a barrier between life and death. His eyes flickered like a wild animal between Shihouin and the black stuff wondering what was going to happen. In that very instant Shihouin's eyes lit red. Soot wasn't normal, but like all things from ninja this creature of the darkness began to gather itself with form. At a single point the mist began to poke forward with a grown tail behind it. The moment the blonde realized this the smoke had already grabbed his arm and was now groping his chest, legs and swallowing his body.

This pain. At first he had no realized the scope and magnitude of this jutsu. This was no ordinary mist, this was a ninjuts and a fire-style on at that. The heated 'mist' began to confiscate away his clothes and skin in mere moments after touching him. The moment he tried to scream out, Shihouin directed the jutsu with Sharingan to clump near his chest. The pile of smoke burned through his skin and muscle while constantly corroding his body and lungs. It crept in through his colored naked body, surging through his eyes sockets, ears, and mouth as if he was some puppet for the mist itself. Plumes and towers of black smoke rushed like blackened dry ice fog. The overcooked smelll of his body was unbearable but now bone was beginning to show. Roast human went from cooked to plump, swollen and charred in a matter of seconds before the might of this jutsu. Deactivating his Sharingan and the jutsu, Shihouin exhaled from his nose breathing the remainder of the technique out. The 'mist' itself faded away into nothingness, leaving the dead body alone. The genin wouldn't know what to do besides get ANBU involved. The way it looked now, there was no scene of struggle or no conflict at all. This person had simply been cooked to death.

What existed for Shihouin now was to move to the houses, the same neighborhood Ayame lived in. At one point he could have lived there and enjoyed a nice retirement from being Hokage but what Shihouin wanted was more than retirment. He wanted a life-long income that would generate money until he died and then even after that. His hair masked the majority of his demonic eyes as he walked through the evening streets of Konoha, pushing his way closer towards his target.

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He's a common criminal now.

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