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 Elemental Learning Requirements

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PostSubject: Elemental Learning Requirements    Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:40 am

Elemental Training

Almost all the shinobi in the manga have the power to manipulate the five elements. These elements are used as ninjutsu and can cover a wide base of different battle styles and strategies. Out of the five elements that are shown in the manga, most shinobi with a great deal of experience can manipulate three elements in total. However like in the manga, most shinobi cannot use all the elements on the same level. Kakashi's primary element of Lightning is more powerful than his secondary element of Earth.

Shinobi Reality defines elements as a product of blood. What this means is that the elements you get are apart of your blood, and gene based. This is similar to the color of your eyes and your hair. We normally allow characters up to three elements with little moderation aside from that. We call these elements "dominants and recessives." Dominant being the primary element and recessive being a secondary element.

How Do I Get New Elements?

New elements are attained through ranking up and training. As you rank up and gain more experience, you'll be able to do more as a ninja and become more versatile. Elements take time to learn, and a lot of effort should be put into obtaining them. Since elements require time, we've come up with a ranked based word count system which allows you to gauge what level of elemental usage you can achieve.

D Rank - 1500w
C Rank - 2000w
B Rank - 4000w
A Rank - 6000w
S Rank - 8000w


-I don't get it, what does this mean?

Its a general level to imply mastery. Once you unlock your element you can gain mastery through doing this. So essentially if you were a Chuunin and you are ready for your second element, you would pick a level and train at the set word count. Then you can apply for jutsu.

-Does it mean I can get S Rank with recessive elements?

Nope, you're limited at B Rank. All the ranks are listed there for other situations. Essentially someone with a Kekkei Genkai will have two dominants, so they'll have to train two elements at S Rank level if they wish to go that far. Also the elemental mastery Special Characteristic allows recessive use up to A Rank. See how it works?
-Does this mean I have to use an NPC or something, or can I do it by myself?

Usually using an NPC would be the best bet. I should also say that training with a PC is very easy. You'll more than likely finish it in less time than you think you will. If you're posting a large sum amount per post, it could take maybe a few days if you put some serious heart into it. You can do it yourself as well, but be prepared for a challenge! We won't let you get it without some struggling.

-So when can I start training?

Whenever you reach your applicable rank and apply for the change. Happy Training!

Credit goes to Shinshou
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Elemental Learning Requirements

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