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 Go Team?

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PostSubject: Go Team?   Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:31 pm

The stars can be so beautiful.... even if they were fake. In fact, the artificial stars seemed even more beautiful than the real ones, probably because the constructors' main purpose was to give the illusion of a true starry night rather than just simply being there naturally. “Wait, did they even make sense?” Ayame's formerly dazed eyes snapped into reality as she thought out loud. She was currently in her completely dark room, which is formerly her grandfather's, laying under the covers with her hands behind her head while staring at the ceiling of the room, which was designed to have glow in the dark stars perfectly set to match the ones that you see in the skies at around midnight without all the lights fo the village.

During this recently woken up phase, Ayame usually likes to simply lay In her bed for a few minutes in a daydreaming fashion and have somewhat philosophical thoughts which may or may not even make sense in the first place but go hand in hand with her way of life in some way, shape, or form and might even have something to do with the way her day pans out. Nevertheless, once Ayame would break out, she would try to make quick sense of these absentminded thoughts and then go on with the rest of her day.

Once that phase was over, Ayame leaned up to a seated position on her bed and brought both of her palms to her face, specifically her eyes to rub out the sleepiness in them before extending her arms and back in an attempt to stretch herself out in order to release the stiffness in her body and then throw the covers off of her, leaning over to the floor next to her while cracking her neck before trying to remember what she had planned for today. “Ahh yes, the Gennin.” Once she finally remembered that they were due for training today, the young Jounin slipped on her orange bedroom slippers that matched her sleepwear, yawning as she did so.

Thirty minutes later, Ayame was wrapping her weights around her left wrist after she finished her right one, the room fully lit thanks to her finally opening her incredibly thick curtains, indicating that's it's been pretty late in the morning for a while now. All Ayame really needed to do now was put on her leg weights and she was ready to begin her day and once they was done with that, it was game time.

Soon after, Ayame's hand was held out with 3 pieces of paper in them, which another gloved hand took hold of. Throwing in a broader look in the situation, Ayame was right on her front porch with three ANBU members right in front of her, the one in front that took the papers from Ayame wearing a hawk mask, the one to the left of him was wearing a tiger mask and the one to the right was wearing a dog mask. “So like I said before, these are there addresses, find them and escort them right here, I'll handle them after that.” As all of them bowed in respect, the one in front responded. “We shall not fail, Lady Ayame”, which caused an awkward laugh from her as she scratched the back of her head. “I really wish you'd stop calling me that, but thank you, this means a lot to me.”

And with that, the three ANBU members set off for each of the Gennin's residence, the one with the dog mask going for Hana, the one with the tiger mask going for Sasori and the one with hawk mask going for Tenisei in order to inform them of their services needed at “Lady Ayame's residence” while Ayame simply sat on the bench in her patio and leaning her head on her palm as she waited for their arrival.

Ayame's House:
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PostSubject: Re: Go Team?   Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:27 pm

When Hana awoke she groaned. Annoyed at being woken up from her dream. Her right leg was under her blanket while her left was wrapped around it so that the poor blanket was trapped between her legs. Her arms clutched the blanket in a cuddly deathgrip.

"I was having a good dream about Mitsu too," Hana said and sighed. She really did have a nice dream. She and Mitsu had gone to the lake and swam all day. Afterwards in her dream when the water grew cold, and the sun went down they had cuddled on the beach. This was the point where Hana woke up.

Hana blinked as the sun shone on her and warmed her skin from her window next to her bed. She had a small apartment in the lower class edge of town. It was modest and she kept it clean. Sure the faucet in the bathroom was leaky, and there were holes in the walls from previous owners but it didn't bother Hana.

She had a place to stay. That's all that mattered. Once she started missions she would be able to afford a lot more. She could save up and get a better and bigger apartment. She just had to get stronger and learn more jutsu's. After all she didn't want to go unprepared in the ninja world. Though she was eager to start missions as well.

Hana got up off her bed and yawned. She stretched her arms above her head. She was wearing a pair of blue panties with lacy ribbons tied on the front. She also had a dark green T-shirt on as well. As Hana stretched she heard a knock on her door. She grabbed her white robe and slipped it on as she answered the door.

To her surprise an ANBU black ops ninja was standing there. He had a dog mask on which was kind of cool since Hana loved dogs. From his bed near the door Kitsu growled. "Lady Ayame has requested your presence at her residence," he told her in a gruff voice. He handed her a slip of paper which she took. As she read it she realized it was an address. When she looked back up the ANBU member was gone.

She stared at the place he had stood for a few moments in awe. She felt a bubbly burst of energy in her stomach and shut the door while quickly running to the bathroom to shower. She wanted to become cool like him and get respect.

While in the shower she wondered what her residence looked like. The guy called her "Lady Ayame". She wondered what that was about. She continued to brood a bit in the shower and think. It was the place where she felt comfortable. With the hot water running down her naked body. The only thing she could hear was running water. No distractions could reach her at this time.

About twenty minutes later Hana was standing in front of the huge mansion. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, her body went limp, and her mouth hung open in awe. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the huge mansion. Hana had grown up living in the lower middle class and being in poverty.

She'd never seen a house this big before in her life. After about five minutes of gawking Hana finally decided to walk up to the front porch. It took quite a bit of walking. The grounds were huge. Hana saw her sensei and sighed in relief. It was too much too soon. She felt like she was on an alien planet. It was great to see a familiar face.

"H-hello Ayame sensei. You wanted to see me?" she asked the older woman. Hana was now in her ninja gear. She had her hair down and looked professional. Though her face showed her wide eyes and slight jealousy.
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Sasori Sabure

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PostSubject: Re: Go Team?   Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:20 pm

Sasori had been awake for nearly two hours now. He was siting in a low branch of the tree that stood next to his apartment window. A hour and a half ago he climbed out his window and into the tree. Sasori thought "What kind of prank can I do today."Just then a ANBU member wearing a tiger mask dangled in front of him. "Lady Ayame request your presences immediately." Sasori got startled and fell out the tree.

The ANBU member climbed down and handed Sasori a folded piece of paper and was gone in the blink of an eye. Sasori rubbed his head as he read the paper he memorized the address on the paper. Sasori walked into his apartment and got dressed in his ninja gear. He finally got his sandals on when he remembered he had skipped breakfast. He ran to his kitchen and scarfed down a cereal bar. Attaching his sand gourd to his back Sasori walked out his apartment.

"I wonder what Ayame sensei has planed for us today" he said out loud. Not paying attention Sasori stepped on a stray cat. The cat scratched Sasori's ankles "Damn cat get out of here" Sasori said as he kicked it. Sasori crossed his arms as he kept on walking he figured he would just walk there and try to save energy for what ever it was Ayame had planed.

thirty minuets and a few bump in's with people on the street Sasori finally made it to the address. Sasori let out a whistle as his eyes hit his sensei's house. "Damn hats a nice house I never even dreamed of some thing that big." Sasori walked up the walk way still gazing at the house he wished he had a house like this. Not paying attention to ware he was going he walked right into a pillar on the porch. Rubbing his head he noticed Hana and Ayame sensei. "Hello hope I am not late what do you have planed out for us today sensei?"
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PostSubject: Re: Go Team?   Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:57 pm

Tenisei laid in bed with his blanket on the floor and his foot hanging off the side of his bed. He was in a deep sleep with a little saliva around his lower lip. Hayate was cuddled up next to him, as Tenisei was sleeping. It was too early in the morning for him to even think about waking up, if anyone had, he would probably bite their head off. He lived alone, after moving out of his own home. He couldn't take it with his family. He lived in a small apartment, that he could barely pay for. Being a ninja was all he had, and at his rank, he barely got enough money as it was. He mumbled in his sleep, it seemed he was dreaming about something. He was sweating and it seemed like it was some sort of bad dream, because he was also kicking.

A chill came into the room, that made a sleeping Tenisei take his blanket and cover himself up. "Lady Ayame demands you met at her estate." An Anbu had arrived above Tenisei as he was sleeping. It seemed merely trying to talk to the boy while he was sleeping was not going to do. The Anbu then tapped Tenisei on the shoulder to try and wake him. Tenisei swatted at the mans finger and turned his head. Tenisei was a very deep sleeper. The hawk masked Anbu shook his head, it seemed he had the worst genin to deal with of all. Tenisei wasn't going to be easy to wake up, even Hayate pissing on his face did not work most of the time. The Anbu finally gave up and picked Tenisei up from his arm and through him at the nearest wall. Tenisei woke up with his eyes blazing, and Hayate was shaken up as well, meaning neither of them were happy.

Tenisei looked over at the Anbu and then Hayate. "What was that?! How could you just throw me like that?!" Tenisei was really pissed, because the Anbu just glared at him, and shook his head. "Alright Hayate, its time." Hayate barked and glared at the Anbu. Tenisei made a hand seal and then began to spin in the air. Hayate did the same. They both were coming at the Anbu from the opposite end, so the Anbu jumped in the air and the two hit each others heads. The Anbu sighed at the two, because this is not what he thought he was going to have to deal with this early in the morning. The Anbu picked Tenisei up and glared at him. "Someone at short as you, couldn't even think about hitting me." The Anbu smiled at the small boy as he held him by his arm. Tenisei eyes began to glow red with rage, and Hayate backed away whimpering. Tenisei began to flail in the Anbu's reach, the Anbu began having trouble holding Tenisei.

"WHO YA CALLIN' SO SHORT YOU CAN ONLY SEE HIM WITH A MICROSCOPE!?!?" Tenisei screamed out of the top his lungs, still glaring at the Anbu. The Anbu took his pinky finger and put it in his ear. The Anbu let Tenisei hit the floor, and walked away from him. "Lady Ayame Requests you, you go or I will take you there." Tenisei put his cloths on and smiled at the Anbu, he was already to go, and they both walked out the door. The Anbu felt that it was just to easy for a kid with as much energy as Tenisei to just give up like that. Tenisei looked back at the Anbu and smiled. "Hey, I gotta take a piss." He said as they passed a large outhouse. Tenisei went inside and the made some hand seals, becoming more animal like. He then jumped out of the window of the outhouse and ran away from the Anbu, as Hayate followed.

The Anbu barely caught the two out of the corner of his eye. He shook his head and sighed. "Damn it Ayame, why didn't you tell me this kid was going to be a handful?" The Anbu member took out his tanto and followed Tenisei's ever move. About twenty houses down, the Anbu finally caught up with Tenisei. He was fast for his age, but he was an Inuzuka, so that much was expected. The Anbu appeared in front of the small boy and hit him in the back with handle of his tanto, sending Tenisei to the ground. He turned around, and was about to yell, but the Abnu's tanto was only inches away from Tenisei's neck. Tenisei sighed and finally gave up. The Anbu took some rope and tied Tenisei's hands together. Tenisei was finally defeated, and was ready to get to Ayame's estate against his will.

The two soon arrived at Ayame's huge home. Tenisei eyes grew wide with envy once he saw the house. He never had even seen a house so huge. But the envy soon passed as he remembered he was still tied up. He struggled to get out, but the Anbu held on tight. "Lady Ayame, I have finally arrived. The boy was a hassle, but a short person such as him, would never get passed me." He said with a smile, as he untied the boy. Tenisei's eyes filled with rage once again, and Hayate was whimpering again. "I AM NOT SHORT, TINY, SHRIMPY, OR SMALL!" He yelled out as he was being untied. The Anbu soon left and Tenisei looked at his sensei. "What do you want!?" He wasn't normally like this, he was just grumpy from the morning he had.
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PostSubject: Re: Go Team?   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:08 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Go Team?   

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Go Team?

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