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 Kenjutsu training!

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PostSubject: Kenjutsu training!   Fri May 06, 2011 12:52 am


Hana awoke in her bed. She was still pretty sore from training with Shihouin and Mitsu the day before. She sighed and stood up. The genin had a plan though. After the night before she had come up with an idea for some training. Ayame was great and she was easily trained by her sensei. But Hana wanted to practice with her kenjutsu. Ayame had told her that she needed to find her own techniques and ways of fighting. She had taught Hana the basics but now Hana needed to create her own moves. Her own way of fighting. She was a weaponry specialist. Which meant that the girl needed to get going on that.

Shihouin had given her training in combat. Which was highly useful. But Hana lacked one thing. She lacked useful ninjutsu and kenjutsu to fight him. Sure she had basic weapons. Ones that all ninja had. But that wasn't enough. Basics wouldn't make her stronger. They were highly useful but wouldn't do too much damage. Hana wanted to become a serious ninja. To do that she needed some serious techniques.

She left a few days' supply of food for Kitsu. Her small pet fox. He yipped at her hand playfully. She patted him with a smile. She sighed slightly. She would have rather gone and tried to hang out with Mitsu or Yori today. Though right now she wanted to grow stronger. She wanted to be able to impress the hokage the next time she saw him. She couldn't believe the special training she was getting from him. It was amazing!

She headed out the door with everything she would need. She made sure her new sword was strapped safely on her left hip. It took the girl about half an hour to get to the forest. There she put all her equipment down and thought for a moment. Okay so she could slash and hack at people as well as block. This was easy to do. Now she needed some special moves. For one she would need a move that was quick. Which made it hard for others to block her. Not to mention dodge. She had been training alot recently and knew that she was above an average genin.

She thought for a moment. Well, she had heard of ninja that could concentrate chakra in their feet to go extremely fast. She nodded and did so, Channeling a large amount of chakra to the tips of her feet. She would be able to run faster by just running on her pads basically. She then ran towards a tree. After a few steps she was at it. It was about four meters away but only took a few seconds. This would be hard for someone to see yet alone try to stop. But now she needed to do something about how she held her sword.

If she held it up normally, vertically she would be able to easily be stopped. They could dodge left or right. She thought a bit more. What if she held it up horizontally? What then? The person wouldn't be able to really dodge one way because of a huge sword. They could probably dodge the other way depending on how she held her sword but it was less likely.

She grinned and tried it out. It worked! Sure she was vulnerable for about a second after doing so but most likely she would get her enemy. She was proud of her work.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenjutsu training!   Fri May 06, 2011 1:10 am


Hana decided she needed another technique. She knew one that she needn't come up with on her own either. She had once seen Ayame use this technique when she went on a mission with the woman. Hana would just need to know how she did it. It would be hard in this slight fog but Hana was sure she could do so.

The technique was used basically to just blind the opponent. Hana had remembered that Ayame had moved her palms that were on her hilt up towards the sky. The sword tip would be facing the ground. The sun would reflect off of the sword and into the opponents eyes. Temporarily blinding them for a moment. But a moment was all Hana needed. Though Hana would have to do this fast. Having the sword down like that was dangerous because it wasn't in a position to protect her body.

Hana began the stance with her sword drawn and pointed at the ground. The bottoms of her wrist were facing the sun. Hana did this over and over again until she could do it in a small second. Then once she had that down she used a nearby tree and pretended it was a human. She used a knot as the eyes of a person. She practiced over and over again until she could get it aimed right at the eye and still move her sword within a second.

Once she finally got that down she smiled and wiped a bit of sweat off her brow. She decided she only needed one more technique and then she'd be done for the day.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenjutsu training!   Fri May 06, 2011 1:57 am


Hana thought for a little while. She sat under the shade of a large tree and drank from a canister of water. Now she needed to think of one more kenjutsu technique. So far what she had would be a big help to her but she needed one more for her arsenal.

Perhaps a technique that could put up a huge onslaught for her enemy. Well she thought a bit more. Earlier she had concentrated her chakra in her feet for speed. Perhaps she could do so in her arms? This time she would be able hack and slash faster. That would be great!

She stood up and pulled the sheathed sword out. It glinted in the sunlight and she smiled with pride. She thanked Ayame for giving this beautiful gift to her. The sword was quite a beauty. She knew she would keep the sword for a long time.

Hana held the sword in both hands. The blade was parallel with her body. She let out a huge breath and focused the chakra in her arms. After a few minutes later she figured she had enough in her muscles. She then began to hack and slash at an invisible opponent.

She continued this onslaught. Becoming faster and faster. She could feel her muscles working twice as hard as usual. She gritted her teeth and continued to push herself. She wouldn't stop until she was sure she could keep this up with a real opponent.

She could get as much as fifteen slashes to an opponent. She stopped after about five minutes. She took a break and stood against a nearby tree breathing heavily. "Oh yeah! I'm going to be so much stronger with this training! I'll be able to use my sword now as well as other weapons and my ninjutsu. I've been doing so much training I'm sure I'm ahead of the other genin."

She sighed and looked to the sky. It was still slightly foggy but she could see the sun through the gray clouds. She wanted to become so powerful. She thought she was doing a good job at it too. She just needed to practice a bit more. As well as some more training from Shihouin.

She got back up and held up her sword. She began to do the same technique over and over again. She wanted to perfect it now. As she was chopping and cutting her mind slightly wandered. Now that she was stronger and more confident in her abilities she was sure she could take on more people in the village. Perhaps she should begin fighting other ninja? Perhaps genin her own age to get more experience?

Yeah she could do that. She was finally finished. Hana sheathed her sword and picked up her items. She headed back to Konoha for a shower, food, and some sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenjutsu training!   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kenjutsu training!   

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Kenjutsu training!

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