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 The past is the past

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The Endless
Kiri Sanin

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PostSubject: The past is the past    Sat May 14, 2011 11:19 pm

God Speed
Reaction is certainly the key with all of this. To understand reaction of a human, he would have to compare it to the reaction of a snake. It’s reflective; it’s an instant where reaction and timing come into play. When the agitator meets the biting end of the snake, he wouldn’t know how quickly to react. He saw the snake, the snake moved in an instant where information reached the eye and it was just too quick for him to move. His body unresponsive and the agitator would pay that said consequence for minute mistake made.

Yuushu was that said agitator. He was messing with the snake per se. The snakes were three ANBU agents, mask and all, surrounding him from all corners. They were in the triangle formation with each point cutting off each pathway if Yuushu decided he wanted to move to the left, the right, in front or behind him. The gang of trees behind could give him cover if he was able to move past the one ANBU. They were all in vast open space and the one person in front of Yuushu just so happen to use his speed to get around him. His chances were very slim

Yuushu was fairly new to this, new in a sense that perhaps it would be all the wiser for him stand in the middle. He didn’t know where he heard this but he remembered that the most dangerous person is a cornered person. Desperation feeds in the bloodstream. Every thought about running, trying to find an escape route, how to out maneuver them, how to find a perfect alleyway, no everything is now life and death and every worry beforehand was thrown out by the situation called death. He now understood the stressful feeling those who are being chased by the fast paced movements of ANBU feels like and when they are cornered. Wasn’t pleasant that’s all Yuushu had to say about that.

Yuushu did feel that stress but it was more of a nagging feeling. It was hearing his mom in the morning telling him to clean his room nagging feeling that made Yuushu smile when he heard it. He was smiling now underneath his fox mask. He knew the team captain would’ve scolded him for taking this lightly but Yuushu couldn’t help it. He wasn’t the type of person to take things of this nature seriously. If he was in the shit, the only thing left to say was “Fuck me” and if the shit got any worse it was “Fuck me sideways”. Yuushu was feeling pretty all right, he bounced up and down on his toes, shaking his hands by his waist and rotating his head quickly “Come on fuckers, I don’t have all day”

As quick as Yuushu said it, one ANBU struck the ground with quick succession “Doton: Doryuu Katsu” The ground underneath Yuushu began to rise up. He noticed it immediately before and he jumped into the air. The other two ANBU watched as he jumped. It was a straight forward jump in the air. The two ANBU took the opportunity to angle themselves and followed suit.

Yuushu looked at the two of them; both of them had angled themselves to so that they would meet them in mid-air hand to hand combat. Yuushu did a quick succession of handseals. Poofing into existence was an exact replica of himself. The shadow clone put his hands together so Yuushu could use that as a way of lifting himself up. But instead of using it as a means of getting higher, he used it as a means to flip himself. Yuushu took the opportunity for him to backflip. The one ANBU didn’t’ expect him to do that. He thought it was a chance opportunity to strike. In his tactic, he performed rapid seals in succession as well as the other ANBU agent who did likewise.

“Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu!” Both of them had inhaled deeply and both of them raised their masked up just so slightly so that their lips were the only things showing. Coming out of their mouths were a stream of fire that began to form into a large fireball. The ball proceeded into hitting the clone. When the two fireballs collided, an explosion rippled in the air sending Yuushu and the ANBU away from each other.

Yuushu was heading towards the ground. He didn’t see how fast he was going but he could reasonably say he was moving faster than most. Yet, to him, it felt like he was moving even slower than what he expected. The snake was the ground and it is about to strike him. He said this enough times in his head for those very few seconds to be able to transfer all that information for his body to position itself to land. His arms stuck out and felt the impact all up his arms and his shoulders. He then rolled so the shock wouldn’t damage his arm and got up immediately.

The ANBU that had split the ground for air to air combat saw the explosion occur and saw Yuushu heading towards more open space. He didn’t take the time to assess for he already knew he was going to land. If he landed wrong, it would be a chance opportunity to put some good hits on him. If he landed correctly however-

That wasn’t much of an option for him. He instead began running towards Yuushu. He had seen his comrades fly into the forest but knew they would be back in a few seconds or so. The ANBU had his arms and hands dangle past him as he reached closer to Yuushu. Yuushu had landed on his hands and began to roll. The ANBU agent put turn his hand into a fist and was ready to strike the ground-

Yuushu saw the fist ready to drive him into it. He saw it move slowly, coming at him with such a slow presence that he felt like he was driving his hands into molasses. Yuushu sidestepped, he had moved so that he was to his left. He ducked underneath and punched the ANBU agent three times in quick succession into his lower ribs and then roundhouse kick him in the diaphragm. He didn’t want to hurt him too much. He knew that his fist could do some serious damage if he wasn’t careful. It was suppose to be realistic but not the point where he had to break the guy’s bone.

The ANBU agent let out a short “GAWK” sound before falling back. Whether Yuushu had held back or not, the ANBU agent was unprepared for the force of this rookie ANBU agent attack and surprise as how he moved so quickly underneath his punch. It was the fastest he was moving yet this kid had dodged and easily countered. He saw as he was pushed back the two other ANBU agents coming from behind to strike at Yuushu. Their aim was high, to the face from what he saw before he saw the open blue sky and then heard his back land on the ground with a hard thud.

The two ANBU were also surprise as to how quick Yuushu quickly dodged their surprise attack. He had ducked underneath and low to where he was on his back. He began to spin on his back with one of his legs extended whipping around. It hit one of the agents into the hip. There was a short of pain that rippled at that point. The ANBU agent ran into the other agent whose head hit his own. They both were flung into a tree where the one who had received less from pain from the head bang felt the immediate pain of him running into the tree.

Yuushu got up from the ground and stared at all three of his ‘snakes’. He wondered if he did well. He had to ask “Phew, if I knew this was on easy, I would’ve put my kid gloves on”

“That’s enough” the ANBU captain said coldly. He said it more towards the three veteran ANBU than to Yuushu himself. All three them, more or less got up from their positions. All three of them stood, the one that had been pushed into the tree was rubbing his side. The one who got kicked in the rip rubbed it with hopes of rubbing the pain away. The ANBU captain didn’t speak to the three but he looked at the young Yuushu

“Sup cap?” Yuushu said. He removed his mask away from his face and held it in his hand “Didn’t know you wanted me to hold back so-“

The captain raised a hand and Yuushu stopped immediately “You done well Yuushu. I have high hopes for you in the future. Perhaps these shinobi can learn from this day. A thousand lessons can be learn in one lose. Am I correct?”

All three of them agreed simultaneously with a weak “yes sir”. The captain accepted it. If it wasn’t embarrassing enough to be defeated by a novice ANBU agent then he would’ve added in more of a scorning. He instead didn’t this time, he wondered if the kid was holding back on them. He answered his question with a probability of him fighting them with the full intent of killing that Yuushu would definitely had a upper hand in the battle. He saw him having a higher percentage in winning than losing.

Yuushu had set his mask back on his face and settled his hands over his head. He looked at the three, all three still rubbing the sides that were causing pain and gave a short laugh “Come on guys, it’s not that bad. It could be much worse”
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The Endless
Kiri Sanin

Posts : 267
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PostSubject: Re: The past is the past    Sat May 14, 2011 11:27 pm

High Pulse Rate
He felt that Taijutsu was just underestimated by the shinobi community. Yes, Yuushu believed that it was one of the more underestimated skills that a shinobi had in their arsenal. It’s funny how a person begins to think up complex equations when they are doing mundane task. This entire day was mundane. At this moment, his entire training session was mundane. Yuushu was standing in front of a tree, shirtless, with sweat beading up on his skin clothing with a light glisten. Even with the air being thick with the must of summer, he was vaguely paying attention as to what he was doing. His fist ran eagerly into the trunk of the wood. It was in quick succession, hitting it ten times-twenty times-thirty times, holding back his strength for just a brief impact. His arms were small blurs, the sweat that had beaded up on his body were shaking off as Yuushu punched faster and faster. There was a short and brief moment where his fist had a pain of lightning shoot into his arm but it dispersed the moment he had his second succession of punches. Regardless of his strength being held back, his fist had dented into the tree, the dent only increased as he continued to punch.

He had a theory as to why people tend to ignore taijutsu as eagerly as a well person tries to avoid a sick person. Taijutsu was one of those skill traits that a person could get a good nitch out of it. They don’t necessarily have to continue on learning it unless they want to be more than just proficient. To the average shinobi, taijutsu was just more of a defense mechanism, the body’s response whenever a presence becomes too close. It’s that natural defense that people have. Yuushu compared it to cooking. You don’t want to eat microwave dinners for the rest of your life (unless you really want to. Yuushu isn’t going argue on someone who likes instant ramen) but people learn the skill to cook so that it wouldn’t get too boring after awhile and it gives a bit of a variety. It’s the same with shinobi and those who use taijutsu once every so often.

Yuushu classified himself as a chef of the sort. He didn’t want to make steak with just salt and pepper. He wanted to marinade the meat for a few hours or so, maybe even a day even to let the salt soak into the meat. Sear the outside of the meat when it was ready to cook for a few seconds and then place it back in the oven. Taijutsu was the outcome of preparation taken carefully by the user, making sure a plus b would equal to c in the long run. That combination of precise taste for the causing pain and muscle fatigue to the body-a-would in the long run strength his body once it heals up-b-and the outcome meant better and more efficient use of his skill so in the long run, he can become a taijutsu master (c).

He stopped punch the tree. He noticed how it was about to collapse on itself. The bark on the tree had flown off; some of it in more pieces than it was before. If he were to continue, he could imagine that he would find out whether or not a tree falls to he ground and no one is around would it make a sound. He had snucked out of training again with the three stooges. As much as he loved mopping the floor with their asses, he didn’t see it much of a challenge. They were living punching dummies than human beings with formidable shinobi skills. Ah well, he didn’t think his supervisor would mind much if he skipped today. Well, maybe. Yuushu had thought that maybe if he got on the captain’s good side that he wouldn’t get in much of trouble. Maybe a little lecture or so about how he shouldn’t neglect the responsibilities of being black ops and how training with the team is vital. Yeah, he could deal with that. As long as he didn’t make any wisecracks or say something that could potentially put him in risk of a severe write up but nothing like what he did to the three stooges after he kicked their asses. Nothing was as completely satisfying as that.

He had walked up onto another tree. His body, particularly his arms, was aching just slightly. It was enough for him to recognize it as ache but it wasn’t to the point where he was in dire need of assistance later on. He’ll be able to walk home and, for better or worse, experience the bad cooking of his mother. He shook his head. He decided he’ll go get something to eat at the Mongolian barbeque across the street from their apartment. He’s taste buds wouldn’t want to eat the burnt aftertaste of overcooked meat or extremely undercooked. He loved his mother to a certain point but that point stopped when she cooked things for the family. He could imagine that she was never the type to actually practice the skill but believed she was skilled enough to actually practice.

He began kicking another tree, again with the same progression of hitting it with quick succession with each leg. He was bouncing off the ground when he roundhouse kicked it. His legs were feeling more of the pain with each kick. With each impact, he could feel that shock shoot up his leg. Whenever he kicked with his shin, his shin would feel that intense shockwave. When it was his foot, it was his foot that felt that pain. The pain was becoming more and more mundane as he continued to do the same thing over and over again. Was this what it felt like when you reach the limitation of your pain threshold? He had one shin roundhouse hit into the tree. He felt something gush out of his leg. He knew it was blood, wasn’t water that sliding down his legs and into his boots. He bounced away from the tree. He got down on one knee and rolled up the pants sleeve. Well, no surprise there, the skin had split from the top of his knee to the midpoint of his shin.

He didn’t see it as pain. It was rather an inconvenience. He knew continuing would only mean severe injury with his right leg. Then the captain would essentially scorn him and be a bitch for the next seven or eight days and that was on a good day.

He’ll have a friend stitch it up later. For now, he’ll have to stop for today. Ah well, he was getting bored anyway.
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The Endless
Kiri Sanin

Posts : 267
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PostSubject: Re: The past is the past    Sun May 15, 2011 6:37 pm

The three stooges were walking towards the training grounds excited about training again with Yuushu but they felt as if this was one that was out of place. San, the doton user that Yuushu fought, was walking in front of the two of them who were Nii and Ichi. They were of course nicknames. They don’t dare to say their name out in public anymore. There true names were more or less a forgotten memory to them. Yuushu would probably get an number whenever he decides to take this job seriously. That’s the one thing San didn’t like about Yuushu was the fact that he didn’t take this entire positions as serious as he did. San is, and always will be, the underdog. He was born in one of the poorest families in Konoha. His father was no more a mediocre restaurant owner of a small time owner while his mother was a seamstress. His father had made way from his own country of Earth and travelled to Konoha as the land of opportunity. His father was never a shinobi but he always thought highly of the shinobi. His mother was more of the complete opposite, though she married his father regardless of his belief in the shinobi.

San had always heard from his father to always work hard to get the best out of his skill and San believed that hard work was the way to go. He didn’t consider himself a genius. He was more or less a person who had that ‘hard worker’ mentality. If he was a genius in anything, it was that through that sheer determination could create a better outcome. He had went to the academy at the age of eight, doing fairly well in all the categories. He wasn’t necessarily the best person as to say maybe a Kakashi Hatake or a Minato Namikaze. He wasn’t even necessarily a failure like a Rock Lee. He was in the middle. Getting high Bs and low as in the basic Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. He graduated at the age of 12 with good regards as that ‘hard working student’ and he would have a good future in the shinobi community. The comments made him feel so good about himself. He felt as if he continues to do this determining factor that he would be highly respected.

That is…until he met Yuushu.

Yuushu was-the kindest way that San could put him in-your type of person who is extremely brilliant and gifted and he knew he was gifted but just decided not to take it any of his brilliance to any great usage. He didn’t want to show it, he was a person who, for the better of himself rather than the better of others, thought that intelligence should be kept within instead of expressing it.

He was fouled-mouth to his superiors, especially to San seeing that he had rank higher in rank, a bit higher in prestige and hell, he was just older than the young fuck. That’s what he is, a young, cocky fucker that has swagger that San despised. Yuushu was a person who mocked those who with power and order. He saw how Yuushu looked at the captain. He may appear formal, keeping up with the mild formalities that kept the captain not from scolding him and hell he plays a good act with it. He could get the award for best actor in an organization that was meant to protect the Hokage.

But those eyes. God, those fucking eyes. San hated those dim emerald green eyes. They were so-augh, every time he thought about it; the more he was getting upset about it. He had his hands balled in a fist, shaking slightly so that Ichi and Nii wouldn’t notice. They didn’t see his face. If they did, they would see the frown that he had and how he had one canine tooth biting down on thinnest part of his lip. He first started off just peeling off a thin layer lip. It felt pretty good, almost like a stressful person squeezing a small ball. When he got the call from Yuushu to meet him in the forest his first reaction was to, well not answer. It just felt so obnoxious when he read it. But the captain said to help out the young Yuushu-what were his words? “The young boy has extreme potential and is showing fast progress. Perhaps you can learn from him and he can learn from you”

“Fuck that” he said softly to himself. The mighty words of his captain suggesting he could learn something from Yuushu. The next thing the captain would say is that Yuushu will be a superior officer and he would have to follow him. He felt a chuckle coming along. What suppressed him of letting out a laugh was the reality of it coming to be was very likely. He was on the end of the path and the terrain had changed into a more open space. It was the beginning of summer so spring still had its mark on the trees with the fresh and vibrant smell of pollen releasing into the air. San paid no mind to the smells or to the

Of course both Ichi and Nii saw his anger. They learned the tricks of noticing someone’s emotions even with the mask on. The key signs they may look at is the emotions in the hands. Ichi had lowered his eyes to San’s hand. His fist clenched in and then released, clenched in and then release. The closer they were getting to the training field the longer his hand was staying in a fist.

Ichi’s and Nii’s feelings with Yuushu was more indifferent than the utter hatred that San has for him. San says he doesn’t hate him but San says he doesn’t hate enemy shinobi. His words were definitely one sided on the matter of Yuushu. Ichi, a Hyuuga from graduated from the academy the same time Yuushu did, did feel that Yuushu’s cockiness does make him a prick from time to time. Ichi does respect Yuushu for being good at what he does. He can honestly say the skills Yuushu possess were on the top tier account of an ANBU captain. Ichi felt that if Yuushu could wise up and perhaps think before acting, then maybe he could get on everyone’s good side and rise up to captain in a very short time. When Ichi talks to Nii, Nii felt the exact same thing for Yuushu only difference was that Nii didn’t necessarily care about whether Yuushu was going to be a top tier shinobi. He just cared about really about his own well being rather others. Not to say he wouldn’t go out of his way to protect his comrades. There is a small difference between caring about his own well being when it came to organizational structure and the difference caring about himself in the heat of battle.

All three had arrived around the area where Yuushu told him to meet. To San’s surprise, not much Ichi and a little surprise from Nii, Yuushu was standing there, with his arms tied around his back with a large grin on his face. San had looked at him with cautious anger, Nii had appeared odd and Ichi was more or less still surprised by this

“Sup” Yuushu said, not at all showing any alarm to his predicament “See you guys got the party on time. That’s cool”

San was going to ask the obvious but he didn’t know what the answer would be “Yuushu, why the hell do you have your hands tied together?”

Yuushu looked at him with understanding in his expression and then said “Well, today I thought training would be a bit different. Mix it up a bit. Add a bit of flare to this wondrous friendship of ours”

“We aren’t friends” San interjected “We’re just associates and you tying together as me being one of your friends isn’t happening in your dreams”

“He’s kidding San” Nii said. He heard the sarcasm in Yuushu’s voice. He paused then added “I’m guessing you have your hands tied up so you can’t block the incoming attacks”

Yuushu’s smiled widen “Ding ding ding! We have ourselves a winner! Come on down and get a prize!”

San had reached a hand to Yuushu’s collar and grabbed it lifting Yuushu up slightly. Now San was beyond the angry and furious, he was sun faced red with his eyes seeming to bloodshot. “You cocky horse shit. You think you’re good enough to fight us with no hands?”

“What you gonna say next? That ‘I got another thing coming’ or ‘Think twice shit for brains’?”

“How bout this smart ass” San reached in his back pocket and took out a kunai “Why not you undo that rope over your hands and fight me one on one.”

Yuushu laughed “You’re funny, you know that? You should get an round of applause for your comedic performance. Or better yet-“ he leans his head back and thrust it forward into San’s mask. The force of the headbutt shook San completely. The head butt didn’t protect the face well with the sudden impact of the head butt. He placed both hands on his face letting go of Yuushu’s collar and took a step back. Yuushu charged forward with his head down acting as a battling ram into San’s stomach. Yuushu was laughing in hysteria as he had lifted San up into the air with just his head alone flipping him before landing on his back.

Nii acted accordingly. He had got to the side of Yuushu, widening his stance to where it was just a foot apart and with both fingers on each hand extended. Nii thrusts out his two fingered strike aiming for the chakra points on his shoulder and arm. Yuushu drops to the ground and spins on his head using his legs as a whip proceeding into hitting the side of Nii’s arm. The force of the kick turned Nii’s body to his left. This left his side, for just a second, open. The velocity of Yuushu’s spin had stayed at a constant already moving in a considerable short speed, his top of his foot rammed into the side of his ab. Nii tried moving away from the kick to lessen the damage but Yuushu’s other foot rammed into Nii’s shoulder.

To Nii’s surprise, the shoulder kick didn’t hurt him. Yes, he felt pain and immediately try to disassociate the pain right away. Unlike the time where he did get kicked in the hip; that was probably one pain he didn’t want to be reminded of. It was like someone took a sledgehammer to his hip and decided to ram it there. It was controlled enough for his hip not to shatter but it was strong enough to cause some throbbing pain for the next Yuushu had controlled his spin so much so that he lessens the tightness of his core. The spin had slightly decreased.

Nii grabbed underneath Yuushu’s leg that had kicked his shoulder with the immediate hand and used the other hand to grab his shin. He lifts Yuushu up from the ground, Yuushu letting out a small scream of glee rather than surprise. Yuushu knew he was going to get slammed in the ground and this is how he wanted it to be.

Yuushu shoulder felt the rocky surface of the earth. A rush of signals rushed into Yuushu’s brain and back to the pain threshold. Yuushu held that pain there. He utilizes it, keeping it there like holding in his breath. His body wanted to respond, it wanted to keep that pain there so it would tell Yuushu to never feel that pain ever again. Yuushu only answered back by saying “keep it just a little bit longer’. Like holding his breath underwater, the pain lingered for just a second. When he surfaced himself up and let go of the pain, the pain dispersed immediately as soon as he let go.

Nii picks up again and slammed him into another part of the ground. Yuushu did the same process, holding in the pain, letting it rest for a second then dispersing it before he was thrown off into San’s direction. Yuushu continued till the fight between Ichi, Nii and San had commenced.

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PostSubject: Re: The past is the past    Sat May 21, 2011 11:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The past is the past    Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:09 pm

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The past is the past

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