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 A New Paint Job - Complete

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PostSubject: A New Paint Job - Complete   Tue May 31, 2011 1:55 pm

New Paint Job

"Paint a house, paint a house, wait?" Talking to himself within the abundance of people that were taking their sweet times walking to and fro from which they acted upon the insights of others, laughing progressed throughout the streets of Konoha with the general public adoring what seemed to be a lovely sky and a cool windy day, a day of which the young ninja had a new mission of his own. The only sentence he could seem to pronounce today was a sentence of stupidity, how the heck would he know how to paint a home, they said to give a nice "cool" color towards it, to make it look more exotic. He seemingly didn't know what this process was, and was for sure dumbfounded by the situation he was within, his lips parted and he would look to the buckets of paint.

'This may take a while, but hey, what was the hurt...' He would look to the letter of recommendation of the house, what the specifications of the house could and would be for the process of being granted pardon on this home, he read through the words trying to think of what the situation would be. A few colors came into mind, and his coordination skills in drawing weren't bad, though in no means could he draw as good as say a mangaka, or an actual painter. It would take him a while to express what needed to be in the tone. He needed some time to process this, and thus sat watching the large home.

"I wish, Hana was here, she would probably know how the hell you paint a stinking house, I'm a taijutsu expert not a carpenter..." He closed his eyes harshly puffing up both of his cheeks before thinking once more, a gentle wind hit against his head, making him falter a moment before being sure of what was needed; he would think of this once again, after looking at the paper for a moments notice. "OK, so I need some new type of color, and its a dark brown, no reds or anything like that maybe?" Dazing himself within this instant, he began to scratch his chin, rubbing his fingertips towards his cheeks before he moved forward once again. "Maybe I could paint over it with a blue color?" It was actually his favorite color blue, it meant freedom, freedom of his entire body, the sky and waters were usually a blue color, reflecting off the oceans into the air of which case it could make a "true blue" color.

After a while of sitting and thinking of the task at hand, he leaped towards the roof, sitting on it, before making an expansive brush stroke, visualizing what colors would bed needed. His eyes progressed towards the milky clouds and the expansive sky once more, thinking of these colors. "They wanted something unique right?" He tapped his finger against his chin, took his body back to the ground with a diving somersault skill, he would know just what to do. "Blue sky and clouds, that's something new, and that's all that is needed, I am guessing?" Taking a brush, and moving it within the confines of the paint he would take up the brush, moving his hands up and down, making more motions, ebbing and flowing with each skill.

'Young grasshopper, you must paint it up and down, make sure you move your arms to the rhythm of each stroke, paint-on, paint-off.' The young male, Kinniku would laugh to himself, making a short crack within his mind, as he suddenly began to feel his foot slipped, he fell towards the ground, screaming loudly, the intensity of the fall making him create a huge thud, as he pushed his body outward, pressing his back forward and making a short gasp of air. "Grasshopper also needs to focus or he's gonna kill himself..." He made another gentle smile, before arising, taking up the paintbrush, it smeared his body a bit, going over his chest as he gasped. "Guess I'm blue boy, half blue, half boy?" His eyes came upward, looking towards the roof once more, before he collected the paintbrush once more, and grasped the bucket.

A few hours had passed, he had the patience it took to finish the entire job, before making the entire roof a brilliant shade of blue, clouds would be incredibly tricky, the puffs and such, it was something that he anticipated, though it would be different, the job could of taken a lot more effort than usual. Much of his body was covered in paint, due to a couple of spills, and a few friends calling out towards him. He made it a habit of saying damn each time in particular this would happen, and thus, had to figure what would need to be the problem. He pushed the paintbrush into the bucket, rubbing his head with sweat beading down. It was getting much hotter now as the afternoon kicked in. Humidity was rising, as were the constant storms that were going to arise, it would stay humid but no storms were coming on this daily basis.

"Dammit, how the hell do you make a cloud!" He scratched his hair, getting paint into it, he was angered by the situation. This was pretty hard after all, his expressions were priceless if anyone was around to actually see them that is. He began thinking once again, that he needed patience in order to complete the task at hand. Maybe, if he made it less of a habit to swear out at the people around him, it would kind of be better. He would begin to try to create a way to make his mistake seem less of a mistake. "Maybe if I were too...." He was talking to himself for an instant, starting to wave his arms around in a circular path, he laughed for a moment, nodding in acceptance, he had finally figured out a way to create these clouds.

Taking his arm outward, he started to move his hands around the roof, in large circular paths, making sure to make each and every stroke go against the grain, he would need to be careful not to smudge the blue paint, and so he used his Skill of Tree-Walking, using the chakra to not affect the area around him, but to stick against the surface. It was finally finished after an hour, a new roofing project was done, he was happy at his work, he could make his own painting. He would leap from the roof and press his leg into the ground, doing a somersault across for less damage towards the ground of which he could stand. "There we are, a job well-done." Collecting the materials, he rubbed his hip and watched the roof, a powerful sky blue with clouds piece, his own masterpiece, it was completely done, and he was satisfied.

Word Count: 1151
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PostSubject: Re: A New Paint Job - Complete   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:59 pm

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A New Paint Job - Complete

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