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 Problems with the infraction system

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PostSubject: Problems with the infraction system   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:57 pm

(sighs) Okay things are getting out of hand. The infraction system is a good idea I won't lie, But it's too lenient. The points are too many. I say we get three warnings and after that we get banned for more than one week.

You will get a PM listing what rule was broken and if you are being given a warning or points; this comes from the moderator giving the infraction. The majority of the time for newcomers a warning is usually given.

That is fine. Warnings are fine for starters. But once you get three it should be a ban.

They also come with an expiration date on them. Most will expire in one to two weeks and points vary depending on what happened.

Two weeks is not enough for them to expire. If someone has a bad day and they troll a bit then it should be on their record for at least four weeks.

The lowest given is 3. If you accumulate 10 active points against your account (that have not expired) then you will automatically receive a one week ban.

This is where I totally disagree. The lowest amount is three? But you get ten to be banned. So four warnings. You get four times when you can mess around and put hateful or trolling things on the forum. Also a week is not enough. Most people need one or two warnings. Maybe two pm's. The rest who get points four times or MORE only get banned a week? These people are people who just want to troll. People who need more than four pms to tell them to knock it off are just trolling and don't care. Right now the people who have had infraction points are just staying on the chat and messing around. I've had complaints about many members lately.

The more points you receive, the longer the ban, the longer the expiration date, the more the chance that you have of slipping up. Eventually one week bans lead into two weeks, into months and so on. Ignorance is not an excuse of the rules.

Look at that. Say I troll on the chat four times or more. Then I get banned. Big deal I wait a week and get back on. I get to troll four more times. Then I get banned for two weeks. Yay, I bide my time and come back. Then I get to troll ANOTHER four times or more. Depending on how many points I get.

This is just inviting the trolls or people who are breaking rules on the site back again and again. We need to fix this. We're being too lenient. WAY too lenient.

I have no problem with banning people from rev or SR. If you are trolling or breaking rules then you deserve to be banned.

Quote :
Iesu -

(09/14/11) - Trolling
(09/15/11) - Disrespectful (3)

Marik Swift - 9

(09/15/11) - Disrespectful, Flame Baiting, Fighting (9)
(09/16/11) - Member Requested Ban - Cbox Ban Granted until (09/23/11)

TheBlindRedKing - 3

(09/15/11) - Flame Baiting (3)

Okay Marik would have been banned by Kelcie. He SHOULD have then and there. She gave him at least three warnings. Look he had 9 points right? He should have just been banned rather than him having to ask you to ban him.

As for Iesu. I know that he doesn't want to rp here. He just wants to troll. He's complaining about everything on the chatbox. I've warned him over and over again that he needs to calm down. It was before the infraction system was released that he should have been banned. Im not even on the chatbox long enough to hear everything he says. I'm SURE he is constantly being rude to members and mods all day. I only get on maybe an hour a day and he's so rude to the staff with ordering them around that I want to ban him. But nobody else has been giving him points. I'm left to assume he is doing nothng wrong and I'm overreacting.

King - He's only gotten 3 points? I haven't given him any more for fear of you all thinking I'm biased, but tonight I ask to give him a full ban. Six points for me having to warn him once and then his overly rude behavior after the warning. IF you think I'm trolling you can go ahead and remove me. But you all know me and know I'm not a troll... O.o I can't even troll properly when I asked yosh to teach me at one point.

I ask that all three be banned. Or at least King until iesu acts out again. Marik's ban should be for more than a week. A month at least. The same for King. The next time Iesu acts out he should be banned as well. He's just trolling as are the rest. I can't see why you guys don't see that. The system is just allowing for them to troll the site.

Now then if you want proof as to why I want to ban king tonight here you go. You may remove me from staff if you wish seeing as how King accused me of trolling. If you see it that way as well I can't stop you and that is not how a MIzukage or an admin should act. If that is how you see it. A warning is not going to be enough. King is still acting out like before. I thought he was going to be on thin ice. This is just ridiculous.

Quote :
TheBlindRedKing : Reizo, if you ever try and be a jackass to Shinshou again I'm going to personally make you IC rp'ing here a total shit fest.
[19:48:23] * ShadowGaia13 doesn't see one
[19:48:29] @ squirrel101 : brb must speak to reizo
[19:48:34] TheBlindRedKing : You won't be able to make two moves with out me toying with you.
[19:48:40] @ squirrel101 : -___-
[19:48:43] Reizo : umm....
[19:48:43] TheBlindRedKing : You won't be able to rp if you don't calm it down, you heard?
[19:48:46] Reizo : how was I rude?
[19:48:48] @ squirrel101 : (sighs)
[19:48:52] Initake : lul
[19:48:56] @ squirrel101 : yosh and I had it under control
[19:48:58] TheBlindRedKing : Reizo, stop playing stupid. We have enough of that here.
[19:49:02] Reizo : I was simply stating that he should read the whole thing before he mods
[19:49:04] TheBlindRedKing : squirrel101, have a good.
[19:49:04] @ squirrel101 : you just sparked up another flame king
[19:49:13] TheBlindRedKing : *good night.
[19:49:19] TheBlindRedKing : Reizo, he did. Several times.
[19:49:23] * Reizo sighs again
[19:49:23] Konjaku Uchiha joined the chat on Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:49 pm
[19:49:24] Initake : hopefully we don't have another hage here.
[19:49:27] TheBlindRedKing : Reizo think before you post.
[19:49:33] Iesu : hage?
[19:49:34] @ Misaki : .
[19:49:36] Initake : or richard, depending on what you know him by.
[19:49:37] @ squirrel101 : think before you speak king
[19:49:38] Initake : Dx
[19:49:39] Reizo : well then explain to me how he thought I could create water?
[19:49:40] Bliss.Is.Divinity. : . . .
[19:49:44] @ squirrel101 : I'm warning you
[19:49:47] @ squirrel101 : calm down
[19:49:57] Reizo : Explain to me how he wasn't sure of how a cutting techie would work against the jacket?
[19:50:02] ShadowGaia13 : Dance Dance REVOLUTION
[19:50:07] @ squirrel101 : you two reizo
[19:50:10] @ squirrel101 : just ignore
[19:50:11] ShadowGaia13 : EVERYBODY CHEER UP :D
[19:50:12] Reizo : and explain to me how it took so many posts?
[19:50:13] Konjaku Uchiha : YOU BETTER CALM DOWN
[19:50:14] Reizo : o.o
[19:50:16] @ squirrel101 : we were discussing this through pm
[19:50:16] Reizo : kk
[19:50:24] * Reizo is calm as a cucumber now
[19:50:37] Reizo : sooo.... who likes cookies
[19:50:38] Kiyoshi has been disconnected on Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:50 pm (session timeo
[20:00:28] @ squirrel101 : owo I prefer the blindredkingybear
[20:00:34] @ squirrel101 : can we change your name back to that?
[20:00:39] Kiyoshi : That is what?
[20:00:40] TheBlindRedKing : squirrel101, you lost that right.
[20:00:46] Iesu : Squirrel
[20:00:49] TheBlindRedKing : When we were friends, yeah.
[20:00:53] Iesu : Where's my pm response?
[20:00:54] TheBlindRedKing : But now? Nope.
[20:00:57] @ squirrel101 : yes iesu?
[20:01:03] Anari has been disconnected on Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:01 pm (session timeout)
[20:01:04] @ squirrel101 : We're not friends? O_O
[20:01:12] Iesu : :O
[20:01:14] @ squirrel101 :
[20:01:19] Iesu : stuffs just got real
[20:01:21] TheBlindRedKing : I wouldn't think we're even close.
[20:01:25] Iesu :
[20:01:30] TheBlindRedKing : Like on a scale of 1 to 10?
[20:01:31] Konjaku Uchiha :
[20:01:35] TheBlindRedKing : 1.5
[20:01:39] @ squirrel101 : OH SO THAT'S WHY YOU HAVEN'T TALKED TO ME!
[20:01:46] Iesu :
[20:01:48] Reizo has been disconnected on Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:01 pm (session timeout)
[20:01:57] Konjaku Uchiha : no
[20:01:58] Iesu :
[20:02:00] TheBlindRedKing : I know your name, where you're from, and sure THAT's it.
[20:02:00] @ squirrel101 : V.V I was even going to update you on my period
[20:02:05] Konjaku Uchiha : it's becuase you show jigglies
[20:02:07] Iesu :
[20:02:08] @ squirrel101 : we always did that
[20:02:14] @ squirrel101 : I thought you CARED ABOUT MY PERIOD
[20:02:15] Iesu :
[20:02:17] @ squirrel101 : BUT YOU DON'T
[20:02:19] TheBlindRedKing : Trolling now. How cute.
[20:02:20] @ squirrel101 : HOW DARE YOU
[20:02:23] Iesu :
[20:02:26] @ squirrel101 : owo
[20:02:31] Iesu : Squirrel
[20:02:32] @ squirrel101 : I was joking
[20:02:36] @ squirrel101 : you've said before I can't troll
[20:02:38] Iesu : Finish the damn pm before I cry
[20:02:46] @ squirrel101 : I even asked yosh to teach me how
[20:02:52] @ squirrel101 : V.V But I fail as a trol
[20:02:53] TheBlindRedKing : You can't rp, but trolling everyone can do.
[20:02:54] @ squirrel101 : *troll
[20:03:00] Satsuriku : don't finish the pm, I wanna see those tears
[20:03:10] @ squirrel101 : XD
[20:03:11] Iesu : but you always see them
[20:03:13] Iesu : D:
[20:03:24] Reizo joined the chat on Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:03 pm
[20:03:25] Satsuriku : lies and slander
[20:03:26] @ squirrel101 : but... I wanted to joke around with you
[20:03:29] @ squirrel101 : owo
[20:03:30] Reizo : yup, still here
[20:03:31] Reizo : >.>
[20:03:36] Reizo : still practicing
[20:03:37] TheBlindRedKing : Why?
[20:03:39] Reizo :
[20:03:42] Konjaku Uchiha : thats not all you wanted to do
[20:03:48] Iesu : SQUIRREL
[20:03:51] @ squirrel101 : to create less drama in teh chat
[20:03:54] Konjaku Uchiha : and why do i have to nin or gen dominant
[20:03:55] @ squirrel101 : XD
[20:04:00] TheBlindRedKing : I'm not worth your time on your site, even when I proved your entire staff team wrong.
[20:04:02] @ squirrel101 : and also because I felt like fucking around
[20:04:03] Lady A. : Hey squirrel, can you give me my colour?
[20:04:08] TheBlindRedKing : And now, I'm worth it to joke around with.
[20:04:09] @ squirrel101 : and making others laugh
[20:04:12] Lady A. : Please and thank you!
[20:04:16] @ squirrel101 : I'm working on something right now
[20:04:22] TheBlindRedKing : You feel like fucking around? Ask Matt, and that might happen.

For that amount of disrespect I think he should get an immediate ban. Since he has a track record it should be for MORE than a simple week. Since he's done this kind of thing before.
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Shiro Hazuki

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PostSubject: Re: Problems with the infraction system   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:10 pm

I will personally admit that there still lies some bias within myself, so I will not be commenting upon this for the decision to remain fair, unless another mod asks for my input.
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D-Rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Re: Problems with the infraction system   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:31 pm

See (i dont mean to be rude) but you kinda messed your self up by not issuing a scott an expiration date on his points.

He already has 3. The rules state...

Quote :
Most will expire in one to two weeks and points vary depending on what happened. The lowest given is 3

It's only been three days since his last infraction.

You have him on breaking
-Flame Baiting

That's at least 9 points if we say 3 a piece depending on the level. So at LOWEST. He already as 12.

The rules state
Quote :
-If you accumulate 10 active points against your account (that have not expired) then you will automatically receive a one week ban.

So since you failed to give him an expiration date on his points he can argue that they're expired. You could have already banned him AND you have proof.


Last edited by Shinshou on Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:37 pm; edited 2 times in total
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D-Rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Re: Problems with the infraction system   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:32 pm

Plus you kinda took the bait in a sense, so it makes it worse on you. These rules apply to staff too
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S-Rank Criminal

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PostSubject: Re: Problems with the infraction system   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:32 pm

The way the system is set up is actually quite similar to receiving points on your license, albeit at a much faster rate.

Your license can get up to 12 points before its suspended, etc. Every 3 years, the DMV takes 3 points off your license until your clear.

The issue with King, right now. His points are based on what has occured AFTER this system was written up.

The entire point behind this new site, after my account got deleted, and the whole issue with me and scott and yosh, etc. Everyone has a clean slate. This system takes place after the slate was cleared, therefore anything that happened before is disregarded.

Your quote is considered flame baiting. Nothing else. Thats how Scott acts just as I treat half the people as idiots.

Now, Shauntay, you responded to his baiting, essentially egging him on to continue. That is your fault. Instead of responding to the comments, and then going and posting it here, AFTER you already took the bait, you should have just ignored it and posted it. Nothing more. Nothing less. The same goes for Matt. If Scott, or anyone else, says something that bothers you, or you consider trolling, baiting, or anything else, PM it to us. Or post it in the infraction forum. We will deal with it, because if you try, youll get baited into more and thus essentially allowing him to continue.

Ok, now onto the actual post. 4 trolling posts, or 4 trolls in the CB. Thats essentially 2 comments in the CB of spamming it, or one full on trolling post a warning. Each time.

Now, each infraction lasts up to two weeks. If there are more than 2-3 more infractions during that time period, they are banned. Its a continuous thing. Also, if the issue continues for an extended time period, we can just ban them. This is just a reference system for warnings, and possible bans. We never said we did not reserve the right to ban whoever we feel should be banned. We still do that.

Now, if Scott pushes you too far, and you actually ignore him, then you have the right to ban him under disrespecting a staff member, flame baiting, and possible trolling, which is three infractions at once. You have that right, and capability too. But, you lose that right when you respond to his comments by trying to counter troll, or get angry. At that point it can be considered a rage ban, and would end up causing us to reconsider your ability as a staff member.

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PostSubject: Re: Problems with the infraction system   

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Problems with the infraction system

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