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 Gas Mask [Plot]

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PostSubject: Gas Mask [Plot]   Fri May 20, 2011 12:37 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: Gas Masks
Owner: Missing Nin group
Location: Worn on the face
Rank: D

Description/Abilities: These are basic generic gas masks, only modified to look like Anbu masks allowing the wearer to hide their faces while using them. The masks have clear eye shields that prevent dirt and other foreign substances to form infiltrating the mask. The mouth and nose area have multiple air filters to keep foreign particles from being inhaled such as poisons or gases.

History:The cost of being a terrorist comes with some benefits. Benefits being that there are no restrictions as to what it being created and monitoring of items are non-existent. However, with these benefits of being a highly powerful terrorist is to be-of course- a highly powerful person whether it comes into the intellect department, the power department or whatever department that said terrorist had went to. One of these said terrorist was Orochimaru. He was more of a stereotypical mastermind terrorist who would be very action oriented if needed. This can be explained when he attacked Konoha with the combine effort of Sound and Sand. Though he was defeated, this didn’t mean he was out of the fight just yet.

During his time bed-ridden, the idea spawn in him asking his partner, Kabuto, into creating useful equipment that would prove effective within the ranks of their small army. His first basis was building bombs that would release poisonous gases into the air and using the combination of wind to spread it around in a speedy matter. This brought many possibilities to the table but obviously many problems come along with it. Because the gas could be said uncontrollable in that type of large scale, the usage of gas mask would have to be issued out. The mask would have to be versatile. The amount of spying that would be needed to plan these bombs and in case one were to go off, the person wouldn’t be affected. Not only that but if the user were to fight in combat, the feel of being able to look on all sides would also be an issue as well.

This took relatively two years to complete. Kabuto was unable to finish his poisonous gas plan being that Uchiha, Sasuke had ‘killed’ Orochimaru and with the mastermind out of the way, there was a state of panic among the dead snake’s army. Needless to say, the masks were stored into one of the many hideouts kept out of sight of human eyes and hands to interact.

Enter ten years before the present. These bases are now moss ridden, vine infested and life holding places where time has definitely done its work within these bases. Long ago, two shinobi had entered into the base in hopes of finding lost secrets. One was Shikyo, Riku and his apprentice Tavolin, Leon. Though nothing was taken that day, the image of this base did not leave Leon. It remained in him just like his memories of the time being with his former sensei hasn’t left him yet. He has returned to the base to retrieve these said masks in order for the group, The Days of the Week, to finalize planning of chaos.

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Shiro Hazuki

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PostSubject: Re: Gas Mask [Plot]   Sun May 22, 2011 9:14 pm

Approved unless said otherwise.
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Gas Mask [Plot]

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