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 Meeting the rodent of the Sand. [Dual mission, preparation post.]

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PostSubject: Meeting the rodent of the Sand. [Dual mission, preparation post.]   Sun Jun 19, 2011 9:22 pm

Ms. Nichiyōbi

Why was it that she found herself standing here, in this land of heat and nothing but sand as long as the eye could see? After having traveled through the endless amount of sand, Satsuriku was sure she'd never be able to get rid of the small and very annoying corns which were capable of getting through everywhere. I have sand in places I didn't even know existed on me. This mission would better be worth it. Yes, because it was a mission which had dragged the green haired woman into that sand pit. A rather interesting mission from what she had seen at first glance. Naturally, the only thing she had an interest in was that she was about to go up against Konoha's Shinobi. The money.. eh it was just a bonus. She would have done the mission for free if only she could go there and kick some Leaf Ninja's ass. Rough them up a bit, implant some terror. A wicked grin crawled over her lips as she stretched lazily and looked around.

She was waiting for her client to show up. And frankly, it was annoying that he or she was late. Annoying enough for Satsuriku to start thinking if she would later on regret just killing the client first before going on the mission. Nah.. first I go and get that girl, and then I get the money.. and then I can kill the girl and the client. Problem solved. It had been a very random surprise for her to have found out about this mission truth be told. In fact, she shouldn't really have found out if she hadn't encountered a ninja on her way back to Amegakure. That said ninja had been out of his way from the Rain Village, and been unfortunate enough to think he could harass that beautiful green haired and cat eyed lady which he had met at a diner. Unfortunately for him, Satsuriku didn't see anything fun about being hit on and hadn't hesitate to bury her steak knife into the man's left eye as he was in the middle of a pick-up line. As she had been about to leave, she had found a note in the man's pocket. A parchment in which the outlines of the mission were written.

As said before, she would have probably simply ignored it, hadn't the name of the cursed Konoha been visible. It was like the letters from the words had haunted and taunted her. Started dancing around on the paper, wriggling around. Tempting her to burn the paper. But she didn't. She had enough sense to actually take it with her, in order to receive the mission. On a side note, she had absolutely no idea whom she was meeting. It was a bit crazy, there was a chance that she could be ambushed if the client/s would see her there and not the guy that originally accepted. Buuut that was a risk she was very willing to take. After all, even if she had lost her fight with Michio, then she did feel very confident right now.

She didn't need to turn around to know that there was a person behind her. She could smell the nervousness, fear, uncertainty. "You are late. It says on this piece of paper that you should have been here an hour ago. Why is it that my patience was being tested?" "Y-You aren't the man I was supposed to meet! Where is Jin?" The voice was a bit high pitched, but it clearly came from a man which would be in his late 50's at least. The high pitched tone was probably because of the man's fear of having been revealed to the wrong person.

"Was this Jin guy a couple of inches taller than me? With black hair and beard, and equally black eyes?" "Y-yes." The man nodded eagerly, as if she would actually see that while having her back turned to him, while fiddling nervously with his hands. The most cruel and cold smile he had ever seen appeared on the woman's face, making her beauty become terrifying as she turned her head slowly and gave him a side glance. "I killed him. Got a problem with that?" She turned to fully face him, her coat surprisingly not fluttering around with the soft breeze of the wind. It would probably be surprising for those who didn't know how heavy it was. "I feel interested in this mission. I don't care about that broad I have to capture for you, but I want to go up against a Konoha ninja. So I want in on this."

It was very clear that she wouldn't be taking a no for an answer, as she waited for what the man would say. Now that she could see him, Satsuriku couldn't help but let out a low snort of displeasing. He was a good few inches shorter than her, and while his figure was mostly hidden under a black cloak, she could see his pale blue eyes. They were shifting around, the gaze filled with fear. She could see right away that this was a man which no one should really trust.

"Well..." The rodent of a man swallowed while shifting his weight. "If you are truly in for taking this mission. But you must be careful with the girl! She has a great value to us." Another sound which showed her displeasing came from Satsuriku as she turned on her heel. "I can't help but think you don't really want this mission to succeed as the previous participant of it was way too weak. Even a simple steak knife was able to kill him." A small sound came from the man as he drew in a shaky breath. Oh how she wanted to bury her sword into his belly. Rip his organs out. Gouge his eyes out and step on them. Then leave everything for the crows to eat. A smile appeared on her lips while she looked ahead of herself with a dreamy expression. His blood would taste good, even if he was nothing but a vermin. Blood always tasted good. Tasted like victory. "I will meet you here in 5 days time then. Be on time, or the girl will bleed." Who those "us" were, didn't matter to her. Nothing really mattered to her except for the fact that this was Konoha she was doing something against.

"Oh wait! Here's a picture of the girl!" The smelly little man ran as fast as his feet could carry him so that he could catch up to the young woman who was walking fast away from him. It was barely that she was able to hold back on rolling her eyes as she took a side-glance at the picture and memorized the face she saw. "Righto." Let the fun begin. Her feet dug into the sand as she started to move, running like the wind through the desert. Heading towards where her prey would be.

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting the rodent of the Sand. [Dual mission, preparation post.]   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:52 pm

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Meeting the rodent of the Sand. [Dual mission, preparation post.]

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