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 A mischiveous act in the middle of the night ~ [Open to Elena only]

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PostSubject: A mischiveous act in the middle of the night ~ [Open to Elena only]   Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:37 am

She was dreaming, she knew that. And yet the dream was so filled with blizz and delight that Ariana did not wish to wake up from it. She was a bird, a small bird who was floating in the sky. Her small wings were stretched out, welcoming the pressure of the warm air which kept her floating in the embrace of the blueness. The bird adjusted it's wings to compensate for the changes in the speed and pressure of the air that supported it's small form. She did not know where she was but underneath her, through the thin cloud she was above, she saw the feint outlines of trees. The forest grew as far as the horizon was stretching, and a lone blue line marked it's way through the green wall. The bird Ariana lowered herself down, nearing on the river which had so boldly claimed it's color in the midst of the green forest. There was nothing called fear in this dream, for she knew no one was going to hunt her. Nearing in on the crystal blue water, the bird looked into it but instead of seeing the reflection of the animal, Ariana looked at her own face. She opened her mouth to say something, but instead of words a soft song escaped the bird. She felt... free.

The young woman's violet eyes opened slowly. Without making any sound or moving an inch, she thought about her dream with wonder upon her fair features. What did it mean? Finally, she allowed herself to stretch and find a more comfortable position while snuggling down into the pillow. Judging from the darkness outside of her window, it was still night. But she felt completely rested. That dream made her feel even a bit fidgety, as if she wanted to just go outside and run until she couldn't run farther. Rolling onto her back with a soft sigh, Ariana stared up at the royal blue ceiling of her bedroom. Most of the things inside the room had either a blue color to them or a purple one, as the blonde just -loved- those colors. The room was stylish, with a hint of personalized touch as a few things were laying here and there. Amongst those things were some clothes she had felt too lazy to pick up before she had went to sleep.

Letting out a sigh, Ariana kicked off her covers and swung her slender legs out of the bed. There was no way she was about to be getting more sleep, especially not since she now felt thirsty and too warm. Even if she was only wearing a rather light gown who reached down to her mid-thighs, then Ariana felt like she was about to catch on fire. ugh.. I hate when I forget to open the window before going to sleep.. Stomping towards said window, who was stationed right above her writing desk, she leaned over the papers and pens on the wooden surface while pushing open the window and welcoming the fresh air. The water being next on her list, Ariana turned on her heel and walked soundlessly to the kitchen. She grabbed a random glass and filled it up to the brim with cold and delicious water which she then downed straight away. It was heavenly to get rid of the parched feeling in her neck, and with a small smile she licked over her lips before placing the glass down.

When moving back towards her own room, Ariana came to halt in front of her sister's bedroom. A small impish smile spread over her slightly full lips. Leaning her head against the door, she pulled lightly on the doorknob and grinned in victory as she discovered that it was indeed not locked. Without making any sound, the door was pushed slowly open, and the golden haired girl peeked inside to see the sleeping form of her sister on her bed. Letting go of the doorknob, she inched towards the bed, before silently crawling into it and looming over her sister. This would probably not end very well, but for now, the excitement over getting to catch her sister off guard was making a giggle bubble up inside of Ariana's chest as she reached her hand out and pinched her sister's nose lightly and held her fingers like that. Either that act would wake her up, or the denying of her normal breathing would. What would be best though, was if she started to snore. Ariana was sure that she would pee herself from laughter at that. She bit down on her knuckles while suppressing the giggling as she waited what would happen.
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PostSubject: Re: A mischiveous act in the middle of the night ~ [Open to Elena only]   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:10 pm

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A mischiveous act in the middle of the night ~ [Open to Elena only]

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