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 Showing the Nara clan's true nature!(Open)

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PostSubject: Showing the Nara clan's true nature!(Open)   Mon May 30, 2011 2:06 am

Gecko hadn't train in a while. Several days ago he was at the Training Grounds with an Chuunin and another Chuunin, but that didn't count because the girl knocked him out in the beginning of the fight. He had wanted to train without interruptions. Today hadn't seem like a perfect day to train; Thunder Storms struck down onto the surface, hitting anybody it was around when it striked. Gecko didn't care about the weather. He didn't care about the weather because he needed training to become stronger for when Chuunin Exams would arrive. Other Genin were maybe learning new techniques and becoming stronger than him already. It would take him some time to reach their heights in strength now, but he was ready to do anything to become stronger.

A thunderstorm crackled in the sky filled with a tint of purple and thick gray clouds hovering over the area. It was day time, but because of the purple sky it had made it look like it was night time. Gecko walked down the vacant, and wet streets of Konohagakure with his head down looking at the ground. After being knocked out from the fight with the Chuunin versus the other Chuunin, he had an immense headache from the attacks that successfully hit him and knocked him out. A blue ice pack sat on top of his head lop sided- tipping to the side. "Man I really took it to far trying to go up against them Chuunin, I should have stayed out of the fight" Gecko said with his right hand grasping the ice pack to prevent it from falling and cracking the ice inside.

Gecko eye lids were half way open. He was still tired from when he had took the twenty minute nap of being knocked out. Gecko eyes scanned the area around him as he strolled passed an Ramen shop on the trail to where the Training Grounds was. The sound of drunk men cheering and tapping their beers together were heard from the metal red stools in the Ramen Shop. So much entertainment men had when they drunk, it made them insane crazy with the chemicals in the drinks. Gecko walked faster, speed walking as of now, doing his best to make "sure" the men wouldn't come from out of the Ramen Shop and spot him. If they would spot him, they would start teasing him, hitting him, and laughing in his face; It was because they were drunk. Gecko disliked people's personalities when they were drunk.

Gecko turned his head around, looking back at the Ramen Shop, hoping that they wouldn't come out. He had already passed the shop but still wanted to check; He was very insecure about it. "Man I need someone to train with" Gecko whispered, walking up to the Training Grounds, crossing the roads as he got further near the Training Grounds. The dusty road Gecko had just walked on was now a place filled with a very thick and long grass patch- it hadn't been cut, butterflies soaring in the air, birds chirping while in their nest watching their babies, kids and adults sat on the rusted dark brown metal benches near the entrance of the Training grounds, dummies were being kicked and punched by various people, and pebbles and coins were threw into a peaceful flowing lake.

Once arriving to the Training Grounds, Gecko turned left to sit on one of the benches where several kids had also sat. Gecko rested both of his arms on the arm rest on each side of him, relaxing with his back rested on the broken back rest. The back rest was wrote on and was about to fall off if someone put to much pressure on their back when sitting on it. Each time someone had passed the bench Gecko was sitting on, he would ask them "Do you want to train?".

Word Count: 656
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PostSubject: Re: Showing the Nara clan's true nature!(Open)   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:48 pm

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Showing the Nara clan's true nature!(Open)

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